Vivian Chan: An Inspiring Leader in the Logistics Industry

A focused leader is always on the lookout for new opportunities. Vivian Chan, Founder of Acuity International Sdn Bhd, has led a curiosity-driven life. The ardent entrepreneur always had the itch to explore and figure out how things work and explore the world independently. Since childhood, Vivian has been questioning everything. And as a teenager, she questioned the rules, making her rebellious where she got into a lot of trouble. Vivian always had the urge to try something different and do things that many do not. Combining her curiosity with rebellious nature made Vivian look forward to challenges, defying expectations, and achieving things that are often deemed to be unusual, or even impossible. She has an extremely high value on authenticity and self-determination and always wanted her life to be a true expression of her values.

With 13 years of experience in the logistics industry, she has worked her way up from the bottom. She has acquired all the required skills, managing day-to-day tasks, learning what to fix and how to fix it. She has also learned to connect the right people to the right issues and being able to deliver services in a way that thrills and delights customers as well as prepares Vivian to become a successful entrepreneur.

Vivian Chan
Vivian Chan, Founder Of Acuity, International SDN BHD

Motive Behind Acuity International

Acuity International is established with a Heart to help, give, guide, and extending solutions. The company was founded when Vivian felt that there was a need to create a safe, exciting, empowering, inspiring place for logisticians to come every day. Acuity is a Freight Forwarder that acts on behalf of importers and exporters. It also helps companies in managing, planning, and strategizing the transporting of goods safely, efficiently with cost-effective rates. The company assists its clients in solving their logistics issues. It handles all kinds of shipment modes that include land, rail, sea, and air.

Acuity also assists its clients in terms of packaging, fumigation, application of documentations, permits, licenses, and forms required for the shipment, cargo marine insurance. It also offers additional assistance and knowledge on logistics as a whole.

“At Acuity International, we strive to make our logistics services as personal as they can be. We are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and honest relationship in the logistics industry,” proclaims Vivian.

Acuity’s Vision and Mission is always on Humanity. It values the importance of knowledge and encourages a much deeper personal development in the team. “We always support and inspire each other at Acuity; to be the best we can by sharing what we know and how we see the world,” asserts, Vivian. The Patronage of the company is to always communicate, connect and care. “We will only be happy when our customers are satisfied,” says Vivian. It also establishes a supporting network of partners and building mutual loyalty.

Pushing Boundaries and Eliminating Barriers

Like every entrepreneur, Vivian has faced her own set of struggles. At the downtime, she always recalls her ultimate goals and pushes herself until the momentum comes back to her. She believes that many companies start with various reasons and starting a company is relatively simple. According to her, the real challenge is the everyday battle considering the obstacles and challenges that arise and it depends on the choices made. The key is to learn, gain information and knowledge, assessing oneself by making changes to become stronger through time. Mixing with the right kind of people and or building up a team that is supportive and positive to work together is vital too and getting a reliable mentor to guide the way to success. Holding tightly onto the focus, determination, consistency, and persistency are important habits along the way.

“Never allow your low emotional or unnecessary thoughts to pull you away from your goals. Apart from all that, I think I will learn and take up a few courses and it sometimes seems like magic as I will then manage to find a solution through all the courses that I took up. As of now, I welcome challenges into my every day and look forward to solving them,” advises Vivian.

Today, Acuity is working on digitalizing the documentations and has also been working with blockchain companies and carriers in training and implementing it. Besides, the company is also building an app that will soon be available to all the customers and partners worldwide. “We are looking into becoming an eFreight-Forwarder in the near future too! We have always been learning and looking for more innovative ways in serving our customers while taking into accounts their requirements as well,” concludes Vivian.