Shamsh Hadi: Driving the Business Towards Success as a Strong, Passionate, and Highly Motivated Business Leader

Mr. Shamsh Hadi is recognized as an award-winning visionary in digital business platforms and empowering organizations to transform their operations into paperless digital powerhouses. Today, he is the CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign Inc., the world’s leader in secure digital signature technology solutions.

“I built this company to bring blockchain technology to the people. We aspire to promote, democratize, implement, and enforce user privacy and data security around the world. Living by the motto that ‘Trust is Everything,’ we provide the world’s most secure and trusted digital business platform to help organizations in their transformation to a paperless life,” Mr. Hadi states.
Shamsh Hadi
Shamsh Hadi, Co-Founder and CEO, Zorrosign

Leveraging Blockchain to Deliver a Lifetime of Security and Privacy

ZorroSign leverages blockchain technology to deliver a lifetime of security and privacy for organizations’ using digital signatures and documents. Customers around the world save money, save time, increase security, and ensure their digital records are tamper-proof, immutable, and legally compliant. ZorroSign’s innovative service unites digital signatures, a patent-pending 4n6 (“forensics”) blockchain token, workflow automation tools, a document management system built on blockchain architecture, as well as artificial intelligence to reduce errors, speed up the creation and completion of digital forms.  

From the beginning of the transaction until the document completion, ZorroSign places all aspects of digital transactions – audit trails, chains of custody, documents and attachments, user authentication information and digital signatures – on a private, permission-based blockchain in order to create a fully immutable record. Furthermore, users can securely log in and sign documents through its passwordless login or multi-factor authentication through one-time passwords or mobile biometrics.

ZorroSign’s hi-tech services stands out in the marketplace for four key distinguishing points. One, its technology was built on Hyperledger Fabric – the world’s most trusted blockchain technology – for the most secure access, authentication, signing, storage, and audit trails. Two, it ensures blockchain-based digital signature verification. Three, it delivers a patent-pending 4n6 token for fraud-free document transactions and post-execution verification. And four, it provides lifetime security certificates that never expire for audit. 

The Emergence, Growth and Successful Rise of the Company

ZorroSign’s disruptive technology originated in the 1990’s, when one of the company’s co-founders invented the electronic signature pad. In fact, the United States President Bill Clinton used this technology to sign electronic signatures in ‘Millennium Digital Commerce Act’ and the ‘E-Sign Act’ on June 30, 2000. Today, many government agencies and prominent companies such as DMV, USPS, UPS and American Express are benefitting from this patented technology.

In 2015, the company officially started offering its advanced digital business platform. This is a highly secure, private, flexible, seamless, and robust solution to support end-to-end flow of document signature ceremonies for any situation in any industry, for signatories located anywhere, using any device and at any time. 

In 2020, Mr. Hadi submitted a testimony to the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security, advocating for the benefits and the cruciality of blockchain technology in securing U.S. elections, making them safer, more auditable and thus protecting its integrity. In the summer of 2020, the company officially relocated its worldwide headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona—choosing Phoenix for its supportive technology ecosystem, access to talent from top-ranked universities, pro-business environment, and high quality of life. In fact, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council warmly welcomed the company’s relocation, publicly acknowledging that ZorroSign and its unique services can further strengthen the region’s status as a place where innovative tech companies can thrive.

Today, ZorroSign maintains global offices in Dubai, UAE; Colombo, Sri Lanka; and Mumbai, India. And while the company envisions providing the most trusted and secure paperless experience through its disruptive technology and encourages a culture of innovation at work, it is also passionate about corporate social responsibility, especially in support of the environment. ZorroSign is committed to planting trees, regulating water consumption, and decreasing its carbon footprint. 

An Effective, Determined and Seasoned Business Leader

As the leader at ZorroSign, Mr. Hadi is committed and determined to ensure that the company continuously delivers world-class services that provide customers with the world’s most secure and trusted digital business platform (DBP) in their transformation to a paperless life. Such a strong drive in his leadership is a direct reflection of his strong personal beliefs, professional beliefs, hisextensive education, and rich professional career. 

Mr. Hadi is a global citizen, having lived in many world-famous cities throughout his life, across the U.S., China, Singapore, the UAE, and Canada. He has also received education from universities such as the University of Waterloo, Canada, Cornell University, and Harvard Business School. 

Before ZorroSign, he was the managing director of various organizations, successfully leading diverse teams, managing top business professionals, and continually building effective leadership skills. 

Mr. Hadi has faced many challenges in his life, but says that all of them seem small in hindsight. He credits his ability to stay calm, determined, and focussed as key in overcoming each of these challenges. Today, he perceives such challenges as ‘gifts’ that always teach him some valuable lessons. He also acknowledges that his professional success was achieved through determination to succeed, passion to learn, clear and concise goal setting, and family support.

At ZorroSign,Mr. Hadi believes leadership, organizational skills, communication skills, intelligence, active listening, honesty, ambition, and a strong work ethic are the most important professional values. These skills have proven very valuable to support the work culture at ZorroSign, and he looks for professionals displaying these skillsto partner with. Personally, he has outlined three new goals for himself: fostering leadership in others, building resiliency, and learning to fail gracefully. 

Being recognized as a subject matter expert and a tech leader is a matter of pride and motivation for Mr. Hadi. ZorroSign’s focus on helping organizationsbecome paperless, and thus helping the environment, gives him a purpose. Being recently accepted into the Presidents Program, an initiative by Harvard Business School and Young Presidents Organization, he is motivated to achieve his professional goals. 

“I am a strong believer that ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ but efficiencies should not be exchanged for smart, secure solutions. Evolving and developing necessary solutions to everyday business challenges, while holding the organization to the highest standards, is how I can help change the digital macrocosm in positive, productive ways,” says Mr. Hadi.

Becoming The Most Trusted and Secure Paperless Experience

ZorroSign was recently honored with Blockchain Initiative of the Year Award at the Seamless Middle East 2020 conference, the region’s leading conference and exhibition for the payments, e-commerce, and retail industry, held November 2020 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE.

ZorroSign also added Silicon Valley leader, Arra Yerganian, as strategic advisor and acting chief growth officer, with a mission to expand the customer base and create more than 300 new jobs at ZorroSign over the next three years. 

The company also announced several key partnerships, with prominent companies such as DocuXplorer, a leading document management solution and Trusona, the pioneering leader in passwordless identity solutions. Thesepartnerships enhance ZorroSign’s capability as a leading digital signature solution with identity proofing capabilities—uniquely combining identity-as-a-service architecture with digital signature and a document management system.

“ZorroSign is scaling for massive growth,” says Mr. Hadi. “We have the unique opportunity to become the world’s most trusted and technologically secure digital signature solution. We can guide both public and private sector organizations through successful business transformation and achieve truly paperless operations.”