Mritunjay Kumar: A True Digital Marketing Expert and an Excellent Business Leader

Mr. Mritunjay Kumar is the co-founder and CEO of a digital marketing start-up ‘InsightzClub’, one of Asia’s fastest growing start-ups. Before setting it up in 2017, he held leadership roles at many leading international consumer insights agencies like Nielsen, Kantar, Millward Brown and TNS for 16 years. Managing large multi-cultural teams and working closely with regional & global-level CEO’s was a tremendous learning experience. More importantly, he saw that the consumers insights industry and marketing in general suffered from old-fashioned practices, manual processes, and lack of data.

“The consumer insights industry has collecting data face to face to generate marketing insights. Due to manual processes and high dependence on human beings, the process is very slow. Users may need to wait weeks and months to access these insights. So, data isn’t being used most of the time. We have observed that 70% marketing decisions aren’t supported by any data and marketing spending isn’t as effective as it should. Hence, InsightzClub was founded,” Mr. Mritunjay explains. 

Mritunjay Kumar
Mritunjay Kumar, co-founder and CEO, InsightzClub

InsightzClub was founded to disrupt a multibillion-dollar traditional consumer insights industry.The company does this by applying the power of technology, especially artificial intelligence, to drastically improve the marketing process. By minimising manual processes and assigning major responsibilities to state-of-the-art technological solutions, the company provides highly personalized insights for each and every stage of the marketing and brand journey, for many clients in diverse sectors.

Modernizing Marketing through the Power of Technology

In addition to traditional services, InsightzClub analyses large quantities of data from many channels, to deliver intelligent, actionable marketing insights to clients. By going one step even further – analysing behavioural and passive data in real-time –the company realizes 40 % better customer engagement and 200 times greater return on investment!

InsightzClub’s comprehensive suite of hi-tech marketing solutionscan produce results quickly. Being supported by data, these actionable insights can help clients make intelligent decisions to safely grow their business. Here are some of its solutions:

  1. iSENSE: A smart tool to test new products with a special ‘target activation’ feature,
  2. iNAVIG8: A tool to help clients assess, activate and convert customers in their brand journey,
  3. iFEED: An easy and agile way to quickly gather consumer opinions and market validation, 
  4. iCONSUME: A tool to easily track beverage consumptions on the go and in real-time
  5. iCHECK: Test, optimize and measure brand upliftment of all digital campaigns,
  6. iEVAL: A tool to assess concepts with respect to rational, emotional and behavioural scores.

All their solutions are available to clients in a real-time dashboard as well as mobile apps, either through an annual subscription or pay-per-use basis. Clients can choose a particular tool, depending on their requirements

InsightzClub’s Servicesare Well-Received by Many Prominent Businesses 

“We have observed a really high acceptance from most of the brands in the markets we now serve. Since inception, we have grown our number of clients nearly four times, each year. We work with some of the Fortune 500 brands as well. Our existing clients have seen significant financial growth, each year,” Mr. Mritunjay says. 

Right now, InsightzClub largely works with brands in Singapore and Malaysia. “We are looking to expand our footprints across more South Asian countries. Also, we want to build a specialized team to continually strengthen our ability to provide real-time marketing insights backed by data. We want to be one of the preferred marketing partners providing real-time insights with high accuracy and at a reasonable price,” Mr. Mritunjay adds. Further, the company is eager to expand globally, especially to the USA and UK. 

A Team Player and A Disrupter by Nature

Mr. Mritunjay Kumar has immense digital marketing expertise and excels as a business leader. He’s roughly worked in the consumer insights field and digital marketing for nearly two decades. In addition to developing his professional expertise, he relishes working in general. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure with all the organizations in my past. It was a great working and learning experience from the very first day until the last day,” he reflects. 

Mr. Mritunjay is a team player, believing strongly in honesty and transparency. Along with practising these habits, he encourages the same in the workplace as well. “Being honest and transparent are very critical to building trust. This works with team members, investors, customers and business partners. I prefer to be simple and straightforward. Being transparent has also helped me rethink situations from new perspectives and this has helped me take better decisions,” he adds. 

“I am a disrupter by nature. I invent and re-invent by nature. I like to be challenged. I feel good when I solve a problem, and this brings lot of energy to solve bigger problems. I want to solve significant business problems and create significant difference for brands,” Mr. Mritunjay concludes, by sharing his aspirations.