Victor Neo: Shaping digital future through Technological Innovations and Cybersecurity Solutions

Victor Neo

Victor Neo, Co-Founder, CEO of REVEZ Corporation Ltd

“A true entrepreneur isn’t afraid of challenges and gets things done. One needs to be agile, flexible, ready for the unexpected, and apply a certain creativity level to achieve the goal ahead of the curve,” says Mr. Victor Neo, who is the Co-Founder, Executive Director of REVEZ Corporation Ltd. Victor is an exemplary leader who proves that with passion, faith and, hard work, one can achieve anything in life. As a successful and versatile entrepreneur, Victor tries to push the limits, to build a good company.

Victor’s father was a businessman and is the driving force and idol of the ardent entrepreneur. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit at heart since childhood, Victor was inspired by his father’s accomplishments and followed in his father’s footsteps. Victor says, “Business is about problem-solving. The bigger the challenge you can solve, the greater the achievement.”

A Glimpse into the Organization

Established in 2010, REVEZ Corporation started with REVEZ Motion, a game-changer in interactive multimedia, which was the brainchild of three founders – Mr. Victor Neo, Mr. Lawrence Lim, and Mr. Wayne Lee. The multi-talented trio started with a clear vision to create a world where people and technology work in harmony to optimize business efficiency, by continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and leading the CreativeTech landscape.

“‘REVEZ’ is inspired by the French word, ‘to dream’. This captures the founder’s original vision that the creative application of technology can realize your wildest dreams, as long as you dare to dream out of the box,” shares Victor.

REVEZ Motion was an early adopter of Augmented Reality and worked with a large MNC for roving event activation. It was one of the first to integrate Facebook’s (now called “META”) social sharing function with an interactive photo booth. The company implemented the first virtual concierge with an automated kiosk, for one of Asia’s largest real estate groups. Within a short span of 4 years, REVEZ Motion was accoladed with a Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award. 

Under Victor’s guidance as CEO, REVEZ Motion has grown from a small start-up to an award-winning B2B Technology firm, REVEZ Corporation Ltd (collectively called “REVEZ Group”), listed on Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) in less than 10 years.

Today, REVEZ Motion is one of Asia Pacific’s leading B2B Technology firms incorporating innovators, technologists, and creative capabilities to provide a full suite of Immersive Multimedia and interactive technology, and Cybersecurity solutions to meet Enterprise needs. REVEZ Motion has set its business footprint across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Abu Dhabi, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

Key Player in Nation’s Growth

“As an industry leader, we played an integral role in the past 12 years, transforming user experiences and cybersecurity operations, working with different enterprises both in public and private sectors regionally. Our strength is being quick to zoom in on how our tech can solve what business needs,” asserts, Victor. REVEZ Group grows in tandem with the nation’s digitalization efforts in Singapore. The prominent company was instrumental in revamping the visitor experience, museums, and tourism center for national events such as the airshow. It has also been working closely with Town Councils to support the National Digitalization of Public Information System Initiative and to address the need of sharing information with large communities’ on-the-road and in real-time. The company has also been involved in the digitalization of digital libraries and national archives and design an e-request system for these institutions.

REVEZ Motion is also a Tech Solver Winner for the 5G-enabled virtual platform for Novel and Immersive Tourism, Heritage, and Cultural Experience for National Heritage Board, under the Open Innovation Platform National Innovation challenge 2020, organized by Infocomm Media Development Authority. Additionally, the company has also successfully assisted many IT partners to enhance its internal Cybersecurity operations with AI-driven capabilities regionally as well as co-initiated a Bug Bounty Challenge with the Singapore Institute of Technology institution to expose students and also industry players to hacking and bug identification. Furthermore, REVEZ Motion has also partnered with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) to drive innovation and collaboration through a series of joint-development projects, cross-training opportunities, and student internships, in the areas such as Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science & Engineering, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality, 5G, Enterprise, Cloud & Mobile Computing and Cybersecurity.

Cultural Diversity at Workplace

At REVEZMotion, everyone is respected, for the unique perspective and experience they bring as individuals to enhance the team. The team has people with diverse backgrounds, with a unified focus on Research & Development, collaborative work to deliver one-of-a-kind innovative solutions, and offering collective solutions to solve business needs. As a true leader, Victor strongly believes in the values of respecting people, people skills, being firm and disciplined, willing to share, being humble, and being ready to learn.

With experience and zeal as the company’s backbone, Victor is always ready to support his employees. He says, “It is a place where you can build a career. We nurture, and provide opportunities and industry challenges to enable you to grow with experience.”

Evolving and Overcoming Challenges

According to Victor, the biggest challenge in the industry is the attraction and retention of talent. The company sets a vision to align everyone’s mission and organize regular small internal sharing sessions to provide market updates, challenges, and discussions.

As a home-grown company with such a unique positioning, Victor aims to strengthen the company’s international landscape to capture greater market share. The avid entrepreneur aspires to take steps to collaborate with country local partners who are in similar trades to grow new businesses in its region.

As a humble piece of advice to fellow young entrepreneurs, Victor says, “Always respect people, accept comments positively, and be ready to adapt to new changes and demands.”