S Ganesh Prasad: A Promising Entrepreneur who is Revolutionizing Healthcare

Despite witnessing tremendous growth across industries, India is still plagued with inadequacy in the healthcare sector. More than 70% of specialists cater to only 30% of the population in the big cities. Despite the vast majority of the population living in small cities and towns, there is an immense lack of specialist and preventive care in these parts of the country.  General Practitioners lack access to the necessary healthcare technologies, which lead to compromised diagnosis and suboptimal care. The country needs affordability and accessibility of quality healthcare by all.

With the aim to solve this disproportionately skewed infrastructure and specialist access, an ardent entrepreneur, S Ganesh Prasad started Genworks in 2015. The company’s goal is to democratize Healthcare in India. Genworks is the first start-up in the Indian healthcare industry that is dedicated to improving healthcare access and affordability.

S Ganesg Prasad_Founder of Genworks
S Ganesh Prasad,
Founder and CEO, Genworks Health

The company was created to bridge the gap by leveraging its close association with GE Healthcare, whose vision is ‘At work for a healthier India’; Genworks aims to make quality care available across the country. Before Genworks, Ganesh spent 18 years in GE and experienced various roles, the longest being the Director of Ultrasound Business. In his tenure, Ultrasound Business grew to be an overwhelming No.1 company with an imposing 50% share for over a decade. The company was the most penetrated modality across India that had an early presence and significant customer adoption in much T2/T3 geography. Ganesh says, “It was only natural for our then CEO Ms. Terri Breshenham who had the vision to take healthcare to the last mile with a mission for at work for a healthier India to choose me as the leader for this commercial innovation.”

Customer-Centric Approach

Genworks is focused on building technology and specialist access through a customer-centric view that has improving patient care and affordability as the core. “We believe our ‘Care Cycle’ approach as the solutions company that solves holistically the needs of our Healthcare experts as our unique identity that translates as our strategy and actions,” asserts Ganesh.

It has also made a huge impact in the last 5 years of formation, building a strong commercial technology infrastructure that could digitize Healthcare delivery, affordably with early screening, diagnosis and thereby leading affordable care. Genworks solutions are completely focused to solve specialists access and affordable care and streamlining patients for early care to avoid the acute treatment that chokes the healthcare system and results in huge costs and preventable deaths. It has built its portfolio for early screening and diagnostics in core clinical care areas as Maternal & Newborn, Cardiology, Imaging, and Critical care. 

The company recently launched its e-commerce portal as the first dedicated e-commerce portal with solutions that are end-to-end, unlike other transactional platforms curated for their customers for transactional ease, speed, and transparency. They have completely digitized their commercial engine with their DM platform for customer sourcing and communication. Now, web-enabled customer interactions are digitally enabled through e-commerce. This aligns with the ‘New Normal’ experience to support customers, their employees, and distributors who will have exclusive logins in this portal.

Ganesh says, “I was very impressed very early in my career by the vision of my Mentor in GE, Dr. Omar Ishrak. He laid out the founding values that are focused on Customers’ first behavior, which means the primary value is addressing the customer problem and solving for it.”

As their employees take the company’s solutions to the customers, focusing on employee success is a huge priority for Genworks. “Financial or business success is only an outcome and when we conduct our business with the highest integrity that is defined by our commitment to our personal human values and company values, success is almost certain,” says, Ganesh.

Future Roadmap

According to Ganesh, success is only an outcome. He goes on to say, “when you work for the success of your customers, your employees’ success is almost certain.”  

During the outburst of the global pandemic, the new normal has challenged Genworks to resolve and has forced them to truly build solutions that improve productivity by expanding safe access for healthcare and affordable care. Ganesh believes that the healthcare sector at present has to build transformational healthcare delivery models to address this wide gap. Genworks with its care cycle approach and an established track record of digitizing healthcare for remote access that is supported by technology for early screening, diagnosis, and treatment. At Genworks, the company has an early start in rural geography. The Digital platform built for remote access has a big role to play in reinventing healthcare delivery and for safe access.

“The solutions portfolios that we have put together has big value as the answer for the ‘New Normal’ my personal priority and focus is to build on this early lead and to truly lead Genworks as the Company that is ‘Futuring Care’ in the ‘New Normal’ at work for a healthier India,” concludes Ganesh.