Segev Halfon: Creative Leader Making an Impact in the Healthcare Sector

Segev Halfon’s journey began with a small decision that evolved into unexpected horizons. It all started when he received a phone call to visit East China for a conference. Without any prior preparation, Halfon attended the conference and talked to many businessmen, exchanged business cards to identify business opportunities. As a result, one of the businessmen asked Halfon to meet him for dinner with his staff. They agreed that to work together, Halfon needed to prepare an accurate and detailed work plan. He believed that it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and worked on the plan for an entire month. “I returned to China vigorously, purposefully, and well versed in the material. I met with influential people to gain support for my program, but none of them responded. I felt a little disappointed, but I was determined not to give up,” affirms Halfon. Inspired by the words of Thomas Alva Edison, America’s greatest inventor, ‘There is no substitute for hard work’, Halfon decided to attend another round of meetings, where things worked out for him. And with a lot of confidence, he won the support of government officials in the project. Halfon soon found an investor to his plan and later a business partner for all the intents and purposes. He knew his challenging entrepreneurial journey had just begun. From there, he started making connections and worldwide operations in the field of medicine.

Segev Gray
Segev Halfon, CEO, SinoSciences CO. LTD

Today, Halfon is the Co-founder and CEO of an international company – SinoSciences CO., LTD, a regulatory company (CFDA / NMPA), distribution, manufacturing, and investment operating in the worlds of advanced medicine in East Asia in general and in the Chinese market in particular.

SinoSciences’s goal is to facilitate advanced medical companies that want to market in China, shorten processes for them and reach high profitability quickly as Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu says, “We must cut bureaucracy and regulation to reach our economic potential.” Halfon believes that the small changes are the ones that will ultimately bring out the big changes that have a positive impact on the country, and the entire world.

For example, Halfon notes that a few months ago, SinoScience signed another successful deal related to regulation and distribution in great China with one of the world’s most innovative companies that producing an injection-related to the orthopedic joint treatment, “We arranged the CFDA import approval to China and we held a big conference, during COVID-19 time, for over than 6,000 professionals and joint experts from Israel and China, in the purpose of appropriate training for this significant injection. The Israeli company did not even imagine such a possibility before it came to us. We open the doors where needed and for those who need them.”

In addition, Halfon is currently conducting essential contacts at political and governmental levels to establish a unique hospital of its kind in great China that will provide the ultimate solution for patients who do not receive appropriate treatment because they lack knowledge or lack the relevant professionals. When this project will be established, it will be an important milestone in the professional and political development between Israel and Greate China.

Overcoming Challenges

“At the heart of the difficulty lies opportunity” – said Albert Einstein. Halfon encounters many challenges every day. To name one, he encounters a decision-making mechanism, in which the cornerstones of each decision are formulated and selected. He has a very tight schedule where he deals with large cultural gaps between countries.

According to Halfon, language is the second most challenge he faces daily. So, he started learning Chinese to have daily business and personal communication with his team and partners.

“When you know you are on the right path to fulfilling the dream, nothing will stop you, except yourself. Uncompromising action is required while looking transversely, which will give its benefits in the near and distant future – doing with results breeds memories instead of dreams,” states Halfon.

Halfon also believes that his main responsibility is first and foremost to the people, human capital is the most important component. “Great business people and CEOs understand that progress comes through the people who are by your side in the company. People are the driving force of every business and company. It is important for me to take care of them, and give them a sense that every action they do has a meaning and large scale impact,” asserts Halfon.

Valuable Lessons Learnt from his Journey

Halfon started his bachelor’s degree in computer science at the age of 14, and a few years later, he was enlisted in the prestigious pilot course in the Israeli Air Force, but he joined the software world and immediately founded a company that led large software projects in Israel and around the world. He gained his managerial, business knowledge and developed practical instincts for success.

According to Halfon, in a professional field, order, organization, transparency, perseverance, integrity, and overall consideration of all the variables are very important while making decisions.

“My motive for progress is to create worldwide processes and reach precedent-setting achievements – in the end, we live on this planet for a limited time, we have to exhaust every moment – every minute,” says Halfon.

The values and principles Halfon practices in the field of human relations are having an attentive ear and openness, caring, concern for every detail, humanity, personal response, composure, a sense of belonging. The qualities are so ingrained in him, can hardly be separated from his personality. He goes on to say that leadership is measured by the ability to harness people even when the path doesn’t seem right around them. “All of this can only happen when you are a leader and manager with qualities that set a personal example – the first to jump into the water.”

Bright Future Ahead

Personally, Haflon thinks it’s important for him to learn, improve and get better. To be on a perpetual growth chart and break every possible threshold and reach international achievements. He examines different strategic groups, constantly reviewing the chain of buyers, examining complementary products and services, such as establishing a complementary nursing care center alongside a general hospital.

On a professional note, his goal is to reach an IPO, to lead record-breaking moves. In the world of medicine, he aims to bring the production and distribution of dozens of innovative medicines / medical products, which affect the world of Chinese medicine, and ultimately give patients an edge of light and the ability to return to a normative life. “It is about setting up hospitals, leading big moves between countries, influencing many people, and running a company that meets its goals and breaks the glass ceiling,” concludes Halfon.