Suki Cheung: A Vibrant and Impactful Leader in the Logistics Industry

“Entrepreneurial spirit is an attitude to seek out change, embrace critical questioning, innovation with continuous improvement,” believes Suki Cheung. Suki is a Director of CN Logistics International Holdings Limited (CNL). It is a well-established international logistics solutions provider with the core business of providing air freight forwarding services, distribution, and logistics services with fashion products and fine wine with a worldwide reach covering over 100 countries. Suki also playing a key role in CNL joint venture company – PJF Wines as Chief Operating Officer, providing China consumer a platform to search and purchase well selected premium wines from Hong Kong merchants and overseas winery, with low duty and tax cross-border solutions.

Suki is a business leader with an enriched experience of 20+ years in the logistics and supply chain industry. She also has extensive experience in managing various verticals such as cold chains, high-tech, retails, and luxuries. Suki is recognized for her dynamic stakeholder engagement. She has held various senior management positions with strategic ownership and responsibility in several renowned global MNCs specializing in cross-border eCommerce, integrated supply chain solutions, corporate communications, and business coaching. She is also a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Awardees in Public Speaking, Master of Ceremonies and Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA).

Suki Cheung
Suki Cheung, Director, CN Logistics International Holdings Limited (CNL)

Inspired by United Nations, Suki has been engaging with gender quality and women’s empowerment with the ‘Building Forward Better’ concept. She believes that ironically, in the supply chain there is always a gender gap where males dominate the management role. With her mottos ‘passion with perfection’ and ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, Suki keeps learning skills by taking various courses and progressing throughout her career. She believes all-rounded knowledge and business principles can eventually narrow the gap. With a strong network in Hong Kong and ASEAN countries, Suki helps to develop business strategies while building a positive relationship with customers, stakeholders, media, and the public.

Employee Engagement = Delightful Customer Experiences = Driving Business Results 

‘Passion for Service’ always drives CNL to be better. Leveraged on its customer-centric logistics solutions and IT infrastructure, the Company is serving reputable brands in the high-end fashion products and wine sectors. The centerpiece of culture is its relentless pursuit for excellence in services. “The culture of ‘Excellence No Compromise’ in services distinguishes CNL from other service providers in the logistics industry and is well-known to our customers who have the same high demands for the quality of products and services,” says Suki.

CNLogistics offers innovative, comprehensive, and personalized services through its established international presence and continuous development in people and technologies. As being one of the leading logistics providers, CNL offers eCommerce cross-border solutions inbound China with a strong connection with JD, Alibaba, Tencent, Kaolaand Douyin.

Suki believes when employees are more engaged with the business, they’re more likely to contribute to its success. Dedication to a goal will help the team meet deadlines and achieve long-term success. She believes that happier employees are more willing to provide above-and-beyond customer service. According to Suki, employee engagement measures how much employees value their company as well as its customers. It evaluates how they feel about the business’s success and their role in its daily operations. Over time, a consistently delightful customer experience builds rapport with your customer base. Customers learn to trust that business and its employees are devoted to their short- and long-term success. This leads to customer advocacy as people will start to share their positive experiences with potential leads. Employee engagement including regular feedback programs, brainstorming sessions, team awards, volunteer training, and corporate culture committee. 

“It all began with the vision – to bring our business partners closer through innovation, comprehensive and bespoke omnichannel logistics solutions. Through development in people and technology, we transformed from a traditional logistics company to a modern smart supply chain solutions provider,” shares Suki.

Words of Wisdom and Future of CN Logistics

“Think win-win, synergize, and being proactive are the key elements to success. Share your vision with the team with decisive action, reviewing root cause analysis from time to time and taking preventive action and implement improvement programs,” shares Suki.

With the international exposure and strong business networks, Suki has been encouraging females to broaden fellows’ access to resources and support, scale their business locally and globally through offering business networks, master classes, sales events, and consulting services. 

Besides winning global awards in Public Speaking, Master of Ceremonies, and Distinguished Sales, Suki is also actively engaging with Hong Kong and ASEAN Logistics Chamber, Asia CEO Group, Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide Community, Junior Chamber International, and different Wine Chambers for business networking and leadership development.

“Every ounce of support represents the driving force that advances the progress of CNL. In the future, the Company will continue to live up to the expectations and leading the Company to reach new heights by expanding eCommerce solutions, being the leader in China enabling services, and bringing sustainable and significant returns to all stakeholders and shareholders,” concludes Suki.