Sami Zaitoon: A Visionary Leader with Zeal to Help Businesses Thrive

Sami Zaitoon, Managing Partner of Global Moore Qatar has over 20 years of experience in consultancy and investment banking assignments for the State of Qatar. Holding MBA in financial management and markets in 2000, he started his career in the field of financial and management counseling and soon shifted to investment banking. With over 20+ years of experience, Sami has a strong background and skills in transaction advisory, private equity, IPO, strategic management, greenfield operations, venture capital, and investment advisory. He has specialist expertise in advising overseas clients in the services, agriculture, banking & governmental sectors. Sami also has extensive experience in corporate finance, strategy, IPO’s, Private Equity, Structured Finance, and Change Management.

With full of entrepreneurial ambitions, Sami founded Moore Qatar in 2005. Today, the company has 80+ professionals and is a part of 30,000+ global professionals.

Sami Zaitoon
Sami Zaitoon, Managing Partner, Moore Qatar

Story of Moore Global

The Moore Global network traces its origins back to small auditing, tax consulting, and insolvency practice set up by Harold Moore and Albert Partridge in 1907. Amid the roller coaster of events of a turbulent century, Moore Global has never stopped growing its international footprint and developing its services. Today, the prominent company is a global accounting and advisory family of over 30,000 people across 547 offices and 110 countries, connecting and collaborating to take care of clients’ needs—local, national and international.

It has successfully grown into one of the world’s leading accounting and advisory networks dedicated to helping clients, employees, and the communities they live and work in. “We never lose sight of what makes us strong, and why our network has grown and continues to grow—our commitment to ever-stronger relationships with our clients,” affirms Sami.

Delivering Excellent Services

Moore has had a successful experience with numerous clients operating in various industries. The company offers several services such as External Audit, Tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Management Consultancy, Outsourcing, Transaction advisory services, Governance and Internal Audit, Risk Advisory and Compliance, Project Management, and IT Advisory.

Partnering with Moore Global Network Limited, resulted in successful winning contracts with government entities in the areas of Internal Audit and Risk Governance in Qatar and these contracts are currently being served by the Qatar office and London Office.

“Our firm relies on technical expertise, a commitment to professionalism—and the level of discretion and confidentiality involved—all reflect a proven, practical approach towards earning our clients’ trust,” says Sami.

Leading with a Customer-Centric Approach

Sami, since the inception of Moore Global, has created an open approach system. He has also been mentoring his employees and learning at the same time. Sami’s role includes managing, innovating, executing, and distributing all advisory services, private equity, venture capital, IPOs, Privatizations. He also serves as a key role in advising the company’s consultants and helping them develop multi-year strategies for clients. The entrepreneur is also responsible for creating and maintaining strategic relationships with clients and partners to continually bring value back to clients.

According to Sami, every client is unique and so is the company’s approach. The firm invests time to understand client’s needs and help them to take advantage of every opportunity. It cares deeply about its client’s success and the team has the drive and dedication to deliver results for them as well as their business. “We’ll be here for them whenever they need us – to help them see through the maze of information, to guide them in decisions, and to help them thrive in a changing world,” says, Sami.

Words for Budding Entrepreneurs

“Great Men are not born Great, they Grow Great.” According to Sami, success is perpetually growing to become great.

In his professional journey, Sami has learned many important lessons that life and the business world have taught him. Some of them are:

  • Networking with others a priority
  • Keep your eyes open for new opportunities
  • Accept failure as part of the journey
  • Focus on developing and using your strengths
  • Trust in the power of failure

“Never stop learning, stay relevant, reinvent yourself and thrive,” concludes Sami.