Roger Elkhoury: Scaling Businesses Digitally

Every business leader knows that marketing and advertising are crucial to the success and growth of the company. Marketing not only builds brand awareness, but also increases sales, grows businesses, and engages customers. Roger Elkhoury started his career with WPP, one of the world’s largest advertising groups, in Saudi Arabia in 2003. He intended this job to be a two-year assignment, which turned into nine years of wealth of learning experience. In 2012, Roger moved to Qatar, where he headed up two WPP owned media agencies, working on fascinating accounts.

After his long career with the network agencies, Roger Elkhoury saw a need for a media agency that’s agile, data-driven, and truly focused on developing a deep knowledge of brands and their consumers. The ardent entrepreneur judged the perfect nerve of market demand and founded Media Six in 2018. Media Six is a media agency based in Qatar with global ambitions. The company is Qatar’s first media agency dedicated to bringing solutions for small and medium businesses.

Roger Elkhoury
Roger Elkhoury, Managing Partner, Media Six

“We started operating mid-2018 with a small team but with a great portfolio of clients. We’ve grown exponentially over the last two years and have recorded growth in 2020 despite the pandemic,” says Roger, Managing Partner and Founder of Media Six.

Vision and Mission of the Company

Media Six is uniquely positioned as an effective integrated communication service provider for businesses, especially in Qatar. The company has earned the title with its obsession with quality and passion for success. It is an agile team working with a startup mindset, free from bureaucracy. It is relevant to the market as it knows the digital environment and keeps the customers at the center of it. Media Six is also resourceful, its approach is to bridge the creative-media gap and offer value-added alternatives.

It invests in learning and using data to drive every decision related to the client’s business.

The vision and mission are summarized in three words:

First: Constantly lead; a refusal to follow.

Forward: Committed to staying ahead of the curve.

Fearless: In shifting the status quo.

Media Six is dedicated to providing best-in-class services in diverse sectors including Real Estate, Banking, Financial Sector, Education, Government, and FMCG. The company provides integrated communications, media planning and buying, activation, strategic consulting, trading and investment management, analytics, insight and data management, and mobile marketing.

People are influenced by people. An important step towards making a purchase is seeking other consumer’s experiences with specific product reviews. Media Six provides influencer marketing, a powerful tool for brands to engage and connect with consumers through personalized experiences.

Consumers continuously register and form opinions and biases with brands they see advertised. Brands that add value and fit into consumers’ lives are more likely to be favored for the next purchase. The company helps to create well-produced content that eventually helps brands become relevant and creates a need for the product.

With a suite of products, from digital transformation, SEO, social media, and virtual reality applications – Media Six helps brands stay relevant in an ever-changing digital environment.

Consumer-Centric Approach

The objective of Media Six is to help brands stay relevant and create deep connections with the consumers. The company is based on the 3 C’s:

Client: It understands the client’s goals and business objectives.

Consumer: It uses consumer data to drive strategy creation and execution.

Culture: It has a deep understanding of Qatar’s culture and knowledge of its people.

The company has a staged approach to communication planning, with the consumer at the heart of it. It analyzes first-party data sources, such as web analytics and CRM, combines with third-party sources, the company lays the foundations for strategy and execution. It also resolves and defines channels and touchpoints most relevant and trusted by consumers. The company deploys by launching an optimized campaign. The ongoing process optimizes and amplifies the outcome of brand communication.

In 2021, Media Six plans to expand in Saudi Arabia and it already has active clients in the market.

An Accomplished Leader

Roger has helped many small and medium businesses, launch, re-brand, and execute the digital strategy. “My guiding principles are integrity, passion, and freedom – to experiment, fail and learn more. I firmly believe companies that operate with a startup mindset, giving people the freedom to take the initiative; will always be ahead of the curve,” affirms Roger. Roger’s biggest challenge in his entrepreneurial journey was the fear of not knowing enough and ultimately failing. Roger motivates himself by making time for workouts five days a week without any excuses, taking small breaks throughout the day, and having a close network of people. 

Roger advises budding entrepreneurs “Don’t keep an idea to yourself. Share it with the right people; at least one person will have helpful feedback. Fully commit yourself to new business. If you don’t, investors won’t see the value in investing. You will never know everything. Hire smart people who will help you succeed.”