Terry Leckie: Being the Role model for the Team

Being an entrepreneur is not all plain sailing. Whether you are an accidental entrepreneur or entrepreneur by choice, running a business entails risks, roadblocks, and psychological challenges that are highly demanding. But, with the right frame of mind and a never-ending quest for curiosity, you can overcome these challenges and establish your identity in your own right. Terry Leckie, the founder of Altogether, is one such entrepreneur who has built a renowned company in the Utility industry with his natural curiosity, business acumen, can-do disposition, and love for inspiring people.

Reflecting on his initial days of career, he says, “I don’t recall ever choosing to become an entrepreneur, on reflection it’s probably something that evolved from life experiences.” Unlike the typical entrepreneurial stories, Terry Leckie’s early days revolved around creating a rafting business with mates, raising sponsorship money for rugby clubs, and renovating and selling property. However, Terry showed the sparks of entrepreneurial spirit in him even back then: He encompassed key traits of an entrepreneur such as natural curiosity, business acumen, and a series of wild ideas that differentiated him from his peers.

Terry Leckie, Founder & CEO, Altogether

Over time, his instincts led to the inception of Altogether, a multi-utility service company on a mission to make the world a better place. With simple and sustainable water, power and data services, Altogether reduces wastage, improves efficiency, and reuses resources that remove cost, improve live ability, and enable communities to thrive. By capturing resources from within the community and turning them into essential services for that community, Altogether has earned the trust of customers and has made a brand identity that stands tall in the industry.

 While the mission of Altogether is to make the world a better place by removing wastage, maximizing efficiency, and improving affordability, it also hopes to showcase a new community serving model within the developed world. “This model will complement existing service models by creating self-reliant communities as we grow and rejuvenate existing cities,” adds Leckie.

A Balanced Work Culture

Terry Leckie has built a work culture that encourages forging own path, building never say never attitude, keeping it local, and making the difficult seem simple. These values are ingrained in every aspect of Altogether, bringing the best from every member of the team. “We combine that with transparent and fair employment, family and wellbeing, personal growth, reward and recognition, and a healthy lifestyle and it all describes our company culture,” states Leckie.

Terry Leckie demonstrates his exemplary leadership by being the custodian of the company’s vision and carer of Altogether family. By being the role model for his team, he inspires his teammates to be the best, constantly challenge themselves, and provide a platform that ensures constant growth. Terry’s philosophy is to celebrate even the smallest of victories, prioritizing the family collective over the individual’s success.

For Terry, success is witnessing Altogether growing and succeeding without his direction. He will take pride in knowing that Altogether is growing under the next generation of outstanding people. “We have truly outstanding people in our business. I am excited that Altogether will provide opportunities for every one of them,” tells Leckie.

With a remarkable team and exemplary leadership, the future looks bright for Altogether.