Netty S.R: An Assiduous Leaderwith an Unbeatable Entrepreneurial Spirit

Netty S.R

Netty S.R., Founder of ANL Logistics

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship is like diving into the sea of uncertainty, where the tides of success and failure can be unpredictable. But those who boldly take the plunge, weather the storm with grit and resilience, and refuse to give up are the ones who rise to the top and emerge as the ultimate winners.One such fearlessly trail-blazing woman in business is Netty S.R., the Founder of ANL Logistics (Arrakasta), a pioneering company dedicated to creating bespoke delivery logistic packages, project cargo, and units to where the customers need them.

Netty is a highly driven business leader withan indefatigable spirit and a never-say-die attitude.With her remarkable contributions and extensive experience in the logistics industry coupled with strong business acumen, she is revolutionizing the sector and has emerged as one of the most influential business leaders in the industry. Netty generously shares her inspiring journey, recounting the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned while pursuing her goals. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless women entrepreneurs who have the potential to create a significant impact on the world. We are proud of the work she has undertaken and we are honored to showcase her inspirational story in this exclusive space.

A Journey of Resilience and Fortitude

Prior to establishing ANL Logistics,Netty garnered crucial experience in the industry by acing multiple roles and responsibilities in several leading companies. She commenced her career in 1993 at a big heavy equipment dealership in Indonesia, working her way upto become a Project Sales & Marketing leader, Project Manager, Sales & Marketing Director, and International Business Development Executive for different prominent organizations. These experiences helped her gain valuable insight into the industry and propelled her to start her own venture. As a result, in 2001, Netty and her partners launched her first own heavy equipment transport servicecompany which was mutually closed after 3 years of operation,. So, she worked for a tanker ship company for a year before moving to a big group of the company in 2005, where she remained until 2014 before retiring and relocating to the UK.

Though Netty’s initial attempt at entrepreneurship failed, it couldn’t defeat her entrepreneurial spirit. Undaunted, in 2015 she started a second company in the same industry, only to face the same outcome.. . While these repeated set backs might have discouraged many, Netty remained resilient and determined. Against all odds, she eventually founded ANL Logistics in December 2018.

However,the challenges did not end there. Just as her business was gaining momentum, the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, presenting a major challenge to businesses across the globe. While many businesses struggled to keep their doors open in the wake of the pandemic, Netty decided to inject more capital into the company and bought a brand new fleet. Though it seemed like a risky move at the time, Netty’s courage and perseverance paid off. Today, ANL Logistics boasts four fleets and shows no signs of slowing down. Netty is confident that the company will continue to grow. “Today we have 4 fleets and we will add more fleet, as we are very busy delivering heavy equipment in Indonesia,” asserts Netty.

Netty’s journey of entrepreneurship has not been for the faint-hearted as she has experienced several challenges than one can imagine. However, the optimistic entrepreneur believes that her path to success has helped her become the business leadershe is today, making her realize the untapped strength and courage within her.

Keeping Customers at the Core

Netty has always been committed to providing customers with nothing less than the best in class service at ANL Logistics. As a customer-centric company, ANL Logistics emphasizes on being transparent and building personal relationships with its clients. And, the customer-focused approach has catapulted the company to establish trust and build a loyal customer base across industry verticals. “Loyal customers are made not born. Thus, we strive to constantly identify ways to add value to our customers and strengthen our relationships. Many of our customers are big players in heavy equipment dealerships in Indonesia,” opines Netty.

Unlike many who view competition as a threat, Netty sees it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. She firmly believes that competition is a catalyst for enhancing service quality.“I never worry about competitors because I believe competition improves service,” she adds.

Guiding the Way

Today, Netty has carved a unique niche for herself in the vast and competitive logistics industry by establishing ANL Logistics. She is leading it through the unconquered terrains of successwith HSE compliance operation and pioneering green logistic transport. Forging ahead, she aspires to further foster the growth of the company while continuously enhancing its service levels and quality. As a daring businesswoman, she plans to continue taking challenges head-on as she braces herself to conquer new feats of success in the market. Sharing the invaluable lessons she has learned from her entrepreneurial journey, Netty asserts emerging entrepreneurs to identify their strengths and never give up. “My secret and advice to young entrepreneurs is to never give up, remain determined, confident, and work hard,” affirms Netty. From her humble beginning riddled with ups and downs to becoming a daring business leader, Netty’s story is one that ignites the fire in all aspiring businesswomen out there to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams with unrelenting determination.