Prognica Labs launches PIRL (Prognica Innovation and Research Lab): A Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem.

Prognica Labs launches PIRL

Dubai, UAE: Prognica Labs, a renowned AI-powered healthtech company launched its innovation hub, PIRL (Prognica Innovation and Research Lab) to orchestrate the confluence of stakeholders for value-based health care underpinned by innovation and research. PIRL is envisioned to overcome the structural roadblocks and to maintain the platform-enabled ecosystem by the uninterrupted engagement of the associates.

PIRL unleashes the untapped potential of ecosystems in healthcare by integrating Government authorities, Private sectors, Academia, Start-ups, Thought leaders and NGOs. By embracing the ‘Evolve and Disrupt’ concept, PIRL incubates and fosters ideas to transform into prototypes. Ethos of PIRL is also dispensed to a wide spectrum encompassing Innovation & Research in scientific breakthroughs, treatments and cure, new medical technologies, technological innovations etc. to evolve as a well connected collaborative network.

Khalid Shaikh, Founder CEO of Prognica Labs said, “Today’s problems, though, are at a scale that requires new thinking and approaches to transform health care. This transformation will require a focus on new ways of managing change that allows organizations to develop and adopt innovations and the ability to spread and scale them when they are proven successful.”

The main objective being;

  • Identifying & collaborating with potential ecosystem stakeholders
  • Develop an innovation framework for new idea generation and implementation
  • Reducing the time and resources required to transition an idea from the research stage to the implementation stage
  • Monitor, measure and sustain innovations.
  • Write and publish research papers and books on peer reviewed journals.
  • Increasing patient’s health and well being while improving the judicious use of potentially scarce resources among stakeholders of the ecosystem.

About Prognica Labs: 

Prognica is a health-tech company that is engaged in research, developing, marketing and sales of medical software products based on AI-based technology. Prognica utilizes evidence based algorithms, machine learning and computer vision to generate real-time clinical insights at all points of care through early detection and intervention. Prognica is tackling a long term goal by working on breast cancer screening and diagnostics to make it more accurate, affordable and accessible.