Shailesh Naik: Strong Entrepreneurial Professional Improving the Quality of People’s Digital lives

Through valuable experiences, a leader can learn and implement innovations for enriching an organization. One such ardent entrepreneur who is absorbed by such experience is the Founder and CEO at MatchMove Pay, Shailesh Naik. Shailesh has set his company on a mission to improve the quality of people’s digital lives and make their lives better.

Inception Tale

MatchMove was founded in 2009 and has grown rapidly since pivoting into the payments industry in 2015. MatchMove is a B2B platform with the ability to plug essential banking services Spend.Send.Lend™ capabilities into any App. The company provides a scalable, business-friendly platform-as-a-service with intelligent tools and data, so everyone has the ability to create amazing products to address the challenges of moving digital money securely. Shailesh is an experienced and visionary founder who saw a fundamental market gap and is working towards building a world-class fintech platform to enable fast, secure, and regulated money-moving experiences for the end-users of their clients’ customers and partners.

Shailesh Naik

Consumers can convert physical cash to digital cash, enabling them to make payments for goods and services as well as send money cross border safely and securely. In addition, this transactional behavior provides data points to build credit scores facilitating microloans for eligible consumers. There is a growing corporate demand for integrated customer experience. Via the Matchmove solution, corporates can enable core banking services through their own App, creating customer loyalty and stickiness as well as accessing a new customer base previously unable to transact digitally.

Shailesh was able to architect his vision and visualize how the proposition could grow and develop over time, from being a ‘Bank in any App’ to becoming ‘The Bank for every Enterprise.’

Starting as a B2B entertainment company that provided endorphin content to millions of users across Asia, MatchMove encountered a fundamental pain point where users were unable to pay digitally for in-app or in-game purchases to enhance the experience. The company manages the technical infrastructure, including the full-site of APIs, SDKs, and apps that connect consumers, financial institutions, and developers, so the clients can get started with minimal additional investment.

It also brings end-to-end business architecture, including key partnerships with regulators, card networks, and financial institutions, along with all backend processing and regulatory compliance and reporting required managing financial products, helping clients to focus only on servicing their customers.

Charismatic Nature

Shailesh has built a business that has democratized essential financial services by using advanced cloud and mobile technologies. The MatchMove platform aims to provide fair access with transparency on products and services that is easy to understand and use seamlessly. As a business leader, Shailesh believes in being fair, transparent, and empowered.

A CEO’s journey is never easy and requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Shailesh is very attentive towards his clients and always prefers to stay abreast of what is happening in his industry. He takes pride to put forth that his company has a proven track record and is ready to reveal its capability by providing positive client’s results.

Through his initial challenges of being CEO, he also faced challenges in building credibility and confidence with key stakeholders, proving product and market fit. As a leader, he believes that balancing the need for growth whilst striving for profitability and operational efficiency, attracting and retaining talent is important for a company. He says, “We firmly believe in building a lasting and sustainable corporate culture that resonates with our DNA and values.”

Miles to Go Shailesh is a true leader with the success of his team and the business at the very heart of everything. He describes his team as dynamic, innovative, and proactive with a vision to continuously evolve and redefine the surroundings, through innovation and an eagerness to venture. According to Shailesh, success is creating value for users, stakeholders, the community, and being recognized and validated positively by the same. Shailesh believes that vision and leadership are vital attributes a CEO must possess. As a leader of the company, Shailesh looks forward to empowering the next generation of leaders, leaving behind a lasting legacy that continues to create value.