Why should businesses invest in a brand logo?

Why should businesses invest in a brand logo

To quote Steve Forbes, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business” and a brand logo is a face that connects your business with the audience. It builds the bridge that helps a businessman to stay aligned with his target audience. A logo is not merely a sign or a picture, but those graphic symbols are the external representations of the brand’s internal realities. Oftentimes, unknowingly, those mighty, little symbols create a potent first impression of the brand, pique our curiosity, sometimes tickle us into laughter, or induce us to explore the brand activities. In one way or the other, the unique mix of colors and symbols creates an impression in our mind of the different brand values and helps us identify them distinctly. Imagine the Twitter symbol of the bluebird sitting with a puffed-up chest and facing upward, communicating the silent message of peace, liberty, and hope completely justifies the mission of the platform as it is. Thus, an appropriate brand logo sets the tone of your business, communicates your views to the customers, authenticates your business ideas, and hence forms an integral part of your branding strategy. 

No business can stand without a brand logo. A deeper insight brings us closer to the seven potent benefits of keeping a powerful brand logo. Let us take a look:

Grabs attention within a flip second

You have only a span of two seconds to arrest the attention of an elusive audience. Within the shortest period, a passerby should be able to form a snap judgment of your business only by its appearance. A short, simple logo with a strong visual appeal can immediately do the task and steer your audience to action. 

The first impression lasts longer

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to win a first impression! A perfectly designed logo is like a company’s first-ever appearance in public, where you may experience love at the first sight or run through disaster. Remember the vibrant red logo of Coca-Cola, the bitten apple logo of Apple, or the sign symbol of Macdonald with a note; they are an absolute delight to the eyes, aren’t they? The simple yet impactful designs of the logo with their vivacity and candidness spark our interest in their business, hold our attention, and haunt our memories and that is the first step of converting a stranger to a customer.

Replicates the Brand’s mission and vision

A logo is an effective tool that must synchronize with the company’s overall mission and vision. The logos, as we perceive them, speak to the audience on behalf of a company and make them aware of its business ideas and values. Customized logos are sometimes interspersed with signs that subtly convey the message. Have you ever noticed the little arrow that fills the space between E and X in the FedEx logo? That is an ingenious way the company communicates its mission of imparting accuracy, speed and precision. The audience can immediately resonate with LG’s brand slogan of ‘Life’s Good’ through the company’s simple yet cohesive logo design.

Builds a strong brand identity

A good brand identity creates a loyal customer base necessary for the company’s continuous growth and sustenance. Logos are the important commercial tools that appear on all your marketing platforms like emails, business cards, websites, landing pages, cartoon wrappers, and so on. Logos lend a distinct identity to your brands. The familiar symbols eventually enhance brand loyalty and uphold the brand’s reputation. 

Silently promotes your brand

One of the primary objectives of a business house is to attract its target customers through intuitive marketing strategies and techniques. The logos form the basis of every marketing campaign. They convey your unique business ideologies to the masses and promote your brand value, raising brand awareness. Every logo with its distinguished color and shape evokes a specific emotion. Red signifies a loud, young, and passionate brand. Blue denotes spiritual awareness, peace, and liberty; while yellow suggests cheerfulness, and so on. Similarly, the companies use professional font style of logos etched with minimalistic design to capture a mature consumer group. This reinforces the professionalism of the brand. Conversely, a playful design with soft curves is much suited for children’s brands as that reflects exuberance and innocence. 

Battle out your competitors

To survive in the world of ruthless competition, a business house must have a uniquely designed logo that can lend individuality to the brand. The marketing world is flooded with content, brochures, and advertisement; only a comprehensive, and creative logo design can win our appreciation and lingers in our memory for a long. Your logo differentiates you from the others in the row and helps you gain an extraordinary edge over your competitors. 

Your Audience expects it

Last but not the least; a logo is the first thing that your customers look at on being introduced to your brand. In a broader spectrum, a logo imparts credibility to your business and influences the buying decision of your customers. A discernible, clear, and concise logo quickly connects us to the business, while an intricate and old-fashioned design fails to stir our enthusiasm and engage us with the brand, no matter the high brand value.


A logo plays a defining role when it comes to a brand’s loyalty and trustworthiness. A well-designed logo channelizes your perceptions to the public, uncovers the soul of your company and consistently evokes a feeling of positivity and empathy in the minds of your audience.It is the face of your brand and you must keep it simple yet persuasive without any messy detail.

Every logo carries a unique voice, whichmust radiate the spirit and essence of your brand and that sets you apart from your competitors.

So, now what you feel about having a logo of your own?…