Marco Oleotto: An Inspirational Entrepreneur With A Genuine Passion To Make A Difference In Others’ Lives

Success has no specific route or deadline. While many find success by following their inborn passion, it takes time and trials for some entrepreneurs to find their true calling. They embrace challenges, learn from their experiences and keep exploring new opportunities in the pursuit of their vocation. Once they discover their purpose, they pursue it dedicatedly, work themselves to the bone and build their own road to success. This story highlights the inspiring journey of one such exemplifying entrepreneur, Marco Oleotto who navigated many professional challenges in his career path to finally find his area of interest and unparalleled success.

Marco began his career in the late ’90s in an international IT & Telecommunication company. But he rapidly moved and joined the laundry industry in 2000, following a new professional quest. Initially, having no clue about the business, he was engaged in his role with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. However, soon, he discovered that despite having a diploma in accounting, he was more inclined towards running business operations from the ground instead of sitting behind a desk. How to get the things done, how to handle stressful situations, how to minimize costs and maximize revenues, how to crunch numbers, how to manage with people and how to take a lead? All these aspects of business piqued his interest.

Marco Oleotto
CEO, Clean Swift

Driven by this enthusiasm and by a strong motivation of an international career, Marco moved out of his country taking the opportunity in 2013 to join one of the biggest commercial laundries in UAE, Clean Swift as an Operation Director. Amassing experience over the years, he worked his way up to become the CEO of the company. Clean Swift is a laundry of choice of several prestigious international hotels including Marriott and Accor brands and other hotel chains in Dubai and UAE for its reliable and quality services. As the CEO of the pioneering company, today Marco is leading it on a path of consistent and sustainable growth.

Reflecting on the lessons learned along the journey, he asserts, “My 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry taught me about dealing with customers, developing problem-solving skills, honed my ability to manage conflicts and deal with demanding individuals and organizations.”

Navigating the Challenges through Personalized Approach

When asked about the most challenging part of being a CEO, Marco emphasized two key challenges —the 24/7 non-stop business commitment and the performance transformation of the company.

Marco says, “Working in the laundry field has always been hard but at the same time fascinating and rewarding; it requires your “hands-on” approach most of the time and full involvement no matter the role and position you have in the company.”

He further adds “I believe that a company must have flexibility, promptness, and vision to keep pace with the constantly evolving market and the customers’ needs. Also, in today’s economic context, companies must periodically undergo performance transformations to remain at the top. And to make the transformation successful, everyone needs to play their part. The leaders need to lead by example and employees need to support the transformation and practice the new types of behavior.”

Marco personalizes the business transformationprocess by openly sharing answers to a few critical questions such as “Why are we changing?” “How will we get there?” And “how does this relate to me?”  He believes that sharing the answers to such questions at all levels of the company will ultimately determine the company’s business impact and success.

Adhering To Core Values to Guide Business Decisions

Every leader has their own set of principles, beliefs and core values, which differentiate them from others.For Marco, these elements are integrity, commitment, honesty, empathy, humility, and excellence. He as a leader poses integrity and commitment to avoid making unethical business decisions and always performs in the interest of the company and the clients without expectation of reward and praise.

Meanwhile, it is also crucial for him to uphold openness and accountability in the workplace and connect to the needs of others through empathy and modesty. Thus, keeping all these attributes as a cornerstone of the company, the entrepreneur strives to attain excellence while serving as a positive role model for its employees. For Marco, excellence is not a habit but a personal value that becomes a workplace standard.

Success Is Being Able To Leave a Positive Mark on the World

For this ingenious entrepreneur, success ismore than building wealth, having the perfect relationship, launching a billion-dollar business or creating a large social media following.” To some extent, success can be attributed to the quality of life and the freedom to live it fully with family and friends. But most of all, it is about making a positive difference in others’ lives.

“Success is making the difference, being able to leave a mark, to be remembered tomorrow as someone that in his own way has managed to give a precise imprint to everything he has worked for and be inspirational to anyone he was working with,” elucidates Marco.

He also believes that success is both a goal and a journey. Reaching a milestone is an element of success but we don’t stop there, we push higher and harder, striving for more and to be better.

Aspires to Write a Book and Grow as a Leader

Writing a book has always been one of the dreams of the business leader. Thus, forging ahead, he hopes to write a book and inspire others. Meanwhile, he also wants to grow as a leader to make a positive influence within the firm. The entrepreneur takes every day as a challenge to conquer and step forward.

He explains, “I think of everyday as like a ladder, you either climb up, or you climb down, or you stay where you are. My recurring questions are: Did I accomplish something today? Am I one step closer to my goals?”

Fueled by this insight, the optimistic entrepreneur is leading by example and moving the company towards success. “The real job of a leader is to inspire the organization to take responsibility for creating a better future. Achieving it will wield extraordinary influence within the firm and on your professional journey,” states Marco on a concluding note.