Rayyan EshaghPour

Setting up a business is no walk in the park. It takes unwavering determination, focus, and courage to nurture a company towards success. However, to launch and run multiple businesses while investing time and energy into them without the fear of failure takes a very driven business person with certain traits. While many entrepreneurs start a single business and ride it out for its lifetime, there are few who work their way from one business to another with an optimistic outlook, a willingness to take risks, and most importantly – a hunger or grit to achieve success.


Bharat Buxani

Leveraging Experience to Revolutionize the Advertising Vertical

Ghassan Muradwij and Riyaz Alambath

Achieving Success in Business through Versatile Leadership.

Jean-Vyes Sireau

A Visionary Entrepreneur Guiding the Financial Trading Sector with Value-Centered Leadership

Ram Kumar

A Truly Inspiring Entrepreneur with Unbeatable Spirit.

Wempi Sitepu

A Passionate and Purposeful Entrepreneur

Donn Carlo Gamboa

Breaking Into Entrepreneurship At A Young Age Beyond Conventional Strategies.


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