UI/UX Design Trends of 2022

UI_UX Design

We need responsive and excellent web designs for the smooth operation of both mobile applications and websites, and this is where UI/UX design can make all the difference between an impactful positive or a dull negative user experience. So what exactly is UI/UX design? User interface, or UI, is more focused on how users interact visually, whereas user experience, or UX, is more concerned with how users interact with applications and websites. According to a report released by LinkedIn, UI/UX design is among the top five most in-demand skills among recruiters. There is an increasing need for designers or professionals who have specialized in UI/UX.

You must understand user trends in order to enter such a competitive field. 

As we move forward into the 21st century, technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and in order to stay ahead of the curve, businesses must embrace new and innovative technologies and trends to improve their user interface and user experience. In this article, we will look at some of the most promising ui ux design trends 2022. 

Here is  a list of a few important ui ux design trends for 2022 

1. Dark mode 

Dark mode simply refers to the user experience with a predominantly dark color palette. For example, flipping the design so that the text and other details stand out in light colors while the background is in black or any darker color. Given that applications like Facebook, YouTube, and others already use the dark mode, this is undoubtedly not a new trend. Users, however, appear to favor dark mode because anything that is displayed in black looks classy and graceful.

So why choose a ui ux trend with dark mode in 2022? Dark mode with contrasting colors provides improved visibility for a few visually impaired users. The dark mode also reduces power usage for smartphones with OLED screens. 

Dark mode’s high contrast has the significant advantage of improving text readability and aiding in enhancing colors and details in images and videos. 

In 2022, as it becomes more standard, more apps, websites, and products will use dark mode, and more design software will make it available to users.

2.  Less complexity 

Super apps, which combine multiple apps into one to allow for messaging, social media, payments, e-commerce, food delivery, and other functions, were once very popular in Asia.

Major players in the global market have started to create super app experiences in response to user demand for a super app or experience that enables them to access all applications from a single location. For instance, Google has combined its various Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Hangout apps into a single app. To compete with TikTok and Instagram reels, Youtube has also added “Shorts.” 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, a lot of apps have added or are planning to add collaborative features. Due to the addition of all these extra features and functionalities, the complexity of the apps has increased, which has decreased user experience and confused users. 

The complexity of apps should be kept to a minimum in 2022, and designers should focus on making sure the user interface is simple and clear.

3. Use of 3D and animation. 

Design professionals are constantly looking for new strategies to capture users’ attention and keep them there for a longer period of time in the increasingly competitive digital market. 

However, there are times when traditional methods are more successful, as shown by the recent interest among users in 3D animation. Animation is predicted to become one of the most effective methods for attracting new users in 2022. The 3D design and animation will bring hype to your interface as one of the top UI UX trend 2022 and this is exactly what the business needs as it discloses itself to the world. 

Many developers and designers found it difficult to create 3D models and animations because it took longer for websites or apps to load. However, as processing speeds have improved, this problem is no longer an issue. A user will be able to access files, documents, and applications—including 3D animations—immediately with a faster processing speed.

4. Inclusive design 

Accessibility ensures that a product or digital service can be used by as many users as possible, especially those with special needs, impairments, or disabilities. Inclusive design goes beyond accessibility as it recognizes that people are unique and diverse and takes a variety of human factors into account during the design process, such as race, gender, language, and disabilities.

A good example of an inclusive design process is having the ability to read and write messages in various languages or having a set of emojis that account for all racial, gender, age, and identity groups. 

Inclusive design is not something new as its the fundamental of UI UX design. However, everyone should be reminded to make efforts to ensure that the design process considers more human factors, the differences, and does not overlook anything.  

5. The Rise of Voice User Interfaces 

Voice search is another ui ux design trend that is gaining hype. User interface design takes into account more than just the visual screen; it also takes into account other senses. You may be familiar with “Siri,” “Google,” and “Alexa,” as these are just a few of the Voice User Interfaces (VUI) that are becoming popular and sweeping the globe. It is estimated that the speech and voice interface market is set to grow to almost 25 billion US dollars by 2025.

Users’ attention spans and levels of patience are decreasing, and they demand speed and convenience from the apps they use, which VUI enables without requiring them to touch the device.

6.  Keeping inclusivity at the center 

The three ui ux buzz words of 2022 are accessibility, diversity, and inclusiveness. In the post-pandemic era, designers must keep these three words at the forefront when creating new designs and connecting with new audiences. Designers should approach designs and the creation of web pages and mobile apps with an “inclusive mindset.” 

If you believe your design is the best, you may be mistaken because there are still some things that could be done better, like typefaces and font size. It is not difficult to create designs that are accessible, as user testing can be done to determine whether the design is appropriate for the intended audience.

7. Simplifying the information architecture and user journeys

In his introduction of the new iPhone, Steve Jobs contrasted it with other smartphones like the Blackberry, Nokia, and others. He did this to show the crowd how much easier, more intelligent, and more user-friendly the iPhone is. Users yearn for ideas and technologies that are easier to use. 

Since the pandemic started, organizations have introduced new features and services to aid users, which also required designers and developers to act more quickly and produce better results. Although the results were useful, the user interfaces were not the best. The year 2022 is the time to correct the errors and implement changes that will make the user experience both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The challenge here would be to add more services and features without impacting the overall experience. 

8. Enter the metaverse. 

Since the pandemic, there has been a revolutionary shift toward virtual and augmented reality, which has intensified with the timely creation of Metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual world where users are connected to each other, digital devices, and the environment by wearing VR devices. 

With the creation of more immersive, customized, and distinctive alternative playgrounds, the metaverse is ultimately intended to play out an important role and become a significant ui ux trend.

Key Takeaways 

  • Designing new products, apps, websites, and user interfaces is all part of the fascinating field of user experience and user interference. More important it involves keeping updated about the latest trend in the ui ux design field. 
  • A designer’s job is to anticipate user needs, deliver the best user experience possible when they interact with products, and ensure that brands and businesses have the tools necessary to keep up with new trends and satisfy consumers. 
  • The designers will be better able to understand the needs of the users if they are informed about various ui ux design trends 2022, such as dark mode, Metaverse, 3D and animations, Inclusive design, Accessibility, Voice User Interference, and many more.