Richard Maloney: A Serial Entrepreneur Helping People Realize Their Fullest Potential

Richard Maloney is a well-recognized leader in business and life coaching. With scientifically proven methods and a step-by-step approach to coaching, Richard and his team are making a huge impact by helping individuals and businesses achieve their fullest potential. Despite having a difficult childhood, Richard was able to turn his personal struggles and life’s challenges into something meaningful which was his deep quest to understand how people can live a fulfilling life. Today, he is successfully helping many to do so. 

Reflecting on his childhood, Richard recalls it as a tough time where he often felt misunderstood and misinterpreted by his teachers and parents. Sport, however, was his one saving grace, offering him a platform to excel and exhibit his talents, an outlet for his frustrations, and an opportunity to mold himself into society through his passion. He was often recognized and rewarded for his talents, and was ultimately recruited to the St Kilda Football Club in the Australian Football League. This was the epitome of success and a dream come true for any young footballer. But Richard struggled mentally with the pressure of performing to a higher standard, accompanied by the ego hit that came with no longer being the standout player.
Richard Malone_CEO
Richard Maloney,
Founder and CEO, Quality Mind Global

Richard recalls, “I felt discouraged and disillusioned. My young ego copped consistent beatings, and ultimately I got injured and I quit. I just wasn’t mentally equipped to handle the immense pressure and subsequent injuries that came with being an elite sportsman.” He adds, “The stress proved all too much, but this failure stayed with me, and it ultimately drove me to my true passion for working to understand the human mind. I became obsessed with the concepts of metaphysics, and I felt a deep need to explore and uncover just why we were here.”

In the following years, Richard matured both as an athlete and a man. He continued along a leadership path both in sport and at work as a corporate Leadership & Culture Coach. He also began to uncover notable patterns in business clients, sports teams, and elite athletes. This sparked a keen interest in Richard which prompted him to study the areas of psychology, life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), HeartMath, and hypnotherapy. As his studies progressed, and he continued to explore, he discovered that no one was offering a clear, tangible system with a step-by-step structure to take a person who was lost, confused, and prioritizing petty energies to becoming self-aware, focused, and passionate and on the fast track toward success. This is when his unique Personal Activation System began to take shape.

Richard’s broad and varied experience over the years as an athlete, a contractor, an employee, and a leader, led him to experience incredible roles and learning curves with over 80 sports teams within some of Australia’s best sporting associations. The wealth of experience he gained allowed him to recognize the patterns in strong leadership, culture, and high performance while also enabling him to identify the problems in low-performing teams and businesses.

“I set out to develop a step-by-step process that subliminally activated people to create rapid business success. This was the beginning of Engage & Grow Global, my globally recognized program that reconnects and reinvigorates employees in the workplace,” Richard says. 

Engage & Grow Global

Engage & Grow Global is the #1 employee engagement licensing company in the world. The company upskills HR managers, business leaders, coaches, and consultants with the latest systems, technology, and know-how to get people neurologically activated in the workplace. Richard launched the company online in 2012, and within four years they had developed a presence in 35 countries with over 500 licensed coaches. Their carefully defined and systemized approach has resonated with thousands of now-engaged employees from all cultures, industries, and demographics. Engage & Grow Global offers a unique ‘Group Activation System’ that enables employees to wake up and realize their true potential, and they adjust or customize their programs, according to each business and its specific needs.

With their custom approach, theory-based training and knowledge dumping has been replaced by an all-action methodology, allowing everyone to offer honest feedback, along with their innovative thoughts and ideas. Each team member makes individual and group commitments and everyone is regularly held accountable in an open and public environment.

“Our initial program creates new and integral habits, it takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks, and the results are a more united, cohesive, and activated team of committed leaders producing significant and tangible improvements to their company’s bottom line,” asserts Richard.

As the creator and CEO of Engage & Grow, Richard was recognized as a finalist in 2016, 2017, and 2018 for the Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year. The company was also recognized as a finalist for Export Business of the Year in 2016, 2017, and 2018, as well as was a finalist for the 2017 Telstra Victorian Micro Business of the Year.

Quality Mind: Helping People Realize Their Potential

With a vision to awaken people in a way that allows them to maximize their true potential, Richard founded Quality Mind in 2017. Quality Mind Global offers a ‘Personal Activation System’ for people who want to go from good to amazing in life, and it is now seen as the No. 1 Mindfulness Licensing Company in the world.

Their signature program, ‘The Mindfulness Advantage’™’ rapidly takes client’s from fear to action, and from uncertainty to certainty. The company uses neuroscience, Heart Math technology, positive psychology, NLP & Ancient Philosophies, along with customized app technology. Taking their clients on a five-step journey to open doors to themselves and enabling them to learn more about who they really are, what they want and how to get it quickly. The Mindfulness Advantage™ training enables participants to unlock their ultimate capabilities, eliminate stress and anxiety, unleash new levels of energy, release inner fears, and dissolve limiting beliefs.

Richard has written and published three books that detail the Quality Mind systems and philosophies further, ‘The Minds of Winning Teams’, ‘Injury Free: Mental Training For Elite Athletes’, and ‘Stress-Free—How to Thrive Under Pressure in Unprecedented Times’ which is launching in August 2020.

Pushing the Limitations for a Better Future

Engage & Grow Global now has over 500 licensees in 30+ countries, while Quality Mind Global has over 1000+ clients in 30+ countries, and Richard is currently building a global team of Licensed Mind Mentors around the world to help with the QM demand. Richard says, “This broad level of success across so many cultures could not have been achieved if my team and I did not live and breathe the values and principles we teach, which are: authenticity, connection, honesty, inclusivity, common sense, and fun. These ideals are at the core of all of our programs, and they translate in everything we do.”

He goes on to say, “Success to me is about following your highest excitement in life and being rewarded whilst doing it. It’s about living a passionate life, evolving as a person, and capitalizing on your knowledge and experience in a way that can inspire and assist others to do the same. It’s also about turning your passion into a commercially viable concept that will ultimately enable you to achieve financial freedom, meaning you have the means and the time to fulfill your dreams and indulge in life’s pleasures, whether it is family, travel or other hobbies, and of course, helping others to achieve the same.”

According to Richard, the world is at a crossroad right now, and he’s looking forward to seeing people realize that they too are in total control of their thoughts, their mental health, and their outcomes in life. As a father and as a leader of a company, he looks forward to continuing to educate and impart the tools required to achieve one’s best life. “I also look forward to making a significant, positive and lasting impression and to helping create a better and more aligned world for my three daughters, so they are more likely to live their dreams,” says Richard.