Murali Kashaboina: An Entrepreneur who Leveraged his Experiences to Bring Forward Success

Successful entrepreneurship is all about risk-taking. It’s all about pushing boundaries and experiencing the journey. Boasting over 20+ years of IT experience in real-time technologies and data science, Murali Kashaboina, the Founder and CEO of Entrigna, is one such dedicated entrepreneur who leveraged his years of experience to bring forward a vision and pioneered it into a success. Entrigna is a real-time decision software vendor specializing in real-time IoT, IIoT, and Big Data custom solutions that enable prescriptive decisions in real-time. Before Entrigna, Murali served in the capacity of Managing Director, Enterprise Architecture at United Airlines, and played a leadership role in the merger integration of United and Continental Airlines and the selection of merger-surviving enterprise systems and their integration.

Murali Kashaboina
Murali Kashaboina, Founder and CEO of Entrigna

Murali’s Entrepreneurial Journey

When Murali transitioned from academics to industry, he received several offers in both engineering and non-engineering industries to leverage his operations research and computational programming skills. One such opportunity was the lead software engineer position at United Airlines (UAL) e-commerce division which can be considered as a turning point for Murali. “My professional journey at United Airlines lasted for almost 11 years during which I transitioned into a business-oriented technology leader,” says Murali. “I would say that my time at UAL provided me a great learning platform to inculcate both leadership and entrepreneurial skills through some notable, imperishable, and indelible professional experiences.” He led a team of technology architects across the IT division with the objectives of reducing operational complexity around technology, system deployments across the data centers, optimizing redundant technology foot-print, retiring obsolete technologies, incorporating more scalable, reliable, and fault-tolerant architectures, implementing state-of-the-art technologies and optimizing the overall total cost of ownership. More recently, Murali served in the capacity of Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer for a major healthcare organization in the Pacific Northwest region of the US with a key focus on healthcare innovation.

However, his real-life entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Entrigna in 2012 based out in Chicago. Murali is the product visionary and architect of software which includes natural language processing, machine learning, AI, and image pattern recognition capabilities. His journey at Entrigna presented an extensive exposure to the industry as an entrepreneur enabling him to become an accomplished speaker on machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and the internet of things. Recently, Murali was inducted into Forbes’ Business Council for his influential work in AI and machine learning by being a founder of the AI-focused Company. He was also conferred with the Top 50 Tech Leaders Award by InterCon World for the innovative work influencing the industry in AI, machine learning, IoT, and edge computing, measured in terms of overall reach, industry impact, and the spirit of innovation, future-readiness, and market demand.

“I am blessed to have experienced real-life professional encounters whose learnings enabled me into a business-oriented technology leader,” shares Murali. He thoroughly follows the principles of ethical leadership filled with values of authenticity, integrity, humility, respect, empathy, and compassion.

The Real-Time Expert System of Entrigna

When Entrigna scrutinized the IoT and Big Data applications and the challenges therein, the company concluded that more than 80 percent of organizations have realized that the real value of data is to extract information to augment business applications and about 90 percent of organizations wished for real-time methods of consuming business-critical information from the data as it happens. Seeing the potential opportunity to help enable such organizations to leverage ‘Real-Time’ value out of their-own business data, under Murali’s leadership, Entrigna embarked on the journey of developing a multi-faceted technology platform called RTES – Real-Time Expert System. RTES enables real-time decision capabilities by offering a variety of decision frameworks packaged in one technology that works together seamlessly: Rules Engine, Complex Event Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Optimization, Clustering/Classification. Essentially, the RTES platform exposes such decision frameworks as built-in modularized services that can be combined and applied on an organization’s business data on a real-time basis to identify intelligent patterns that can lead to real-time business insights.

Overcoming Challenges

When Entrigna was founded in 2012, the notions of big data, IoT, predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning were still in the budding stage. The industry was just warming up to the idea of big data as the cloud service providers were making a big buzz about it. However, the core business problem that Entrigna embarked on was to leverage business data to derive intelligence out of it that could potentially drive predictive and prescriptive analytics. Marketing solutions to such problems that the industry had never heard of at that time, was a major challenge. Unlike traditional marketing and sales strategies that focus on selling solutions to known problems, there was a need to first bring awareness to the unheard-of problem and then educate on how Entrigna can solve such problems using its innovative platform. The team spent the first two years pioneering such notions through industry conferences and speaking opportunities. 

Luckily by the year 2014, the idea of big data gained much more prominence in the industry and a strong buzz emerged in the industry around IoT both of which helped alleviate their challenges to a large extent.  

Future Road Ahead

According to Murali, success is more like a milestone that exhibits a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride once the current sets of expectations are met. To him, success is a function of time and as time lapses, a new set of expectations come up both on the professional and personal fronts and the saga towards success continues. In machine learning lingo, a gradient ascent while constantly optimizing the expectations is what matters to attain success.

Murali looks forward to playing a more influential role in the industry pioneering new innovative ideas with the ultimate goal of making lives better. “While I succeed as an individual and as a leader, I also look forward to making our customers grow and succeed as well. Our customers’ success is our success. Furthermore, I also would like to continue to help my colleagues and my team to be successful without whose endeavors it wouldn’t have been possible to take the company ahead of this far,” asserts, Murali.

He also aims to continually enhance the product by continuously adapting it to emerging trends in the industry. “We as a company as a whole envisions securing more customers, establishing business partnerships, and expanding its wings across the globe through distribution centers of excellence,” concludes Murali.