Project Management Matters


Sometimes people wonder if they really need project management as it looks like an unnecessary tax and overhead on papers. Perhaps they think that hiring a project manager would be an unnecessary expense for the job. Often people do not have a clear understanding of what project management is. It may seem that the project managers do not really deliver anything and often get in the way of what they want to do. They think they can brief the work to the team and manage everything themselves. It seems to be easier and cheaper, but the reality is otherwise. 

Project management is in high demand in various industries and so is the need for project managers. Its value lies in the appropriate allocation of resources to help the project to be completed efficiently. Great project management means much more than keeping project management’s iron triangle in check, delivering on time, budget and scope. It also unites clients and teams by creating a vision for success and gets everyone on the same page that helps them to stay on track for success. Project management is important especially for complex projects with multiple deliverables that often depend on one another.

Here is a list of reasons why project management is crucial for businesses: 

Plans and Organizes Chaos

The primary business function of project management is organizing and planning projects to tame the chaos. If the project is more complex, there is more scope for the chaos. It sets a clear path mapped out from the beginning to the end to ensure the outcomes meet your goals. It also schedules projects as scheduling helps to eliminate delays or cost overruns.

Basement for Teamwork

Ina project, people are required to work together to share ideas, exchange knowledge and provide inspiration. Bringing people together in this way inspires the team members to collaborate on a successful project. Indeed, collaboration is the cornerstone of effective planning and management.

Maximize Resources

Generally, both human and financial resources tend to be expensive. Project tracking and project risk management make sure that all the resources are entitled to be used efficiently and economically.

Manages Integration

When a project is completed within an organization, it is generally integrated with wider business processes and systems. Integration forms the value aspect of projects and their management. Project management identifies and manages the integration.

Cost Control

Depending on the scope of the project, some projects can incur organizations significant costs. So it is important to keep on budget and control the spending. By using project management strategies, you can greatly reduce the risk of budget overruns.

Manages Changes

In today’s world, organizations face changes all the time. In an organization, while running a project, the project tends to face some changes and the organization needs to be prepared to face such deviations from the original plan. At this point, project management allows for effective change management and makes it a less complex task.

Manages Quality

An organization needs to provide quality results to maintain its reputation. Project management helps identify, manage and control the quality throughout the process. This eventually results in producing high-quality products or services that make clients happy and is a win-win solution for all those who are involved.

Retains the Knowledge

 Over time, businesses undertake more projects. The more projects it undertakes, the more knowledge it acquires over time. Knowledge represents a significant asset for businesses. If it is not managed, it tends to fade away quickly. Project managers ensure that this knowledge is captured and managed.

Helps to Learn from the Failure

Sometimes, projects work out perfectly with positive results, and other times, it may go downhill and fail miserably. Either way, one can learn from past experiences and avoid the same mistakes in the future. Project management makes sure that lessons are learned from both success and failure and helps to apply it in future projects.