Do you know how China uses AI in schools?

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In recent years, Where AI is taking the world by storm, China has been a constant user of AI to perform several tasks. According to a recent survey, China is the nation with the most people using AI in their workplace (75%), followed by India with 66% China uses AI in almost all sectors, and one of the most crucial is Education, where students are encouraged to use it in the classroom.

A large population of students in China are accompanied by AI cameras and brain-wave trackers. This Tracker identifies when a student is finding it difficult to understand the topic and assists the student with support and help to understand the topic. 

But is it entirely safe to leave the future generation of the nation in the hands of Artificial intelligence? 

In this article, let’s explore how China uses AI in schools and the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.  

How China is using artificial intelligence in classrooms

China wants its students to enhance their learning experience. And they want to do this by implementing AI in education, AI can help students in many fields, such as by giving personalized tutoring and providing smart classrooms. 

 At Jinhua Xiaoshun Primary School, which is located in eastern China,

Students are given a special headband that was developed by a company called Brainco, which is US based. This headband gives data about the engagement level of students in the classroom.

Based on the data, AI devices help students who are having a hard time understanding a concept and then offer them assistance to improve their learning. 

Advantages of AI in education

Provides Organized information 

 The usage of libraries is decreasing day by day as people don’t have enough time to visit them. The main reason for this is the increase in the usage of the Internet, as we can get any information with just one click with the help of Google. It provides you with information that is organized and detailed. You don’t have to stand in a queue to get textbooks and study material during exams or sit in libraries in order to complete your assignment or research paper. 

You can get textbooks and study materials by assessing apps like Bookshelf, textbooks, and many more, where you can assess to digital textbooks

Personalized learning

All the schools and colleges have similar issues, like discontinuity of education and a lack of interest in education by the students.

AI helps to solve these problems and provides learning material that is tailored to the interests and needs of the student. Students can experience material that is unique, grabs their attention, helps them engage in their studies, and keeps them motivated

Apps like Age of Learning and Kidaptive are used to engage students and provide personalized learning paths depending on their skills.

Assistance for students with special needs 

Students with special needs usually face a lot of barriers when compared to regular students; they have needs that they sometimes talk about and sometimes don’t. Here, AI is playing a very crucial role in providing assistance to children with special needs, Apps like Voiceitt offer individuals with speech disabilities the ability to communicate easily. The app uses technology that recognizes speech, transcribes it even if it’s not clear and consistent, and converts it to more natural-sounding speech. With this help, children with autism and cerebral palsy can communicate without any difficulty.

Disadvantages of AI in education

limitations of EI 

Emotional intelligence is very important to achieving success in school and building healthy relationships, When students are always dependent on AI, it will not help them develop their emotional intelligence, and then they can have a problem connecting with their peers in the classroom. 


As there is increased use of AI in China, many people are losing their jobs, such as animators and game illustrators, A similar thing can happen in the field of education as well; AI may replace the school staff, from teaching to handling the administration. AI can perform these tasks very easily, increasing the rate of unemployment 

Human Connection 

One of the most important things you learn in school is something you will cherish throughout your life is the relationships you form with your teachers and friends. 

The presence of AI while doing small tasks in the classroom can ruin the special bond you form with teachers.

AI may have many advantages, but the drawback is that the type of experience and moral knowledge you acquire from a teacher cannot be replaced by any Artificial intelligence. 


Regardless of the challenges and advantages of AI, one thing is for sure AI is here to stay in the field of education. As we can see that technology is updating day by day, we can see the possibility of more AI-friendly classrooms not only in China but all around the world. 

As humans who have created AI, we should be responsible and strike the right balance between technology and humanity. We should make sure that students do not give too much importance to AI, and the first approach should always be the traditional method.

Name: Syeda Sabah Firdouse M

About the author: Sabah is an SEO Content writer from Bangalore, Karnataka. She is a fresher in the content writing field and has previously worked in the content management team at Accenture Pvt. Ltd. from September 2021 to March 2022. She graduated from Mount Carmel College with a bachelor’s degree in Arts.