Flora Lee: Achieving Success on the Journey of Entrepreneurship

For young people, today’s professional world is full of possibilities. Entrepreneurship can be one pathway to give back to their community, to make money, to employ others, to start humanitarian or charitable initiatives, and even to search for their innermost desires.

For Flora Lee, a successful business leader from Hong Kong, entrepreneurship profoundly changed all facets of her life. She is the Founder and Managing Director at ‘Blue Chip E&M International’, a leading Asian media, marketing and advertisement agency. Plus, the path of entrepreneurship gave her success in her personal life as well: she met her life partner, married him and since, they have started a family together raising three young children.

Flora Lee
Flora Lee, Founder and Managing Director, Blue Chip E&M International

Choosing the Path of Entrepreneurship

Flora began her career by joining JCDecaux, a multinational advertisement corporation and the biggest French outdoor advertisement company, to simply manage media. Over the course of the next five years, she gathered vital work experience handling large clients like LVMH, Richemont Group, Burberry, Estee Lauder Companies, Clarins, Samsung, Credit Suisse, and other leading retails and banking brands. Thus, she made many professional contacts in the travel, retail, fashion, beauty and watch industries. In her next job at OPR Media, an outdoor media and advertisement company, she met Mr. Mathias Ogier who is a successful business manager and her trusted business partner. From him, she picked up invaluable professional lessons in management, leadership, ownership and networking as well as how to run a media agency.

All of Flora’s past professional experiences, particularly learning valuable lessons from JCDecaux and Mr. Mathias have been stepping stones to her success story today. These formative years created a strong foundation for her professional and personal growth. In fact, it was during these years that she would meet her future husband: a successful businessman Mr. Tae Hwan Kim. Very soon after Flora’s marriage, she welcomed three little children into her family and thus, she wanted to move on to the next chapter in her professional journey.

In 2016, Flora decided to start her own business ‘Blue Chip E&M International’, naming it after her husband’s own company ‘Blue Chip Group’. She set up the headquarters in Singapore, wanting to support the success of luxury retail brands’ advertisement efforts around the world.

“I was one lucky girl. I had a great client base with JCDecaux and OPR Media, having worked with them for 7 years. I also had wonderful professional experience in the travel retail industry. Hence I was able to bring lots of value to my clients, thanks to my expert market knowledge, my extensive relationships with numerous brands and practical understanding of managing retail operations,” Flora shares.

Blue Chip E&M International: Helping Retail Brands Grow Internationally

Blue Chip E&M International Pte. Ltd is a growing media, marketing and advertisement agency. They specialize in supporting the advertisement campaigns of prominent retail brands through tailor-made solutions and strategies. In fact, the company helps clients grow geographically, by showcasing their clients’ products to an international audience.

“Our company has the ability to introduce tremendous value to the travel retail industry. Our extensive network, advertising expertise and history in the industry is truly unique and valuable. Though we have work experience and history of more than 12 years in the industry, we are still young and have many ideas. I’m still in my late 30s,” Flora states, passionately.

“When our clients request our help, we work very hard to prepare a proposal three times worth what they requested initially. We don’t worry about whether it’s profitable or not. I believe in honest professional relationships and networks,” shares Flora.

Over the course of the past four years, Blue Chip E&M International has grown to serve new brands of fresh sectors including mobiles and digital devices. In fact, they have produced an annual turnover of about 10 million USD in 2019 and Blue Chip Group reached a value of more than 45 million USD in 2020. Flora ascribes most of the company’s success to her past work experience, her specialization in media, travel retail and airports, as well as to passion and proactiveness. “All of these have made it possible for me to give services my client 24/7. My team as well is extremely dedicated to our clients. We never miss a chance to help our clients, even if it’s a very small request,” she says.

Fostering Trust, Passion, Happiness and Proactiveness in the Professional World

Trust is the key for good human relationships, even in a professional context. For youngsters or people interested in entrepreneurship or a business leadership role, it can be challenging to find trustworthy people. In Flora’s professional journey as well, trust has presented one of the biggest challenges.

“Some people have been really difficult to manage. I easily fall in love with people in general. I have come across people approaching me with bad intentions. I didn’t know in the beginning, but I was betrayed. So, now, I’m training myself to become stronger,” she says. In response, she encourages virtues such as honesty, openness and transparency in the workplace to foster trust in her professional relationships. “I believe in people who I can trust. Working together with those we can trust is the most important thing. This applies to business partners, clients and also my team,” she goes on.

In addition to improving her business, Flora is looking forward to having more passion, happiness and proactiveness in her professional as well as personal life in the future. “I have been living with passion and happiness in my life so far. My passion for work, people and family makes me who I am today. Passion, happiness and proactiveness can move us forward in our lives. Let these drive us to where we want to be,” she concludes, optimistically.