Suping Dong: A Technical Entrepreneur Making a Difference in the Financial and E-commerce Sector

The face of the business world has completely changed by disruptive technologies. However, not every business is ready to get along with the disruption. Many of them are struggling with the use cases and the knowledge of the same and some of them don’t have the professionals in the team. Technology has also created a massive change in the financial and e-commerce industry. With a mission to make a real difference in the financial and e-commerce sector, a technical and serial entrepreneur, Suping Dong (董素坪), found a high-tech company named Bowmicro Ltd. (内蒙古博微计算机有限公司).

From Vision to Reality

Suping is the President and Founder of Bowmicro Ltd, an innovative IT service provider and a leading software company focusing on financial vertical and e-business. Headquartered in China, the company also provides enterprise cloud solutions. “After working for international companies for several years, I realized that I needed my own business platform on which I could better coordinate business resources with my career vision,” says Suping.

Suping Dong
Suping Dong, President and Founder, Bowmicro

As a technical company, Bowmicro drives and sustains business by technologies and business focus. The company’s SaaS delivery model allows companies of all sizes to achieve their business objectives without the burden of managing a datacenter. It offers hosted enterprise solutions including Oracle and 3rd party applications. Underlying these SaaS instances is an IaaS infrastructure built using x86 servers, Oracle Linux, and Oracle Virtualization. With this combination, Bowmicro ensures to provide a highly secure and available architecture at minimum cost. The Oracle solutions also offer the customers a reputable and trusted IT brand.

In the Financial vertical, the company provides professional service of on-premise application software projects like HCM (Human Capital Management), FSCM (Financial and Supply-Chain Management), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), including consulting, implementation, and development, before the client’s business is transformed to cloud. Bowmicro is also the owner of a wholly-owned subsidiary company named BowCloud (博微云计算有限公司) found especially for cloud business.

“Our service offerings now evolved into an eco-system covering IT service & support for on-premise customers, cloud infrastructure with the autonomous supportability, and micro-service for containerized applications,” affirms Suping.

Staying Ahead in the Competition

In addition to his technical achievements, Suping has a strong sense of business acumen. With a determined vision, he understands his clients’ needs and challenges in the fast-growing Chinese SMB market. Under Suping’s leadership, the team has successfully created a cloud business model that delivers world-class enterprise solutions at price points that many companies could otherwise not obtain. Bowmicro values customer experience and loyalty with a clear-to-go-market strategy based on the business moral precept.

From a technical perspective, the company differentiates its offerings from other big players in the industry by focusing on customer-centric customization and satisfaction. “To maintain our competitive edge, we respect our partners and work with them closely on high-caliber solutions,” says Suping. Bowmicro’s flat organizational structure endues great business agility. Its transparent and collaborative culture makes the company internationally credible while working with its partners.  

According to Suping, the most important principle of running and leading a business is the ability to decide. People’s discretion decides their success and stability, and the misjudgment could cause fiascos when people are engrossed in their diligence in business. 

He says, “The biggest challenge for me in my incumbent career is the discrepancy between what I expect and what I experience.” As Bowmicro is a western-style company and the business is based in the mainland of China, it causes contradictions between the company’s goal and mindset and business reality. Suping believes that he has to find a feasible compromise between perfection and pragmatism for better achieving business goals.

“I would love my family more by ensuring them stable wealth, tranquility, and more time to be with them. Commercial wise, I would hope to achieve my entrepreneurial goal by having people to trust, to follow, and to work with me on a common career goal,” affirms Suping.