Yosuke Yoshida: Driving the Global Adoption of Blockchain-Based Solutions to Create a Better World

Hailed as one of the breakthrough technologies of the decade, blockchain is disrupting the business world like never before. The revolutionary technology is driving new value propositions and new business models with a promise to deliver boundless scalability, uncompromising security, and full decentralization. Realizing this immense potential of blockchain, many tech-savvy business leaders are seizing the opportunity and making the best out of it with a futuristic approach. They are accelerating the mainstream adoption of this technology worldwide to create a better future.

One such avid entrepreneur who has been spearheading the blockchain revolution and making the world aware of the technology through his sharp business acumen and perseverance is Yosuke Yoshida. A few years ago when Yosuke acknowledged the true potential of blockchain especially, Cardano, a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project, he developed an interest in the technology. Deeply inspired by the research-driven vision of Cardano, he started exploring the emerging field. This is when he came across Emurgo, a global blockchain technology company that was serving as the official commercial arm of Cardano and was established in Japan. So, he decided to join this pioneering company to drive the adoption of Cardano and blockchain-based solutions. Today, as the CEO of Emurgo Japan and the Chief Business Officer of Emurgo Group, the ardent entrepreneur is leading the company towards a new height.

Yosuke Yoshida
Yosuke Yoshida,

A Strong Background

Prior to joining Emurgo, Yosuke spent more than 15 years working for one of the biggest general trading companies in Japan. After graduating from Keio University in 2003, he joined the trading company where he was mainly engaged in overseas business such as new project development, large-scale plant projects, and investment business. The experience he gained throughout the years in business development and project management for multiple international and government projects, including M&A projects, mainly in the SE Asia region carved his skills as a leader. Later, driven by his pursuit of taking part in the development of a world-class blockchain project like Cardano, Yosuke joined Emurgo.

“At first I was interested as an investor of Bitcoin. Soon I noticed the technical potential of blockchain and decided to get into it. While many interesting and advanced technologies have emerged in recent years, I believe only blockchain has the poignancy to fundamentally transform the centralized social structure,” asserts Yosuke.

Today, under the unwavering leadership of Yosuke, Emurgo has consistently grown into a comprehensive blockchain company and a leading blockchain specialist in Japan.

Delivering Efficient Blockchain Solutions Across the Globe

Emurgo provides preeminent blockchain technology solutions to a broad spectrum of developers and organizations across the world. It develops enterprise-grade applications, builds developer tools, invests in startups, and provides blockchain education. The company drives the adoption of Cardano and adds value to ADA holders by building, investing in, educating, and advising projects or organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized, third-generation blockchain ecosystem.

“We support venture companies by leveraging our expertise gained from blockchain R&D and our global network of industry partners. We are working with IOHK to grow the Cardano ecosystem globally and accelerate the adoption of the Cardano blockchain,” explains Yosuke.

Over the years, Emurgo has developed several pioneering products including Yoroi ADA Wallet for Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox, dLab/EMURGO accelerator, and Ledger Wallet with integrated Cardano ADA. With a rich array of such innovative products and a global network of related blockchain and industry partners, Emurgo is building a Cardano ecosystem.

Cultivating an Engaging Work Culture

Yosuke strongly believes that the success of an organization highly relies on its team. Thus, as a leader, he focuses on building a winning culture at Emurgo where people from more than 10 nationalities and a pretty diverseculturecome together to work towards a single objective. Unlike other traditional Japanese companies, Emurgo has a flat hierarchical structure that allows everyone to share their insights proactively and freely. Diversity, mutual respect, and transparency are highly valued at Emurgo, and keeping these values at cornerstone, the avid leader strives to attain excellence while serving as a positive role model for its employees.

Continues Promoting the Adoption of Blockchain Ecosystem

According to Yosuke, the ability to effectively present your vision and working in the same direction with the same passion are some of the vital attributes that every leader should possess. Embracing these attributes, he continues to lead by example while promoting Cardano’s adoption and growth of its ecosystem. The ardent entrepreneur believes that the blockchain technology is going to be the basic technological foundation for the years to come. Thus, fueled by this insight, the optimistic entrepreneur aims to continue unleashing the untapped potential of this promising technology to build a better future. “It is almost certain that the age of blockchain is coming, and I am confident that we will have an increasing presence in it,” concludes Yosuke.