Ms. Leena Parwani: A International Financial Advisory Superstar

Achieving financial security, well-being and confidence is an art form. We encounter uncertainties and risks in both our personal as well as professional lives every day. For instance, poor health, disease and stress can hamper our ability to do our jobs properly. Similarly, we may not always achieve our professional goals perfectly, each and every time. So, upon realizing the inevitable nature of facing such risks and uncertainties in our day-to-day lives, we must learn to protect your assets carefully and smartly.

The vast majority of people today require expert guidance to build wealth efficiently, because they are usually so deeply immersed in their own interests that they often do not prioritise to protect what they are making for next generation, either, it is for business liquidity or business protection. Here, financial experts come into play. Such experts are usually few in number, independent and have sound knowledge of how money works and thus, they help people secure their finances.

Leena Parwani
Ms. Leena Parwani

In the context of UAE today, ‘Ms. Leena Parwani’ is one of the leading financial experts. She’s extremely accomplished: She’s a leading figure at the ‘Million Dollar Round Table’ (an international association for successful financial advisors), a member of the Premier Association of Financial Professionals® and has been named as one of the 100 most influential expat women in UAE. Today, she is the managing director at ‘LPH Financial Services’, one of UAE’s leading financial consultancies for individuals as well as organizations. But interestingly, she started her career only after settling down with her family, with a small job as a secretary in a private company. She is successful today thanks to many years of hard work and struggle.

An Extraordinary Journey: From a Secretary to an Internationally Leading Finance Expert

“I’m a simple person with an indomitable spirit. I came to Dubai in the late 1990’s as a housewife, to raise my family. Soon, my spirit and desire to help my family encouraged me to start working. I started my career as a secretary in a private company,” Ms. Leena says.

“My life has been full of struggle. While I remained true to myself and my family, things were not going as I wished. So, after years of working for others, I chose the difficult path and dediced to work for myself,” Ms. Leena describes the turning point in her career. She got into the field of financial advisory services, a field she saw as a noble profession helping educate individuals towards a better future for generations to come.

“Financial advisory comes with huge responsibility because you become crucial to your client’s life. My passion, dedication, integrity and indomitable spirit helped me taste success. This motivated me to continue my journey as an independent advisor,” she explains.

Ms. Leena was so successful in her first year that she qualified for the Top of the Table member Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)) – a dream for most life insurance salespersons and financial advisors around the world with only a few qualifying from different regions. Thanks to her steady performance, she has been qualifying for the annual MDRT meetings each year, recognized as the ‘top of the table’ , an honour for the elite advisors. Over the course of time, she started her own advisory in 2014 as iCare Insure and that evolved in 2018 as much larger brokerage firm as LPH Insurance Brokers LLC.

Ms. Leena steadily grew in her new job and observed a problem in the industry: Due to lack of awareness and professionalism, people only secured life insurance from their employers. She stepped in to extend help and saw that people became more receptive when they properly understood the situation. “Life insurance is a very good protection against risks and it helps people, especially businessmen and professionals to protect their immediate families and business continuation against risks and uncertainties,” Ms. Leena explains. Thus, the company steadily started expanding, adding health insurance and related services to their portfolio.

Providing Expert and Personalized Financial Guidance as a Trusted Financial Advisory

LPH Financial Services’ main services encompass financial planning, life insurance, morgage insurance, health insurance and trade credit insurance. The company has a very sound understanding of how money works and so, they provide custom financial advisory services to guide private clients, high networth individuals as well as groups towards financial well-being. The company consists of expert advisors practising an all-inclusive and comprehensive approach to financial planning. Upon a thorough evaluation of their clients’ financial circumstances, they help identify problems, goals and challenges for both the short term as well as the long term. They then work closely with their clients over time to ensure that they are on the right path.

Approaching a Bright Future

Ms. Leena’s career is illustrious. In addition to receiving prestigious recognitions, she is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an inspirational figure and a mother of two children. Professionally, as the leading figure at LPH Financial Services, she has been guiding the company towards a bright future. They now have a healthy and bright revenue as well as good bottom line profits. Over the course of their business journey, the company has overcome many crises and thus have become more sustainable and resilient.

“Our vision is to empower one million people over the next 10 years. We want more people to know the importance of financial protection. We at LPH, implement transparent procedures and unending support to ensure fruitful financial solutions for our clients. We want to create a world with greater financial security. We believe this is possible through good education and empowered financial planning decisions,” Ms. Leena concludes, looking toward to a bright future.