Prasonjiet Ghosh: A Passionate and Visionary Entrepreneur

Prasonjiet Ghosh is a born entrepreneur. He is the founder of Technical Control Inspection services (TCIS), a multinational Inspection Agency trusted worldwide by major corporations, governments, and financial institutions. Ghosh has worked in the region and globally for two decades in Inspection Industry with regional and global firms. He identified the gaps in the industry, be it in terms of technical control, faster decision-making, client delivery, or lack of regional integration with the global network. 

To counter the shortcomings, Ghosh realized that TCIS delivery must customize the service so that ‘every job and every client is different’ and in accordance with the clients’ needs. He says, “There is no one size fits all that can apply within our industry.”

Prasonjiet Ghosh
Prasonjiet Ghosh, Founder, Technical Control Inspection Services (TCIS)

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE TCIS was incepted in 2015 and is now present in 21 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The company has catered to the Inspection of over 10 million Metric Ton commodities and target 25 Million Metric tons by 2023. “Worldwide, we are over 500 direct employees and are currently accredited with the highest standards within our industry,” asserts Ghosh. 

TCIS owns 5 state-of-the-art, accredited testing laboratories apart from partner labs whilst the development of other labs in various regions is in process. As the company continues to pursue diversification, the team does not compromise on delivering excellence in client servicing. He says, “We pride ourselves on not just execution but helping our clients integrate a lot of the inspection processes upstream, to improve compliance and traceability.”

Journey towards Entrepreneurship

Ghosh has always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. To start a business, an entrepreneur should always be ready. In his 16 years of shipping career, up to the rank of Master Mariner, testing time for dealing with crisis and various extreme conditions where spot decision making was the key. Ghosh worked successfully in 2 start-up companies after he shifted to UAE, where his entrepreneurial ambition pioneered. Setting up small teams, own procedures, developing business from day one and the highest level of execution are certain characteristics of sustainable start-ups. He says, being a small team, it was inevitable to choose a young energetic passionate team who could be trained to undertake multi-tasking activities while leading from the front. His tenure with the MNC inspection agency in a responsible position shaped him well in terms of the highest standard technology and well-structured disciplined internal framework. His experience in the shipping industry and leading MNC inspection agencies has helped Ghosh in having a strong network globally. “My ‘never give up’ attitude and positive outlook did help me pass it on well to my colleagues wherever I served and to my current team of TCIS,” asserts Ghosh.

TCIS serves some of the big regional importing and exporting entities, Global trading houses, Manufacturers, Government procurement agencies in Africa and South Asia. Along with testing, Inspection, and certification of commodities and products, the company provides Collateral and Stock management, Stock verification audits where the stakeholder includes Financing institutions. It provides Marine surveys working on behalf of leading shipping lines, Shipping agencies, Logistics companies, Insurers, and Insurance brokers. It also offers Conformity Inspections on behalf of Government regularity bodies.

The TCIS leadership model is established to promote autonomy, collaboration, and inclusion. My idea of founding TCIS was to build a community where ‘each of us in every region can be ourselves and have a business of their own’,” expresses Ghosh. The team doesn’t shy away from making bold moves in their leadership and always reconnects to the statement ‘one team, one purpose, and group integrity’. Ghosh believes that the most important value is to be well involved and adding value to the services of their clients. 

“Continuous improvement is for sure a definitive element we cannot afford to compromise with as service provider. There should be a distinct, relevant, visible quality addition to every service that we provide to our client,” says Ghosh.

Advising Emerging Entrepreneurs

Ghosh advises that it is important to motivate, empower, and groom the team at various levels and encourage the network partners. Infusing young leaders and focus on their self-development. He describes the attributes that every entrepreneur should possess to succeed in four words, Talent, Interest, Passion, and Sincerity. At TCIS, the team has a huge integration process with the growing millennials and their innovative mindset. The growth of millennials must be linked to the growth of the organization. He believes that setting up an environment where they thrive best, paves the way for an individual with an entrepreneurial mindset to fulfill their ambition and becoming a successful business person.

“There is no shortcut to success. Success comes from creating value for people, and there is no ‘One Key Trick’ to creating value overnight. Creating value takes a lot of self-belief, time, and hard work,” advises Ghosh.

Future Ahead

According to Ghosh, Boosting solid infrastructure in terms of building on accreditation, unique international methodology, defined framework, well-delegated team. He aims to align TCIS’s future with the shifting dynamics of the Industry, the socio-political and economic trend, and the stability of each region. He believes that as the team grows and has confident leaders, Ghosh would like to gradually step back from the day-to-day involvement and be a consultant to the organization.

“I also plan to spend good time with family, read good books, listen to soulful music, and travel to remote, serene, and religious places and to make a difference to the lives of lesser privileged people in the society,” concludes Ghosh.