Narasimha Bhogavalli: Sculpting the Future of Information Technology

As technological innovation evolves at an accelerated pace, organizations are increasingly pressurized to innovate and to transform their business processes in the digital arena. They face risks and challenges in achieving this transformation.

Narasimha Bhogavalli, the founder and CEO of ‘Tekdynamics Inc.’ understands this difficulty and proposes a solution to the problems posed by the changing technological landscape. Incorporated in 2000, Tekdynamics has delivered IT services for over 16 years to several satisfied customers including AT&T Wireless, Rogers Canada, Department of Homeland Security, CenturyLink, and Neiman Marcus.

Tekdynamics offers Information Technology (IT) and computer software services that enable digital transformation of business processes, IT systems development, integration and deployment, IT enterprise applications design, development, deployment and support services to SMB enterprise customers.

Narasimha Bhogavalli, Founder and Ceo, Tekdynamics INC

Narasimha’s Entrepreneurial Journey

This ardent entrepreneur was born in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh where he completed his Engineering and then pursued his advanced degree in the USA. After completing his master’s in computer science engineering, Narasimha worked in several Fortune 100 organizations for more than 10 years where he was inspired to become an Entrepreneur. “I could see that even though IT was complex, it’s critical to the survival and efficient operations of modern businesses. I knew I could make a difference in delivering IT services to business enterprises,” he expresses.

Narasimha was also inspired by his family background in entrepreneurship and leadership in society. He’s passionately applies leadership principles in his entrepreneurial journey as he pursues solutions to life’s everyday challenges.

Standing out in the Market

Tekdynamics specializes in working with senior managers like enterprise CIO’s to help design, architect, implement and maintain IT systems that are well-aligned to each client’s specific business processes. Tekdynamics employs senior engineers, analysts, managers, and IT professionals having cutting-edge skills capable of transforming the client’s organization’s operations to realize higher optimization and efficiency.

IT is a vast field, incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics at one end of the spectrum to legacy, ERP systems and cloud-hosted enterprise applications at the other end. With mobile apps, web apps and apps across the enterprise, some even run externally. Altogether the modern enterprise IT environment is complex and can tremendously impact business operations. Tekdynamics offers clients comprehensive IT consulting and software implementation services that enable them to improve efficiency, develop a competitive advantage and grow income.

Tekdynamics has a 20-year history of providing exemplary IT solutions and services to business clients. “Our service delivery is guided by our mature processes which have been expanded and optimized over the years to deliver complex services very efficiently to our clients. Our clients stand to gain lots from our vast skills and experience. They get the best possible services in a short period,” Narasimha asserts.

Valuable Lessons Learned

Narasimha has faced many challenges in his career. One of the major challenges was when one of his family members was affected by a severe illness lasting over 10 years. It was a critical time for Narasimha as he was experiencing rapid progress in his career and had immense responsibilities. Having overcame many challenges, he learnt many valuable lessons and shares these to budding entrepreneurs.

To recognize the situation and alter the game plan: Most professionals or entrepreneurs, who can execute well, have a usual mode of operation that is called their ‘A-game’. During a severe and unexpected challenge, they are pressured into their usual A-game but with some compromises. But the crisis will at cause significant frustrations and losses inevitably. “I believe we will do well to shift our thinking, our goals and our mode of operation into an alternate mode, say B-Game, which may need less effort and leaves sufficient time to deal with the ongoing crisis,” Narasimha advises.

The relative importance of family and career: According to Narasimha, most management gurus recommend ‘health’ as the first priority, ‘family’ as the second and ‘work’ as the third. He shares that this order of priority does not necessarily reduce focus on a career. By helping establish a better physical and emotional health, people can go much further in their professional careers. 

As a business leader, Narasimha constantly inspires his team to develop and nurture values that guide all major decisions. He promotes a few important values at Tekdynamics such as respecting the diversity of opinion, inclusive development, empowering the team and shared responsibility. 

A Bright Future

Narasimha believes that success is about each person working to achieve their own unique potential. The competition for each individual is themselves and not any external entity. He emphasizes this greatly because when people fully recognize this, they can remove friction and create a lot more harmony in the workplace and among competing companies.

While talking about the future of Tekdynamics, Narasimha elaborates, “I look forward to a time where I can engage in giving back to society. I have plans to work with farming communities in the USA and in remote parts of India. I want to transform their production and sales techniques and bring about an increase in bottom line profits to those communities.”