Sanj Ahuja: A Compassionate Leader with a Sound Financial Acumen and Strategic Vision

Sanj Ahuja

Sanj Ahuja, CFO, Probe CX

Behind every thriving business lies a remarkable leader – one who not just manages the business but also empowers the team as a true mentor, motivator, and visionary. Such leaders don’t believe in ruling with an iron fist but rather inspire and guide their team to success with a gentle touch of humility and empathy. They lead by example, not by force, and always put the needs of their team before their own. They know that genuine success is not just about revenue streams and productivity, but equally about creating a positive impact on their employees, customers, and the world at large.

An epitome of such leadership is Sanj Ahuja, an innovative and results-oriented CFO and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a remarkable 18-year track record of driving profits, improvements, and opportunities across multiple business entities. Today, as a CFO of Probe CX, Sanj is playing a pivotal role in driving the exponential growth of the company with his disciplined approach to work, a rare combination of agility and sound financial acumen. His leadership style is a perfect blend of professionalism and empathy, a rare combination that has earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues and peers alike.

A Journey of Perseverance and Accomplishment

Sanj’s journey from his childhood in India to his current role as CFO at Probe CX in Australia is nothing short of remarkable. Starting out as a subject matter expert, he worked his way up the corporate ladder, honing his skills in various leadership roles such as assistant accountant, accountant, Group Finance Manager, and Head of Finance in pioneering organizations. These experiences shaped him to become the consummate business leader he is today, earning him several accolades and commendations along the way.

With expertise in financial, strategic, and change management, Sanj has been instrumental in driving the growth of many global companies. He is renowned for his ability to leverage fiscal results to inform decision-making, resulting in initiatives that maximize growth and increase profitability. His leadership in M&A has earned him widespread admiration, as he has successfully driven company acquisitions and integrated businesses with unmatched skills. His extensive experience in managing Private Equity assets, coupled with his agile thinking, has also resulted in substantial debt reduction across a range of organizations.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience across the Globe with Probe CX

“Probe CX is a pioneering customer experience organization that operates across the Pacific, Asia, and North America. The company is renowned for delivering exceptional customer experiences through its innovative solutions across its Customer Management, Consulting, and Intelligent Automation businesses,’’ elucidates Sanj.

With a workforce of over 18,000 spread across five countries, Probe CX is a market-leading digital transformation organisation that specialises in user experience design, customer journey mapping, workforce optimisation, data analytics, customer sentiment analysis, digital deployment, and automation. As the person charged with Probe CX’s overall finance strategy, Sanj works closely with the CEO to help make effective decisions that can play a central role in ensuring the successful growth of the company. With his extensive experience as a Certified Practising Accountant and a veteran head of finance, Sanj brings a wealth of expertise to guide the company’s treasury, accounting, payroll, commercial and pricing, tax, and audit functions. Under his strategic leadership, the company has experienced exponential revenue growth from $30 million to a staggering $700 million over the past few years. With 15 years of experience in Customer Experience senior leadership teams, Sanj knows one of the keys to a financially successful company is financially healthy customers, which is why he strives to ensure Probe CX’s clients receive contract costings that are not only competitive but can deliver what they promise.

Empowering His Team with a Collaborative Approach

Not only is Sanj a natural-born leader and an effective communicator, but he is also a collaborative team player who strives to leverage his expertise to mentor and empower his team. The avid leader has been instrumental in advancing the careers of over 100 finance professionals under his guidance, helping them develop their skills, knowledge, and confidence to achieve their goals. He strives to lead the company from its very forefront and does not shrug away from facing challenges head-on. At the same time, he believes that valuing each team member and their contribution to the venture is equally essential. “I believe in leading by example, demonstrating integrity, transparency, and respect in all my interactions, valuing each member of my team for their unique strengths and contributions,” he states. By embodying a leadership approach that helps others reach their potential, Sanj is able to bring out the best in people.

Leading With Compassion and Kindness

A man of discipline and agility, with a keen sense of financial acumen and strategic vision, Sanj has been a key driver in the remarkable success of Probe CX. But what truly sets him apart is his humility and pragmatic attitude which makes him an approachable and relatable figure even in the cut-throat world of finance. Despite his impressive skills and achievements, Sanj remains approachable and empathetic towards those around him. As a leader of a team that spans generations and diverse backgrounds, his leadership skills are put to the test every day. But his ability to inspire and unite his team with a shared goal is nothing short of remarkable.

While many CFOs are known for working around the clock, Sanj makes a point to spend time with his loved ones on weekends. “Achieving success in business is important, but not at the expense of the things that truly matter in life,” he affirms. His unwavering commitment to both his work and family serves as a testament to his character and values, earning him the status of a true leader who shows that success does not have to come at the cost of compassion and kindness.