Autopilot Leadership Lab: Combining Classical Wisdom with Modern Leadership Practices to Foster Exceptional Leaders

People are the most important part of any company or organization. But the difficulty is that everybody is unique; each of us comes from a different background, with varying perspectives. For the leader, the challenge is to bring these different people together and to inspire them towards one shared goal, despite their differences. Thus, they create a workplace culture supporting everyone’s well-being, good performance, achieving results and overall success.

While countless books, educational institutes and experts teach the art of leading and managing people in theory, the actual challenge itself is very tough. The job is all about bringing everyone together as one cohesive group, committed towards one goal. But alongside, the leader must ensure everyone’s well-being, survival and growth despite internal conflicts, external threats and strict work-related deadlines – each day, throughout the entire course of the job. They must also make tough decisions in times of crisis with everyone’s best interests at heart, often greatly affecting people’s careers or lives.

Autopilot Leadership Lab
Dr. Jowie Yu, General Manager, Autopilot Leadership Lab

In 2021, there is a greater demand for better overall performance in the professional world. So, leaders and managers must invest in nurturing relevant skills to survive and to thrive. In Asia, an emerging and innovative leadership development and cultural transformation consultancy, the Autopilot Leadership Lab (ALLab) is coming forward to provide adequate and effective leadership-related guidance to business executives. This consultancy understands the hectic, stressful and demanding nature of modern leadership and management jobs well. So, they are bringing together leadership wisdom from traditional Eastern philosophy and popular management theories from the West, to inspire leaders and managers towards holistic happiness, success and business sustainability.

Innovative Leadership Consultancy: Fostering the Growth of ‘Invisible Leaders’

ALLab was founded by Mr. Sammy Lee as an internal unit within LKK Health Products Group, a member of Lee Kum Kee Group, in 2016. Its understanding of leadership is inspired by one of history’s wisest men – the Chinese philosopher LaoZi. In his book Dao De Jing, a classic in Chinese literature, he writes that “people barely know the very best leaders” implying that people really love, admire and praise great leaders but they may not know him or her. Mr. Lee experimented and explored this concept of invisible leadership for over two decades, before crafting the Autopilot Leadership Model™ (AP Model), a practical journey to nurture ‘Invisible Leaders’ and improve organizational culture.

“Our vision is to spread the synergy between traditional Eastern wisdom and modern Western management methods globally, so that more organizations can achieve sustainability and happiness,” Dr. Jowie Yu, the General Manager of ALLab, says.

ALLab’s ideal customers are commonly organizations wanting to grow fast or established organizations facing obstacles in their business. The consultancy helps customers to overcome challenges related to leadership and autonomy, by working closely with them in many ways, with a practical emphasis on developing a sustainable and holistic approach. The consultancy’s primary service, the AP Model, is a practical, “co-creative” journey: Business executives participate in a learning experience, exploring mindsets, tools, techniques and theories to understand leadership better. This company guides entrepreneurs towards breakthroughs, better organizational efficiency, effectiveness, decision-making and management.

“Firstly, we focus on leaders’ behaviors and employees’ behaviors through a series of workshops, what we call ‘the Autopilot Leadership Journey’. Secondly, we resolve challenges arising from the change of behavior within their organization. Finally, we look into the core process within their organization that would help to build up into an Autopilot environment, this process would eventually become the culture of the organization, hence we call this a ‘Cultural Transformation’ service,” Dr. Yu says.

The consultancy also owns the Autopilot Leadership Community platform, encouraging executives to grow through collaboration, bringing like-minded leaders together, allowing them to share their thoughts and ideas within this ecosystem.

A Commitment to Help Leaders Continuously

The company grew as a small unit in a century-old Hong Kong enterprise. But thanks to its wisdom, it has grown to become an independent consultancy specializing in nurturing effective leadership and organizational culture for companies around the world. Their secret is combining classical Chinese leadership wisdom with modern western management theories into one co-creative journey to inspire leaders develop skills through a ‘learn less, practice more’ approach. Furthermore, they also encourage leaders to imagine themselves teaching younger or newer leaders, to improve their confidence.

Over the past five years, the consultancy has led over 1,300 senior leaders around the world to improve their organization. They have graduated to become forward-thinking leaders, confident in their ability to lead their companies sustainably. Thus far, leaders and entrepreneurs from the US, UK, Greece, China, Korea and South East Asia were served by the company. Here are two customer testimonials, reflecting the positive experiences received by many such satisfied customers:

“The Autopilot Leadership Journey isn’t only for business leaders or entrepreneurs. They are for everyone wanting to have a happy life with harmonious relationships with everyone around them. It taught me to have awareness about the process, rather than the result. It also inspired me to go beyond my own interests and focus on the higher good, for everyone,” Ms. Pink Lee, Founder of Light On Charity, Hong Kong, says.

“If employee engagement is one of the priorities of your company or yourself as a leader, this is the Journey you shouldn’t miss!” says Mr. Raymond Lam, General Manager of MaBelle International Limited and MPower Technologies.

Through it all, employees of ALLab practice the lessons they teach their customers and they ensure to have everyone’s best interests at heart. Above all, they share a strong commitment to help executive leaders resolve their business issues continuously. “We want to continue using the Autopilot Leadership Model™ to inspire more leaders to succeed beyond generations. We want to collaborate with Autopilot Leaders for their businesses. We also want to scale-up the impact of their leadership culture continually,” Dr. Yu concludes.