Rajesh Rajaram: An Inimitable Leader Bringing Transformation in the Auction Industry through Technology

Indian entrepreneurs have always been able to mark their prominence across the globe owing to their exceptional competence and endless zeal to learn. Over the years, several Indian-origin entrepreneurs have made it big in Silicon Valley. And this trend has progressed as Indian business moguls continue to launch start-ups in response to a variety of challenges and gaps in the market. With their remarkable ability to think laterally and apply their experience and learning to solve the complex new-age problems across various fields, they have managed to carve their identity across several industry verticals in the United States. One such visionary and dynamic Indian entrepreneur who is creating a ripple in the U.S. business world through his unmatchable leadership style and business acumen is Rajesh Rajaram, the Founder, and CEO of AuctionSoftware.

Rajesh Rajaram
Rajesh Rajaram, CEO & Founder, AuctionSoftware

Like millions of other aspiring Indian students in the U.S., Rajesh too had a dream to get a degree and have a comfortable corporate life. He came to the U.S. in the year 1998, studied at (SDSU) and worked for Genband and other startup companies including Spatial Wireless, one of the most successful startup companies in Dallas, TX. This is when the seed of entrepreneurship was sown in his heart. Inspired by many of his mentors, Rajesh decided to start something of his own. For the last 8+ years, he has been successfully running his own company called DevelopScripts.com. Its main selling brand Auctionsoftware.com has made $2.3 Million in 2021 with 30% NET revenues and 19.2% CAGR over a period of 5 years.

Helping Companies Solve Their Auction Needs

DevelopScripts.com has two major products: Auctionsoftware.com – Enterprise solution with an extensive customizable white-label solution for fortune 500 companies to solve their auction needs. Auction.io – A SaaS Model through which anyone can create their own marketplace like eBay in 60 minutes. It also has the “Live Auction” facility that allows companies to conduct a live auction on their own website rather than using another heavy subscription-driven third-party website. It has 100K bidders’ DB to support the audience needs of its customers. 

Auction software is an intensive white-label solution for any industry’s auction needs covering automobiles, electronics, livestock, liquidation, pharmaceutical, and so forth. Its flawless robust product can accommodate Forward Auction, Reverse Auction, Penny Auction, and Silent Auction using 8 different bidding methods with the latest technology stack namely node.js and REACT.js. “We stand alone in the Auction market due to the usage of these latest technologies to support the microsecond bidding with thousands of bidders bidding at the same time! We have implemented our software product to 500s of successful customers in various markets. Our core technology “bidding engine” was built in 2014 with extensive R&D,” asserts Rajesh.

Navigating the Ups and Downs

Rajesh has come a long way. It’s his passion, commitment, and visionary perspective that keep him driven and focused to keep achieving his goals. But starting a company from scratch and leading it towards the pinnacle of success was not easy for the entrepreneur. “Starting my own venture was not easy, especially with $1,000, setting up my venture in a garage, building the team, maturing the technology, keeping track of the versions of software products as well as maintaining the quality to sustain the competitive market with best customer support,” shares Rajesh.

Despite all the odds, the avid business leader managed to carve a niche within the industry through his strong leadership, clarity of vision, Integrity, commitment and focus on customer satisfaction. As a leader, he emphasizes on admiring and inspiring team members and attaining team compatibility while valuing the journey.

Forging Towards Success with a Robust Team

With all the technology and innovations around, one thing the business leader prioritizes above all is his team. He believes that employees are the most critical assets of a company since the success of an organization rests on their shoulders. A successful team, however, is incomplete without a zealous leader. A leader must set an example by leading from the front, in addition to articulating the company’s objective and vision. Exhibiting the ideal qualities of a modern leader, Rajesh helms the team of AuctionSoftware. “As mentioned, my team and I are the backbones of the company to derive a successful robust product. We all inspire each other and admire each other to deliver the best in the market. The trust that the team has in me makes me accountable and responsible for their dreams and aspirations in the tech field,” affirms Rajesh.

Emblazing Future Endeavours

Moving ahead, Rajesh aspires to make the SaaS product big and synergizing with a bigger firm to make the journey more meaningful. As a successful leader in the industry, he encourages the budding entrepreneurs to dream and work toward it at full thrust while learning from their mistakes. “My piece of advice would be “DREAM and have the courage and perseverance to pursue. Mistakes and failures are the secrets of success. Learn from your mistakes and failures and keep moving towards your DREAM” opines Rajesh on a concluding note.