Jean-Vyes Sireau: A Visionary Entrepreneur Guiding the Financial Trading Sector with Value-Centered Leadership

Jean-Yves Sireau
Jean Vyes-Sireau
Ceo & Founder,

Paving the Way Ahead With Effective Leadership

It’s the business leader who first and foremost chooses the direction and the vision for an organization and so, lays the groundwork for its future. In business, leadership is primary; concerns such as management, finance and human resources, follows afterward. Above all, only those who show commitment, dedication and integrity in their daily jobs become the most effective leaders. And rarely, when a visionary leader introduces a groundbreaking method to an industry, the standards of quality are forever raised. For this inspirational work, people will regard him or her as a pioneer paving the way for everyone to follow.

One of them is Jean-Yves Sireau, the founder of an award-winning platform for trading binary options in the financial markets ‘’. From a young age, he developed a passion for financial markets, software development and entrepreneurship. Today, he’s exceptional entrepreneur and leader from the Asia-Pacific, endorsed by many professionals. “I have basically been an entrepreneur since age 19, and it’s what I love to do,” Sireau says.

Contributions to the Business World

“During my studies in France, I started my first company Excellence Informatique SARL, which developed a technical analysis software program for the stock market, which was funded by the Foundation Jacques Douce Prize, awarded by the French prime minister,” he adds. Impressed by this, a large commercial bank offered him a job in Hong Kong in 1992 as a money-market dealer within the Eurodollar markets.

Soon after, Sireau set up his second company in Hong Kong, specializing in the futures and options trading services utilizing computerized algorithms. “In 1993, I started my own hedge fund company in Hong Kong, Fortitude Fund Management,” Sireau says. Whilst trading within the interbank exotic options market, he noticed an opportunity: the binary options market only allowed trading in large over-the-counter quantities, typically by big banks and hedge funds. As an answer, he envisioned an online service to make binary options trading accessible for everyone.

“From 1997 to 1999, I worked on systems and algorithms that became the foundation of what is today After obtaining our patents, the company was launched in 2000 and for the first time gave retail investors a platform to trade binary options online,” Sireau says. has since become one of the oldest and most respected names in online binary trading, helping over 1 million users globally. Its first-rate around-the-clock service, manages 20 transactions per second, with offices in Malaysia, Malta, Paraguay and UAE. It’s published in the world’s most popular languages such as Chinese, English, French, German and Italian, being licensed and regulated in many countries.

The service allows users to trade currencies, commodities and indices at real-time prices benchmarked against interbank options market, with no hidden fees. Additionally, it offers a comprehensive suite of products, secure storage, flexible pricing and CFD’s (contracts-for-differences) via MetaTrader 5, a powerful platform for trading in the financial markets. “We have a reputation for innovation, but we always make sure of meeting stringent quality standards before releasing any new features. Our platforms are powerful, yet intuitive and easy to work with, and our pricing is second to none,” Sireau says. What makes even more unique is throughout 20 years, makes use of robust systems for a uniquely competitive service.

What Valuable Lessons Did Jean-Yves Sireau Learn in Business?

Each step in Sireau’s long career has been a learning opportunity. He’s learnt that the best leaders are always accessible, easy to talk to and know how to listen well. So, he makes sure to be always available to everyone and even encourages transparency and accessibility in his professional life.

As a leader, Sireau learnt the cruciality of teamwork for success. Now, he believes that success is about building a great team. There are four values he lives by, leads by and seeks in employees: integrity, commitment, communication and collaboration. “I’ve learned that success in business is highly dependent on recruiting the best team, which is why at Binary we put significant effort into identifying and nurturing top talent,” he says. Every day, the company encourages a tight-knit and nurturing work environment, so that everyone develops talents and grows their careers.

“It has certainly been a joy and an honor to lead so many talented men and women on my long journey as an entrepreneur,” Sireau says. To him, leadership has been one of the most fulfilling challenges ever; Seeing teamwork and camaraderie in his motivated employees is an indescribable joy.

Dedicated, Well-Prepared and Focused to Face Challenges – Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Sireau and his team assessed the past and looked into the possibilities of the future. “I feel especially excited and energized in anticipation of what lies ahead. We are entering a new era with our platform, which is full of new, powerful features, gives customers quick access to their favorite markets, and makes it very easy for them to monitor their open positions. We’re also introducing new trades that are exclusively created by our talented teams as well as new payment options to make transactions easier for our customers worldwide,” Sireau sums it up.