Sami Tauber: Improving Human Experiences with Metaverse Technology

Sami Tauber

Sami Tauber, Founder, Multi-Media Artist, & Chief Metaverse Officer VNCCII

“An inherent core value of being an entrepreneur is embracing an abundance and curious mindset,” says, Sami Tauber, Founder, Multi-Media Artist, and Chief Metaverse Officer at VNCCII. Sami is a creative technologist that adopts the virtual persona of Web 3 SuperHeroine Super Sentinent AI character VNCCII. A storyteller, an inventor at heart cross-pollinating between verticals such as music, live performance, performance art, technology, gaming, animation, movies, novels, comic books, and digital fashion, Sami pursued a polymathic creative background. She says, “My mission is to combine the power of storytelling, the imagination, and technology to help project the future onto a positive timeline and to empower and uplift the consciousness of humanity.”

Inspired by polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci and how these interconnected disciplines can inspire new inventions, insights, and ways of thinking, Sami incepted VNCCII in 2018. She named VNCCII after Leonardo da Vinci to honor the polymathic mindset. Sami analyses futurist trends in terms of convergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, the spatial web, and gaming. After observing the classic Vitruvian man image and a meme interpretation of ‘half man, half cyborg,’ she contemplated the future of humanity. Forecasting the trends of the future in terms of the Metaverse, Sami inhabited the virtual avatar persona of VNCCII as a virtual identity and Metaverse interaction. VNCCII is the lead multi-dimensional galactic SuperHeroine of a Metaverse franchise for a science fiction Space Opera epic. The initial stages of the company focused on the identity formation of VNCCII and the emotional hook and resonance for the company’s mission. Since the creation of this lead character brand, VNCCII has expanded and scaled to become a Metaverse-native company for multi-media storytelling franchises, avatars, gaming, music, digital fashion, and live Metaverse entertainment. “The VNCCII avatar symbolizes the key themes and mission of my company – empowerment for creators in the Web 3 creator economy as well as humanity in the Metaverse and beyond,” asserts, Sami.

Innovating Each Business Vertical

According to Sami, a couple of years ago, major record labels and entertainment industry heavyweights didn’t understand nor fully appreciate the power of multi-media Metaverse storytelling. They also didn’t believe in the liberating role of virtual avatar identities for music artists in terms of defying physics, embracing the imagination, and real-time co-creation experiences through the power of game technologies such as Unreal Game Engine.

Today, fast forward to 2022, and they all admit this is a key component of the future. She adds, “Whenever I have encountered the tides of resistance, I ride the wave of abundance! When you’re a leader and a visionary, it can take some time for the world to catch up. All you can do is shine your light and follow your Northstar ROI, which I call “Return Of Impact”! My message to all the readers here is to believe in your vision and mission and to honor your power in positively changing and impacting the world!”

Unlike traditional multi-media franchises that subsequently create NFT collections surrounding the IP, Sami activates this seed IP in the Metaverse and co-creating with the community by rewarding the early adopters. It includes music content, virtual performance experiences, phygital stage show experiences, novels, digital art, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual real estate, vodcast shows, Unreal Engine broadcasting, strategic consulting, business advisory, and beyond.

The innovative entrepreneur feels that it’s been inspiring to speak as a VNCCII avatar live at Metaverse conferences all across the world. She also created a vodcast show called “Future Humans” where she talks as her avatar via motion capture from Unreal Game Engine with various luminaries in the future of technology. Sami’s first honorary guest on the show was Cathy Hackl, the Godmother of the Metaverse. As we enter a zeitgeist of a new creative digital renaissance in human history, VNCCII manifests into IRL good deeds and creates positive human impact and connections.

Sami describes Metaverse as humanity’s greatest art project, a portal for the ultimate creative expression. It’s a spatial, interactive, and real-time social experience that interweaves both digital and physical experiences. The Web3 creator economy is empowering creators as it focuses on the transfer of ownership from the platform to the creator. The mission of VNCCII is to shine a bright light on this new creative frontier of inclusivity, accessibility, expression, community, privacy, and sovereignty in the Open interoperable Metaverse.

An Ideal Leader

Sami believes that entrepreneurship is a growth hack and abundance mindset and it involves bravery to venture out into the unknown and to persistently in your mission and vision. An entrepreneur needs to be a leader and have the ability to be an empathic and visionary leader that not only inspires the employees at the company but drives a collective vision towards empowering humanity and creating a positive impact.

Words of Wisdom

“The VNCCII brand is charismatic and I will be forever evolving and expanding with a growth abundance mindset. I would like to see this multi-media project reach the hearts and minds of people all around the world and in the Metaverse. The superpower of storytelling is what differentiates VNCCII from just pure tech companies that neglect the human component,” expresses Sami.

Her advice for young entrepreneurs is to overcome any fears of imposter syndrome and be brave to challenge yourself and push the boundaries of innovation. By emphasizing an understanding of the consumer experience and humanity, you will have a unique strategic competitive advantage. An entrepreneur must have a grander purpose behind his company beyond pure financial gain that will unite everyone towards a common fulfilling holistic goal. “Creating an emotional resonance – that’s the magic. Let us consciously co-create the future together where we are all world builders in the Metaverse and beyond. It’s about empowering and uplifting the consciousness of humanity. Change the world and create a positive future timeline that you subscribe to,” she concludes.