Solopreneurship: Be your own kind of Hero


The internet has opened up a vast world of opportunities for those who have the vision and skill to monetise it. A recent trend that has emerged out of this is ‘solopreneurship’. As the name suggests, it is a business venture run by a person alone and does not aim at expanding beyond that. This is what differentiates it from entrepreneurship, that aims at fast expansion. 

One would then wonder- how would such an enterprise grow given that any kind of growth would require the investment of more manpower? Well, numerous stories of solopreneurship suggest it is not only possible but also a growing trend among those who do not want to walk on the beaten path.

Some examples:

The business world is replete with examples of solopreneurs who are inspiring more people to follow their example by leaving conventional jobs and working for themselves. These are the go-getters who have the courage to do what most of us only dream of, but are reluctant to take the necessary steps. 

Natalia Sylvester started her own copywriting and editing firm by the name of Inky Clean, Sebastian Schweyen created Germany’s first custom search portal for people looking for services online around their zip code, and Marie Segares turned her passion of knitting into her profession by taking crochet and knitting lessons and providing management services to craft-related companies. Their experience says that it is not as difficult as it sounds, and the will to be independent and self-sufficient is all it takes. 

Natalia advices that taking small steps in the beginning and not worrying too much about the end goals helps in growth as everything eventually falls into place. A life coach and network marketer, Nea Joy Justice recommends maintaining a good network of people for growth and Marie Segars suggests starting a solopreneur journey as a part-time venture in the beginning to be on the safer side financially.

Where and how to start: The holy grail of Solopreneurship

Experts and successful solopreneurs have come up with key points to keep in mind before beginning the journey. These generally focus on mindful use of money, time and resources since all are limited to the individual. In fact, most solopreneurs are the ones who are beginning their careers or switching them, and push towards trying a luck at what they do best. 

Here is what they suggest looking out for when you begin your journey:

Think like a consumer: The best products are a result of tapping into the minds of consumers to figure out what is the product that can change their lives. Once, this is figured out, the rest follows easily. 

Marketing is the key: While the right marketing can make your sales blow over the roof, inability to market is expensive and detrimental to the business. Experts suggest using platforms that already have a customer base to market products rather than starting from the scratch.

Collaborate and Partner: Working with like-minded individuals can help you grow as an individual as well as add to your business. Partnering and collaborating with individuals and firms related to the product you’re selling helps reach a wider customer base and increase your credibility in the market.

Important takeaways:

Solopreneurship is new and offers a wide plethora of possibilities. The perks of not being answerable to anybody, flexibility in work, having a single issue of focus and a growth cap are extremely attractive to the sovern-minded youth today. Hence, the field is bubbling with fresh ideas and enthusiastic individuals driven towards making a change.