Receive Clarity To Everything Content Marketing – Joyce Tsang Is Your Personal Remote Content Marketing Expert

Receive Clarity To Everything Content Marketing

Content marketing has been shown, as stated by, to generate 6x the number of leads for only 62% of the cost of traditional advertising. Still, it’s possible that you, the reader, haven’t adopted it.

Because without proper guidance, the process is lengthy and frustrating.

Founded in 2020, Joyce Tsang Content Marketing (JTCM) is a Hong Kong-based content marketing consultancy, and they understand the struggle. Rather than pushing for costly retainers, they offer a different solution. Access expert advice and unique knowledge with their consulting and upskill training for corporates and entrepreneurs.

  • Get Answers On The Spot – Consultations For Corporates And Entrepreneurs

As an end-to-end content marketer who is passionate about the subject, Joyce is able to answer everything from formulating content strategy down to content execution. Learn the importance of identifying target audiences, creating relevant and consistent content, and what data analysis to monitor to increase the efficacy of marketing.  Instead of wasting time and energy searching the web for free resources that will never be tailored to them, join Joyce to receive tactics and practical advice that the company can immediately put into action.

“Joyce doesn’t sugarcoat or hard-sell anything at all, which I feel sets her apart from other marketing agencies. She has great energy and is genuinely keen to share her knowledge and expertise. In just a two-hour conversation with her, I learned the difference between content creation and content strategy, their functions, and what I needed to be focusing on with my business. Joyce helped me identify clearly what I could be doing better with my content marketing and where my areas of focus should be, as well as how to sustain it myself.” – Julia Sinarwi, Founder of Finesse Lifestyles

  • Invest In Your Own Team – Upskill Training For Corporates And Entrepreneurs

Hiring an ideal candidate is a time-consuming process. Buying talent is expensive. Upholding content consistency is challenging. The more prudent course of action is to invest in the team and provide them with tailored training in content marketing, which helps enhance marketing outputs immediately.

JTCM’s upskill training covers the pre-, during-, and post-content creation phases and tailors this training to the specific goals and objectives of each business. Tactics may include, but are not limited to, building content pillars, identifying target audience personas, content adaptations, data analysis, and customer content journey mapping. Participants learn effectively and interactively through in-depth Q&A, case studies, relevant resources, and tried-and-tested frameworks.

“Joyce is a great communicator and an amazing mentor to work with. She truly understands the needs of the clients and has extraordinary intuition in strategising content marketing.  Prior development, she provides valuable pointers and a unique framework for us to work with while allowing us to be original and creative. I am also very grateful to her detailed and constructive feedback for all the pieces I have developed. She has given me a safe space to make mistakes, but more importantly, a lot of tools and drives for me to understand and improve my work every single time.” – Claire Tang

Why Should You Learn From Joyce?

With over a decade of experience, Joyce Tsang is the go-to expert for companies looking to amplify their brand presence through content marketing. She has been honored with the Outstanding Leadership Award from Marketing 2.0 and named one of the most influential entrepreneurs in Hong Kong by APAC Entrepreneur. While providing practical training and consultation for corporations, Joyce is up-to-date on the latest trends that can aid businesses in reaching their objectives. This includes the development and implementation of content marketing strategies that will have a measurable impact on their business.

Results include a 45% increase in impressions, a 371% boost in reach, and a 342% rise in engagement rate on Facebook posts in the first 3 months after implementing her content strategy. Another client saw a 59% increase in their website’s average session duration and a higher conversion rate than PPC after deploying an effective content marketing strategy.

As Joyce puts it, “Consider me the remote Content Marketing Expert you don’t have on staff. Tap into my expertise through conversation and start developing your content strategy with professional guidance — all without the expense of hiring a full-time employee. I am here and ready to help your marketing team reach new heights.”

Visit to find out more about Joyce and the corporate consultation and training she offers.