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You can have a great business idea, but your success depends on how you execute that idea. We help today’s startups to strategically execute their ideas for tomorrow’s success. We provide valuable strategies and techniques to build and market your business. We provide platform to share your innovations and business solutions to help you engage with more audience and expand your reach. We encourage collaboration, partnership and exchange of ideas for sustainable business and holistic progress. We are here to help entrepreneurs and startups navigate their way towards success.

APAC Entrepreneur operates as a support organization to the thousands of entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and startups in the APAC region. We share valuable ideas and information on Starting a Business, Marketing, Management, and Leadership. You will also find amazing stories—failures and successes and lessons learned—from time-tested business leaders.



Chethak MP is a senior writer for ‘APAC Entrepreneur’. He writes informative articles covering the latest in today’s business and technology domains. As part of his responsibility, he organizes and conducts interviews with business leaders to distill the value of their business and how they contribute to the modern society. He is a graduate of B. A. English (Hons).
Chethak is passionate about writing, but specifically, creative writing. Currently, he is working on his own story book.


Sephali is a passionate content writer with more than 2 years of relevant experience. Like most writers, she didn’t take the direct route into writing. Sephali is an engineering graduate. Before getting into writing, she worked as a developer in an IT company for some time. But soon, she realized coding is not something she wants to do for the rest of her life.
This is when she uncovered her passion for writing. As a senior writer, she curates innovative and informative content for business magazines and websites. Being an introvert, she finds writing the best way to express her opinion. In the coming years, she aims to write for diverse audiences and make a meaningful impact on society.


Prerana Raj is a senior content writer at APAC Entrepreneur since February 2019. Prior to APAC Entrepreneur, Prerana worked at one of the largest on-demand delivery platforms, Swiggy for over a year and began her career as a content specialist in 2017. Her passion for writing goes back in time to her childhood days where she used to maintain a journal.
Prerana is not just limited to writing business articles and profile for APAC Entrepreneur but is also a part-time actor.