Ram Kumar: A Truly Inspiring Entrepreneur with Unbeatable Spirit

Founder & CEO, N I DRIVE

Once we get into a role in our career, we often don’t question whether it’s the best we can achieve. What we do instead is try to settle in and squeeze ourselves into the role. Even sometimes when our forward-thinking ideas are not perceived in the same way by the higher authorities, we back off or grumble in our desk. While most of us spend our whole life complaining and whining about the flaws in corporate culture, few dare to step up and take action to change their circumstances and lead by example. One such exemplary entrepreneur who perceived his corporate experience as inspiration and bring-forward his vision and pioneered it into success is Ram Kumar.

The Beginning of Entrepreneurial Journey

Ram started his career in the corporate space in 2001 wherein he worked for several Indian software consulting and product companies for more than 6 years in India. Later, around 13 Years he helmed the position of country manager and CEO at a Japanese Holdings company subsidiary in Tokyo. For the majority of his career, he handled sales and head of engineering operational functions in Japan which gave him valuable insight into the country’s future innovation. 

This is when he discerned that there is a huge potential for businesses in Japan. However, a special insight, innovation and an adaptive attitude towards the local culture are required to realize that potential. When he conveyed this need to the higher authority, many of his strong ideas were waved aside. This made him realize that working under such a confining environment can end many of his great ideas in halfway of execution. Thus, he decided to start his own venture.

“In my previous assignments, I always strived to fill the gap for my customers. However, many of the times the decision-making chain above my level turned down the objectives. Such experiences pushed me to take the path of becoming the lead decision-maker,” says Ram.

His dedicated efforts to fill existing gaps within the industry, combined with his visionary to drive the innovation in digital technology also contributed significantly to his leap in the entrepreneurial direction.

The Origin Story of NIDRIVE

Ram laid the foundation of NIDRIVE In 2018 along with his mentor Mr. Masao Kasuya (Former Top executive, Hitachi Group) with a vision to help Japanese businesses achieve their objectives through AI. The idea behind the birth of NIDRIVE stemmed from Ram’s dedicated interest in helping the organization in their digitization journey.

“As technological paradigm is shifting to digital transformation, the innovation of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is essential for industrial growth. Hence, the faster an organization can adopt AI/ML, the stronger it becomes its competitive advantage. But unfortunately, the path many organizations have taken has never reached production,” asserts Ram.

Thus, NIDRIVE offers top-notch digital technology consulting and services focused on emerging technologies to help its clients in transforming their businesses through the adoption of new technologies and processes. It focuses on unique and practical AI use cases that deliver simple solutions to complex problems at previously impossible levels.

Having a fresh perspective, technical know-how in the field of digital technologies and a dedicated research and development team, the company is well-positioned to make customer`s business, products and services adaptable to the next generations.

Key Traits That Distinguish the Business Leader

The avid entrepreneur believes that empowering and nurturing employees should be embedded within the DNA of every organization. Thus, he strives to create a healthy work environment where employees of all levels can freely express their views and use their unique approach and talent to arrive at the outcome.

“As a leader, I aspire for the comfort of people who I come across. I strive to create an environment for multiple streams of people who work together with their unique expertise to make a positive impact on customer’s businesses and society,” states Ram.

When it comes to defining success, Ram elucidates that success is not only about the wealth we create on our journey, but it’s about how much our ideas create value and comfort to our employees, customer, and society.

This mindset has helped the company to attain 90% to 100% customer satisfaction from day one of engagement.

Aspire To Expand the Company While Growing As a Leader

Currently, the ardent entrepreneur is leading a small team of engineers, designers, and thought leaders. But the impact he is making in the business world is exemplary. Equipped with a strong team that has the expertise, creativity and a passion for technology, Ram is confident that NIDRIVE will continue its surge in growth in the future.

“We are starting small, but we believe that we have immense capability to grow multi-fold in the coming years and continue to achieve innovations for society,” states Ram.  

As the company continues to scale, Ram also envisions growing as a leader and as a person to take this venture to a new height in the coming years. “As an individual, I strive how much I can push forward for better, continuously accelerating at a faster and faster rate with right reasons to be satisfied in the journey,” concludes Ram.