Shafeek Kabeer: Helping Business Thrive in the Wake of the Global Coronavirus Crisis

Being just 32 years old, Shafeek Kabeer has built an exceptional career. He’s an emerging entrepreneur serving the Gulf countries, specializing in cloud technology, information technology and software. Over the years, his proficiency has attracted appreciation from professionals, business leaders, and he’s often called the “Cloud Guru of the Middle East”. He founded his first company – Azym Technologies in 2014.  And in six years, it has become the top cloud technology service provider for the Middle East.

Azym Technologies is supporting businesses of the Gulf region to persist against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic today. The crisis is disrupting every business, regardless of industry. It has created a fragile business environment across the world, forcing businesses to pause operations or shut down indefinitely. The ongoing crisis shows the irrefutable advantage in cloud computing technology as it allows users to carry out routine operations from the comfort of their homes.

Azym Technologies
Shafeek Kabeer
Founder, Azym Technologies

This is precisely where Shafeek and Azym Technologies become the saviour for organizations in the Gulf region. He is helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) fight against and persist through the pandemic through the power of cloud technology. The company was specially built to provide the best cloud technology service for organizations in the Gulf Cooperation Council members i.e. Bahran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. By extending powerful cloud capabilities, the company is helping businesses resume routine activities and develop resilience.

Azym Technologies’ high competency is supported by its own state-of-the-art datacenter facility built in Florida, USA. This makes the company the only cloud technology enabler to offer its own services in the Gulf region. Almost all other service providers relay and resell offers from European brands.

From Childhood Prodigy to Inspirational Business Leader

“I started my entrepreneurial journey since my childhood. I created my first personal website and e-email when I was eleven years old. I even created a small inventory software and sold it to my friend’s father for their business,” Shafeek recounts.

Shafeek had been a childhood prodigy. He also comes from a humble background – the son of a fruit merchant in the district of Alappuzha, in India’s state of Kerala. In his formative years, he developed an immense passion for science, electronics, and information technology. He began experimenting with electronics, developing clever products like the clap switch and mini invertors, and his creations received prizes at his school’s exhibition programs. As he grew, his dreams only grew bigger. He began taking up several educational courses, reading extensively, designing computer games and even became a technology columnist for a local magazine.

Shafeek’s parents nurtured him unconditionally. They supported him as he fully ventured into the domain of cloud technology. “I was fortunate enough to participate in so many freelancing projects during my schooldays and that gave me a strong foundation to master cloud technologies,” he shares. In the initial stages of his career, he served in multi-national companies as a system administrator, cloud architect and technical support specialist, developing proficiency in the cloud sector. He closely saw the pain points of typical SMB’s, especially of the Gulf region and asked how he could help them.

The lack of strong cloud technology enablers for SMB’s in the Gulf region prompted Shafeek to set up a competent new cloud platform. This was the inception of Azym Technologies – beginning with just 2 employees in India. He envisioned specially supporting and empowering SMB’s of the Gulf region, and according, he would set up an office in Doha, Qatar. “Today, we are helping over 6,000 SMB’s and enterprise customers of the Middle East expand and take their business to a whole new level of efficiency and accuracy,” he updates. Its core competencies cover enterprise cloud web hosting, cloud servers, private clouds, public clouds, application hosting and software-as-a-service applications.

Azym Technologies: A Lifeline for SMB’s Today

With the pandemic sprawling across the world, Azym Technologies just opened the next chapter of its success story. It launched four new products to help SMB’s adapt to today’s unpredictable market conditions and accelerate digital transformation today. ‘Azym Cloudmail’ helps users to efficiently collaborate while working from home through functions like cloud e-mail, chat, audio-video conference, screen share and cloud file storage. ‘Azym CloudVDI’ helps users manage critical business operations from anywhere in the world, with any internet-enabled device like a phone, laptop, desktop, or iPad. ‘Azym Cloud-based E-Commerce’ helps users establish an online revenue model. And, its ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service’ offers crucial infrastructure for business-to-business software vendors.

Over the years, Azym Technologies have sharpened its practical knowledge – the company has much more accurate knowledge of the requirements and the challenges that SMB’s face. All of this has been possible thanks to Shafeek’s uncompromising commitment to realize excellence in business. As a steady leader, he has always inspired employees to extend wholehearted support to clients. Over time, the company are not just customer-centric, but also believe clients to be partners. “At Azym Technologies, our customers become our partners, and our success is based on their success. That’s why our products and services are never static; the solutions we create are dynamic, are designed and redesigned to respond to our customers’ real needs and specific to the Middle East,” he adds.

Personal Values for Success

Shafeek understands success to be “win-win scenario” for all parties involved and being the reason for others to smile. In business, he takes care of his employees who in turn take care of customers, ensuring that everybody wins. As an effective business leader, he practises scientific planning, purposefulness, and diligent work as guiding principles towards success.

Vision for the Future

Shafeek believes that there is enormous potential for business in the Gulf market, and that start-ups may thrive when they discard traditional paths in favour of modern trends. “When start-ups follow their passion and offer their finest services, success is certain. They must also have focus,” he gives advice to new start-ups and upcoming entrepreneurs. Moreover, he wishes the succeeding generation of entrepreneurs to innovate through positive thinking.

In Pursuit of Greater Heights of Success

Shafeek built Azym Technologies from scratch – beginning with just 2 staff members 6 years ago to employing more than 160 skilled professionals today. “I believe that we are just beginning. Though we are helping more than 6,000 clients today, we have the potential to help more than a million. We are now building our dream project – a cloud-based ERP service for businesses, the first-of-its-kind in the Middle East, incredibly useful for all sorts of organizations,” he sums it up.


Azym Technologies is now exploring ways to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into its services, to guide clients towards greater heights of success.