Sanjjeev K Singh: Go All The Way In If You Want Something in Life

“There is no shortcut to success,” Sanjjeev K Singh, Managing Partner of ASAR America, puts it simply. There is no cutting corner if you want to be truly successful in the long run. You have to be resilient and build your customer base by delivering genuinely valuable service to your customers. Do that consistently while keeping your customers at the center ensuring their satisfaction. That’s what Sanjjeev has done with his company, ASAR America, a top SAP service provider.

Today, ASAR America is an SAP Gold Certified Partner and the only SAP Partner in America that is purely focused on SAP Customer Experience Solutions. The company is trusted in the market for its reliability in delivering cost-effective and high-quality SAP implementation services. The success of ASAR, to a large degree, can be credited to Sanjjeev’s belief in hard work, trustworthy actions, accountability, dedication to customers, and giving the best shot.

Sanjjeev K Singh
Sanjjeev K Singh, Managing Partner of ASAR America

Relentless Pursuit to Achieve Success in Business Through Hard Work and Dedication

Sanjjeev developed the discipline of hard work and honesty through his parents. “During my school days, my parents would wake me up at 4 a.m. to study, all 7 days of the week,” he recalls.  That strong work ethic that was instilled by his parent became the driver towards achieving what he wanted in life. “I also learned that if you want something, you have to go all in. You can’t try with a half-hearted approach,” shares Sanjjeev. And that’s what he did with ASAR at the initial stage of the business when the chance of success seemed extremely slim.  Despite many challenges, he was able to push through with determination and conviction that ultimately led to the success of the company.

For many of us, the realization that we are in control of our own destiny came at the later stage of life, perhaps at adulthood, but for Sanjjeev he recognized that at a very young age. Perhaps that’s the difference good parenting can make. He recalls, “My parents always encourage me that I could achieve anything I wanted through hard work and persistence; they never intervened in what I wanted to become.”  He adds, “Right from my childhood I knew that I have to find my own path to success with the tool I had at my disposal, and that was my hard work and dedication.”

The lessons he learned from his parent and the conviction he had since childhood came in handy in his later stage of life. And that became evident during the initial stage of his company.  In 2010, ASAR was struggling to take off because of lack of credibility in the market. “Customers won’t engage us because we didn’t have any customer references for successful SAP implementation under our name, but we wouldn’t have customer reference unless a customer trusts us with their implementation,” says Sanjjeev. ASAR was competing with big SAP implementation partners that have great customer references and bigger marketing budget. Creating a trusted brand became the biggest challenge for the company. “It reminded me of when I came to the States. No one would give me a credit card because I didn’t have any credit history. But for me to build a credit history I needed a credit card. But what we learned in the process is that there is no shortcut to success,” shares Sanjjeev.

But ultimately they were able to earn trust and credibility through hard work and perseverance. “We persevered, worked hard, and remained dedicated while being strategic before we got our very first SAP CX implementation. After our first successful implementation, we have never looked back,” says Sanjjeev.

In addition to his strong work ethic, his extensive experience with SAP has also been a key factor for the success of the ASAR. During his time at SAP America, he was involved in many SAP CX implementations across large and medium enterprises of leading industries such as Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Retail, Life Sciences, Wholesales Distribution, Industrial Machinery, High Tech, and Professional Services, among others. He has also authored three SAP Press books, specifically on SAP Customer Experience solutions. ASAR America has been able to provide superior services and solutions because of the expertise he brought to the company.  

ASAR American: Faster SAP Deployment at a Much Lower Cost

ASAR America has built its solutions and service offerings around SAP Customer Experience which include SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud, and SAP Marketing Cloud. The company walks hand-in-hand with their customers, right from solution roadmap to end-to-end implementation and ongoing support services. With superiors offering, it is gaining much traction in the market as top SAP partner for businesses in diverse industries. Today, the company works with big client including Monster Energy, Callaway Golf, Johnson & Johnson, Swagelok, General Datatech, All-Ways Elevators, Rizing, MTS, among others.

ASAR is also a value-added reseller for SAP CX solution. The company re-sells SAP CX solutions to customers in mid-market across America.

A key advantage of ASAR is that it has built SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions called Cheetah Rapid Deployment Package for various SAP CX solutions. These Rapid Deployment Packages are fixed fee, fixed scope solutions that are capable to get customers up and running on SAP CX solutions in a matter of few weeks.

In addition to the quick implementation, another major advantage of ASAR America is cost saving. SAP Products have a notorious reputation of high implementation costs and longer project timeline. However, the company has built a system around this to deliver implementation services at a reduced cost and deployment at a much faster speed. Speaking of the long and costly implementation of SAP products in the market,  Sanjjeev remarks, “Our Cheetah Rapid deployment packages debunk that myth, as we have helped many customers implement SAP CX solution at less than half of the cost quoted by other SAP implementation partners at a much faster speed.”  

The company’s exponential growth in the past three years (since it became SAP Value-Added Reseller) is a proof that the methodology and engagement model are aligned with customers’ expectations.

Building Trust while Remaining Dedicated to Customers  

“We have built our business based on creating a trusted relationship with our customers,” says Sanjjeev. Building trust through trustworthy actions, commitments and accountability in all aspects of their services has always been the core focus of the company. And every action of the team reflects this. “As a business leader, if I don’t enjoy trust of our customers, partners, and employees, I don’t think we can afford to sustain our business operations,” Sanjjeev expresses.

Another tenet of the company is its belief that it exists to serve the customers. “As long as we are able to help our customers, serve them to make their lives better, we believe we will continue to grow our business,” says Sanjjeev. “Whatever products or services we offer, it is all around improving experience for our customers and making their lives better,” he adds.

As a leading expert in SAP, Sanjjeev continues to nurture more experts in the field by helping more people to develop SAP technical knowledge and skills, especially in the US. He says, “I think I have the privilege and opportunity to nurture and mentor future leaders of our company.”  Taking it as a personal responsibility, he continues to focus on making a positive impact to the lives he comes in contact with, be it customers or employees. Sanjjeev’s dedicated efforts to help clients improve their businesses through creative ideas, and his commitment to help produce more experts and future leaders is a remarkable testament to the true entrepreneur that he is, someone who always gives his best shot.