Cal Evans: A Remarkable Business Leader and Legal Expert on the Quest to Transform the Crypto Space

Lawyers and entrepreneurs are often seen as two distinct breeds. Focused on precedent risk containment, lawyers tend to be cautious and reactive rather than innovative. Entrepreneurs on the other hand are mostly risk-takers in nature or at minimum calculated visionaries who create a new business venture to fill in the market voids. Therefore, law and entrepreneurship seem to be at opposite poles. However, finding a perfect balance between the two, some admirable personalities not only manage to showcase excellence in the legal space, but also make it big in the business world while establishing their legacy at the forefront of the world. An illustrious example of one such legal expert with unrivaled business acumen is Cal Evans, the managing associate at Gresham International, a leading legal service and compliance firm specializing in the technology sector. Cal had a keen interest in law since childhood. During his school holidays, he would often visit his father’s lawyer along with him.

Cal Evans
Cal Evans, Managing Associate of Gresham International

Being an entrepreneur, his father had a lot to speak about with his lawyers. So, it was during one of those meetings when Cal noticed that the lawyer was the only person that his father would really listen to. And, as a young man, who always had to listen to his father, it was quite surprising for Cal. This piqued his interest in the profession of lawyer. He asked his father—how I could become a lawyer. Tongue in cheek, his father pointed towards a huge bookshelf full of law books in the lawyer’s office and told him that once he learn all the things in ‘those books,’ he too could be a lawyer. And, that’s it, Cal accepted the challenge.

That day shaped two things in Cal’s life. First, he decided to become his own boss as he noticed how free his dad was to do his own thing. No boss, no one telling him what to do. It seemed liberating. Second, he wanted to be a lawyer. Flash forward to today, Cal is proud to have kept both of those things alive. Today, Cal is well-reckoned as one of the international technology lawyers and leading entrepreneurs with expertise in ICO compliance and strategy.

Specializing in Cryptocurrency, Compliance, and Legal Services

A law graduate from London, Cal is an interntional lawyer. In 2015, he undertook his certificate in financial markets from Yale University. The next year, he left a top California law firm to start Gresham International. Headquartered in London, Gresham International assists entrepreneurs, companies, governments, and groups to launch their currency or token offering to market. Besides currency providers, it also supports companies working within the cryptocurrency space, such as mining operations, investment funds, exchanges, crypto-media, crypto-financial, and traditional financial groups. Its services include developing strategies, creating documents, and managing projects to protect its clients through the lifetime of their operations by ensuring compliance balanced with meeting business requirements. Typically, Gresham International’s clients are categorized into three major groups—those who are in the crypto space including marketing, media, and exchanges, those who are looking to raise funds through an ICO or similar, and finally governmental and NGO support. The mission of the firm is to help crypto companies stay compliant. “We truly believe, as a company that compliance will help us become mainstream. Many people indeed love the freedom that comes with Crypto, and we truly support that too, however, we can’t be seen to give the ‘bad actors’ another tool. Essentially, we are a law firm. Our job is to help protect our clients and keep the industry safe. There are many lawyers who work in Crypto these days; we are one of the originals,” asserts Cal.

He further adds, “We’re not lawyers that work in crypto. We’re crypto lawyers. There is a big difference for those who work or operate in the industry. Our job is to find new solutions for clients, not tell them the ways they can’t do things. Many lawyers can tell you what NOT to do. Our job is to tell our clients what they CAN do. For many, especially those who are on a budget, this makes all the difference. Coming from the startup space, we find more solutions for our clients by deploying out the box thinking.” The company always strives to find ways in which its clients can operate, safely and affordably. It also focuses on creating a modern, inclusive culture. While other lawyers and companies in the legal industry incorporate the concept of performance-based fees — the better raise the clients do the more money you make, Cal doesn’t believe in that. Gresham treats all clients equally.

Aspiring a Prolific Future

When it comes to the future, Gresham International has many strategic initiatives in its pipeline. In the coming years, it plans to expand its footprint while continuing to serve the industry as diligently as possible. As a business leader, Cal looks forward to being able to become involved in some more market-leading projects. “One of the advantages of being an industry leader is that we now work with industry-leading names. We do truly treat all clients the same, however helping shape from the top down is never a bad thing,” affirms Cal.

A Note to Emerging Entrepreneurs in Crypto Sector

Cal’s biggest piece of advice to those looking to get into the crypto space is to start their journey with education and learning. He advises them not to trust someone just because they say they understand it. Instead, he recommends them to start with reputable sources, book stores, news, anything that they can verify before moving on to more specific things such as conferences or online events. Cal encourages budding entrepreneurs to have an in-depth understanding of how the technology works and its application across all sectors and then pick up the area they like the most. “If you’re an NFT fan, dive into all things of NFT. If you love Altcoins, stick with the Altcoin market. There are so many different types of technology, uses, and companies operating in the space in this day and age, you need to really pick your technology set and stick with it. Trust your gut with red flags,” states Cal.

“I think everyone has the ability to become an entrepreneur, regardless of where they are in life. Being an entrepreneur is not an exclusive club nor is it hard to achieve, believing in yourself is always the first step,” opines Cal on a concluding note.