Quentin Chiarugi: Building Mobile-First Technology Solutions to Help Businesses Thrive

The current trend of e-commerce business is ruling the world. The industry has been witnessing steep growth and catering to such a large global market, solutions require constant evolution in sync with the latest trends in technology. Kaddra was founded in 2017 when industry veterans, Quentin Chiarugi and William Beattie, decided to find a digital solution to scale one of their traditional businesses selling goods to B2B and B2C customers across Asia. Being in Asia, they saw a real opportunity to focus on mobile-first technology rather than web e-commerce so customers could move around and still easily access the company’s portfolio of products and services.

The Inception Tale of Kaddra

Chiarugi says, “The biggest challenge was to find the right solution, but after months of research and empty hands, we decided to build the platform ourselves with our own team of engineers.” Following two years of internal usage, they decided to transform the platform into a white label solution to help SMEs in Asia make their way into mobile and digital commerce.

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Quentin Chiarugi, CEO and Co-Founder, Kaddra

The duo was inspired to start Kaddra from their own digital transformation, but it quickly led them to develop disruptive technology solutions for all. The company now aims to help B2B and B2C businesses solve their challenges and enable them to transform their present and future customer experience. With Kaddra mobile-first approach, the team is bringing the next generation of all-in-one platforms to help every business thrive in the new digital era.

“When we started to build one of the leading distribution businesses in the luxury industry in Asia, we understood that such a demanding sector would require the very best from us specifically in the way we would develop our technology, continuously exceeding the limits of what was possible,” asserts Chiarugi.

Kaddra product is a combination of white-label mobile native app technology connected to a sales and marketing back-office ecosystem. The solution helps businesses improve their productivity, marketing reach, customer service, and sales performance. The company’s clientele covers a range of B2B and B2C types of businesses from more than a dozen industries. Currently, there are no equivalents in Asia with the same depth of digital tools and native app technology on a subscription model. Kaddra’s business model is challenging the Status quo and progressing quickly into new industries.

Quentin Chiarugi’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Quentin Chiarugi’s journey started with humble beginnings. He moved from the countryside of France to the UK where he worked in various sectors and through hard work, learned his ways into leadership. Together with his wife, he moved to Asia, following a dream they shared for years and landed at the center of the most exciting and dynamic region in the world. Spending over 15 years in the Far East, Chiarugi has grown his ideas into businesses, met fascinating and inspiring people along the way, and learned to trust his ideas, instincts and to never give up no matter how hard it becomes.

“We have built businesses from humble revenues to tens of millions, created brands, developed beautiful and inspiring projects, changed and elevated behaviors in industries, grew multiple teams and business models in many countries, all of which made me face my worst fears and finest moments. It made me stronger and helped me become the person I am today,” shares Chiarugi.

As a business leader, Chiarugi believes the most important values are respect, empathy, positiveness, being relentless, self-driven, and leading by example.

“Entrepreneurs take high and low every day, fighting all fronts at the same time. So if you believe in what you do, then be relentless and continue to drive yourself forward until you succeed.” He firmly believes that leading by example is the key to strong and inspirational leadership. Chiarugi imposes himself to very high standards in everything he does and hopes to inspire others to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

Future Lane

Chiarugi desires that people who have worked, still working, and will work in the companies he develops, will become entrepreneurs, build new companies, and make their ideas a reality.

“I want to continue to create and build progressive ecosystems for entrepreneurs. Explore new ways with technology as a driver to help sectors evolve. And hopefully, in years to come, I will have more time to involve myself in mentoring the next generations of entrepreneurs to build upon their ideas and push boundaries,” asserts Chiarugi.

Chiarugi’s Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs 

Being an entrepreneur is extremely demanding, especially at the beginning when facing a high level of stressful situations daily. “It is not the problems you face that are important, but the way you deal with them. Take a high view, think of where you wish to land, and build a path to solve the problem, and you should arrive where you needed to,” explains Chiarugi.

He added, “By virtue of building new models and innovations, most problems entrepreneurs are facing are completely new, with no precedent to lean on for solutions. This is why it is important to trust your instinct and not be afraid to use new ways to deal with them.”

“However, if you believe in your ideas, work hard to make them happen, and stay relentless no matter what, you will experience the incredible joy of building something successful with your own hands,” expresses Chiarugi.

He explained also that listening to people is important but one must be careful not to be misguided or discouraged by skeptics. There is always a risk, doubt, and pain an entrepreneur must go through before things get better.

“Build relationships from the start. Ensure to spend enough time in building them and always aim high for people with solid experience. Your network will be your strongest ally through your journey during the highs and certainly during the lows,” concludes Chiarugi.