Uwe Rosenkranz: An Exemplary Business Leader and A Leading Advocate of Solar Energy Solutions

The energy we get from the sun is a completely free, clean, and available abundantly. Solar Power Solution is no longer just a concept: Over the decades, it’s shown to have the potential to solve our impending energy crisis. It’s an economically viable, eco-friendly, and safe alternative to conventional means like petrol, diesel, and hydroelectricity. In fact, it’s possible to use solar power for each and every one of our requirements, from personal uses like cooking to commercial uses like maintaining large businesses.

Tapping into solar power is a meaningful step forward, but it’s still only emerging around the world. To help our civilization transition well into a more sustainable way of living, a global movement led by eco-conscious leaders within governments and businesses is underway today. Through countless initiatives, programs and activities, these organizations are directly helping renewable resources of energy go mainstream.

Uwe Rosenkranz
Uwe Rosenkranz
CEO, R&L Solar Solutions

From the Japanese business world, one of the most committed, passionate, and skilful leaders driving this movement forward is Mr. Uwe Rosenkranz. He’s an entrepreneur and business leader in the solar energy space, having fully dedicated his professional life of over three decades to support the renewable energy sector. One of his most important contributions is co-founding ‘R&L Solar Solutions’, one of Japan’s strongest and market-leading solar energy solution providers. Since its inception in 2009, he has led the company through a challenging business landscape, promoting renewable energy through high-quality solar energy solutions.

Creating Value as a Principled and High-Quality Solar Energy Company

“We only have one world and we need to make sure our children and their children can enjoy the wonders of nature. One of the ways to do this is by ensuring we are lowering our emissions of carbon dioxide,” Mr. Rosenkranz says. As the CEO of R&L Solar Solutions, he leads his company at the cutting edge of the development of the world’s best in solar solutions, using the latest technologies.

Mr. Rosenkranz along with Mrs. Suhong Li, R&L Solar Solutions’ CFO, are the cornerstones of the company. The brand is named after the two entrepreneurs, combining the exceptional skills, expertise and passions of Mr. Rosenkranz with the patience and practical wisdom of Mrs. Li. Together, they are leading the company on a potent and meaningful mission: To contribute to the game-changing development within the global energy landscape, through their top expertise within solar energy solutions.

“I bring German engineering knowledge, sound understanding of costs vs. performance and knowhow of Japanese quality management methodology to focus on two critical areas. One, to maximize solar energy generation efficiency by applying the latest technologies and minimizing hindrances such as shadows. And two, to minimize environmental impact and to ensure the highest possible yield for a particular site,” Mr. Rosenkranz says.

Through the years, R&L Solar Solutions has been providing world-class solar energy solutions to clients from a variety of sectors, across 10 countries and three continents. The company has been showing unconditional commitment, guiding organizations to live responsibly on our planet, while creating measurable value for them, steadily building trust.

Through Mr. Rosenkranz’s leadership, R&L Solar Solutions is now supported by highly motivated, highly skilled, and multicultural staff—best in the world at providing solar energy solutions. The company together believes in values, embraces continual learning, are accountable, and function by key performance indictors concerning health & safety, budget, quality, and scheduling.

Building R&L Solar Solutions’ Success Story

Although R&L Solar Solutions is the Japanese market-leader today, the company faced tough challenges in the initial stages, stemming from the nation’s unique business landscape. Japanese customers mostly prefer to work with reputed vendors and are reluctant to choose services from new brands. Moreover, the nation’s market has exceptionally high standards of quality. So, as a new start-up without lots of money or wealthy investors, the company struggled to survive.

To overcome these odds, Mr. Rosenkranz lead the company to focus one goal at once, beginning with installing the very first solar farm. Slowly, through consistent positive performance, the company steadily achieved more, gaining trust, and building a competent work force. He took time to carefully foster highly competent workers who follow values such as honesty, responsibility, and empathy. Moreover, most of them were bilingual ensuring proper communication and were willing to spend time with customers to fully understand their requirements.

Subsequently, Mr. Rosenkranz steadily built the brand and reputation. R&L Solar Solutions gained a comprehensive, highly detailed portfolio of services, having set up solar farms, batteries, solar carports, roof top solutions, greenhouses, building integrated photovoltaics and more, for many diverse organizations. Simultaneously, the company become known as a reliable provider of sophisticated, top quality, and world-class solar energy solutions.

“Today R&L Solar Solutions is a brand that represents quality to our customers. Almost all the key players in our industry are very welcoming of our services and solutions today,” Mr. Rosenkranz updates.

Leading the Way towards a Vision of Sustainability

Mr. Rosenkranz’s passionate leadership and drive towards the vision of supporting the renewable resources of energy has been indispensable to the Japanese business world. R&L Solar Solutions, being one of the nation’s top solar energy solution providers, is also an exemplary, ethically sound, and highly professional clean power solution provider today. Apart from realizing the company’s core vision, what really motivated them is helping customers overcome their challenges on time, on budget and as promised. For this, the company has been well praised and recognized. “We have opened our office in Australia in 2017 and we are going to start our activities in the Middle East, based in Dubai in August 2020. We want to be the solution provider of choice across the Asia-Pacific because we deliver projects consistently and better than expected,” Mr. Rosenkranz sums up.