Prepare your digital marketing strategy post-COVID-19 crisis

Prepare your digital marketing strategy post-COVID-19 crisis

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the forecasts indicate a powerful impact on the world economy as an effect of the new coronavirus pandemic. The IMF warns that we may experience a recession worse than 2009, and the outlook for global growth is negative. Recovery, according to the fund, would only be possible in 2021.

The Covid-19 crisis has paused the world economies causing an unprecedented global earthquake. This crisis has accompanied with new challenges and with its peculiarities. While physical establishments in sectors such as beauty, fashion, or sport have been forced to close their doors, others like supermarkets or pharmacies are always open.

During these months, we have seen the big brands freeze first, looking for ways to generate income and gradually returning to normal. Undoubtedly, many businesses can work from home, but still, many companies have had to reinvent themselves. Consumer habits are already changing, and the online channel has become the most impactful lever because it is the most accessible under these circumstances. In such a changing environment, all small and medium-size companies must find ways to adapt to continue having contact with their clients digitally. 

To survive the crisis, brands must, once again, resort to digital marketing techniques. It is time to be strategic, intelligent, and prepare to face this and the problems that lie ahead. But,  you are confused and thinking about how to start? So, in this article, we have put together some digital marketing strategies to help you get your business ready for the post-COVID-19 crisis.

Review of automation processes

Marketing automation is the practice of using software and other technologies to act at scale and increase work efficiency. Imagine the whole routine of the digital marketing team every week, the team needs to publish blog posts, send email marketing, generate content for social networks, produce ebooks, webinars, and even measure the results. 

That’s why marketers need tools that reduce manual labor and time spent on each task. And in that case, time is also money! With the help of a marketing automation tool, it is possible to schedule posts on social media, schedule email automation flows according to the interaction of each contact, and evaluate the people who are ready to talk to the sales team, measure campaign results, and more! 

The benefits of automation are many. Now, in the face of the crisis, do you think it is reasonable for a TV commercial from a travel agency advertising travel promotions, Or, a banner advertising a music festival? These are simple examples of how marketing automation can damage the brand image when content doesn’t make sense in this crisis scenario. Make a checklist of all automation processes and promote a careful review of the entire schedule: blogs, email marketing, social networks, digital ads, etc. Only then will you be able to avoid damaging your brand reputation.

Be flexible and maintain constant communication with customers

If companies want to retain their customers, it is necessary to ensure fluid and transparent communication to convey a reassuring message and publicize the measures that the company is taking in this regard. This can be done through the different channels of the business or even by adopting new channels if necessary. 

Consumers must feel supported by businesses, and businesses must become facilitators and help them make this difficult situation more bearable. It is necessary to be flexible and to give solutions to problems that may arise due to confinement (deliveries, returns, exchanges, etc.). The customer relationship service becomes an essential engine that helps build trust.

Invest in digital contact 

Social media can help you strengthen your relationship with your customer. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, these are the places where interactions between brands and consumers happen, and you cannot be left out. You must create an action plan to reach customers at all points in the social media funnel. 

By using these social media channels, you can listen to your customers and know what they are talking about, and you can also earn more about your market. But beware! You are not there to sell your products. The idea is that the conversation needs to be valuable and appropriate so that your contributions can make sense for the moment that we are going through.

Closing Thoughts

Yes, we all are facing an admirable New World. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be bad; that will sell less, or that will represent fewer opportunities for brands, companies, or entrepreneurs. It will just be different. It will most likely be more agile, more dynamic, and certainly more customizable, from the consumer’s point of view.

Crises come as an opportunity to rethink the business, evaluate its journey to date, and seek new ways to achieve growth. This is the time to reflect and see new business opportunities through digital marketing.