The Rise of Remote Working

Remote Working

There are more and more independent professionals working from home or a remote location today. Such an approach to the work life can bring in more freedom, lots of convenience, higher flexibility, autonomy and many more valuable benefits. 

Here are the top four reasons why remote working is rising today:  

  • More Freedom, Convenience and Flexibility

In contrast to traditional jobs, you will have much more freedom as a freelancer. You can select your preferred work location, timings, clients, workload, routine breaks and holidays. You can choose to work with prospective clients, negotiate a deal with terms you are comfortable with and even turn down impractical or stressful offers from clients. 

So, you can control how much work you take up and choose a time frame which you prefer. When you plan accordingly, there are more benefits: sufficient time for sleep, exercise, eat well and practice healthy habits. 

  • Higher Productivity

In a two-year study, Stanford Professor Nicholas Bloom closely observed two groups of employees of a Chinese travel agency: ones who worked from home and ones who worked from office. At the end, he identified that employees who worked from home were more productive than their in-office counterparts. There were several more positives: freelancers worked fully focused, took shorter breaks, took fewer sick leaves, they reduced their carbon emissions by avoiding commute and the company saved lots of rent money by reducing its overall office space. 

When you’re away from stressful office conditions, you can personalize how you want to work. As you know work requirements first-hand, you have more chances to realize higher levels of productivity. For instance, you can take short naps to boost your productivity and they are a scientifically proven way to improve your cognitive function, creative thinking, learning and memory performance. 

  • Autonomy 

As a freelancer, you can control your professional relationships. You are your own boss as well as your own employee, and so you can work in the way you want to. This means making pivotal decisions: How much do you want to communicate with your clients? What are your availability and schedule details? How much do you charge? What are your strengths and skills? 

  • Proliferation of Digital Devices

Nowadays, there are smart, portable and internet-enabled devices almost everywhere. A good laptop with a WIFI connection is sometimes as effective as a professional office facility. So, in such cases, you have the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home and avoid the hassle of working in a conventional office set up.