Rahul Sharma and Yogesh Virmani: Inspiring people with the Unified Mission

Partnerships have always been the lifeblood of past and current successes of many big businesses. While a potential business partner shares equal responsibilities and complements with a wide range of skill sets, he or she can also become the built-in support system that you can hinge upon during tough times. From Bill Gates and Paul Allen to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, we know hordes of entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses by embarking on a business journey together.

And the story of Rahul Sharma and Yogesh Virmani, co-founders of BayOne Solutions, is one such inspiring tale of partnership and collaboration that have helped them built a remarkable business in the U.S. However, to understand more about their entrepreneurial journey and their ideal partnership, we have to trace back to their humble beginnings.

Rahul Sharma and Yogesh Virmani, Co-Founders, Bayone Solutions

Finding the Match

Both Rahul and Yogesh knew each other since 1995 and they started their career with the same company: Infocom Digital systems. However, with their youthful tenacity and yearning for growth, they wanted to build something that could contribute to the talent acquisition niche. This led them to start their first business venture together: a computer manufacturing and IBM franchisee training institute in India. But, this was just a prelude to the events yet to unfold.

Thereafter, both of them worked in several large enterprises amassing knowledge and business acumen. While Rahul’s focus was on solving clients’ critical resourcing issues and improving clients’ bottom line by helping them execute their projects on-time, Yogesh focused on building and managing a practice in application development, ERP and forming strong long-term relationships with clients. Even after years, they shared the same interests: Both loved solving problems associated with talent acquisition and automation of legacy processes and liked the uniqueness of Bay area.

This common interest brought them together in 2012 and thus BayOne Solutions was born, a company that solves large corporations’ talent gap by providing qualified experts on-demand, training their legacy workforce with the latest technologies, and automating business processes.

Inception of BayOne

As Rahul and Yogesh moved into Bay area, they noticed that large traditional retail, manufacturing, and banking industries were moving to Bay Area to access local talent and fuel their digital transformation journey. To stay ahead of the curve and stand out in the industry, companies needed access to the local talent pool to help them achieve their objectives. Realizing this talent gap and the need to solve these talent acquisition problems, they co-founded BayOne in 2012.

Today, BayOne has become the choice of customers because of its ability to provide qualified experts on demand, help companies become more responsive to their markets by automating their processes and level up the workforce with hands-on training with industry relevant use cases. When asked about the vision of BayOne, Rahul and Yogesh say, “We want to be a one-stop solution for helping companies find talent for future technologies. We want to help large companies operate like startups and have them acquire talent, be it at scale, niche or diverse.”

Unlike other talent acquisition solution providers, BayOne is very passionate about solving the diversity and gender gap in the tech industry. BayOne also wants companies to solve their diversity challenges by providing more diverse workforce. To meet this end, the company ran MakeTechPurple campaign, which improved women deployment 0% from 29% to 41% in just 2 years. In addition to all, the company also runs free weekly boot camps to train minority workers and enables them to get high paying tech jobs.

Visionary Leadership

The success of BayOne can be attributed to Rahul and Yogesh’s visionary leadership and yearning for growth. Both bring 25 years of experience to the table that demonstrates superior leadership qualities coupled with strong business acumen. And that has been reflecting on the growth trajectory of BayOne since day one. Over the past few years, the company has grown to have 300 employees, 60 clients and shows 50 percent year-on-year growth. “Our business has grown to such a level due to the trust that we built with our customers. 90% of business comes through referrals from our customers,” Rahul and Yogesh affirm.

Instead of looking for short-term gains, Rahul and Yogesh have always been committed to their far-reaching vision of helping companies find talents for future technologies. From ensuring transparency with customers and employees to giving back to the community, they have laid down a set of principles and values, which their team has been following religiously since inception. When asked about the biggest challenge they faced in their business venture, Rahul and Yogesh say, “The biggest challenge has been to find committed and trustworthy employees who can own the responsibility and accountability to scale business. You must hold on to such employees even if your business is not doing well.”

Marching towards a Brighter Future

Going forward, Rahul and Yogesh focus on bringing more diversity in tech. “Currently, women make only 25% of workforce in tech and with our MakeTechPurple program, we are committed to helping reduce that gap. We are also creating programs to bring more people of color in Tech,” Rahul and Yogesh add. Regarding the revenue growth, the company is planning to grow to $200 M in the next 5 years expanding operations in all the metros of the US. “We are also planning to start our nearshore offering in LATAM countries,” Rahul sums up.

Under the guidance of this duo, BayOne will continue to grow quickly, achieve new feats steadily and expand into new horizons. With its mission-driven culture built on principles and values, the future looks bright for the team at BayOne.