Mr. Zulhusmi Zaidon: Revitalizing Malaysia’s Logistics Sector During a Time of Crisis

The logistics sector is critically important to our human society. It’s a pervasive and intricate network of transportation, distribution and delivery channels bringing millions upon millions of essential goods to people in our communities everywhere. Because it furnishes vital goods like food items, clothes, stationeries, medicine and various products or electronics to the common man, it nourishes the survival, health and well-being of people.

In certain circumstances like natural or man-made disasters, national or international crises and health-related emergencies, the logistics sector becomes exponentially more important. These testing times can prove extremely challenging for societies at large. Because regular shops would remain closed, people can’t purchase their goods as usual, thus their day-to-day lives are hindered. In fact, the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is one of the best examples of an emergency affecting the logistics sectors everely.

Zulhusmi Zaidon
Zulhusmi Zaidon, Founder, Techra Markerting

Although the new virus first appeared at the end of 2019, health authorities could only detect the disease slowly. Being a highly infectious disease – the virus spreads very easily through the air – many millions of people have been affected thus far. In response, governments around the world have strictly mandated precautionary rules for everyone to follow. These are lockdowns to restrict everyone’s outdoor activities, social distancing when people urgently need to go outdoors, sanitizing our hands frequently as well as wearing masks to protect ourselves from exposure to the virus. As a consequence, millions of people have lost their regular jobs and innumerable businesses have shut down.

The nature of the COVID-19 crisis unfortunately restricts physical activities outdoors – to contain the spread of the virus. But on the flipside, people have been staying indoors everywhere around the world, greatly limiting their day-to-day activities. Even when they need essential supplies like food or medicine, there has been a risk of catching the virus in public spaces. Thus, they have been stepping outdoors very cautiously and minimally. From the perspective of businesses, there have been a few companies coming forward to provide crucial help in times of need thankfully. One of the best examples of such bold and courageous companies in Asia Pacific’s logistics industry is ‘Techra Marketing’, a Malaysian trading company alleviating the difficulties caused by COVID-19 through distributing medical supplies.

Giving Crucial Help during the ongoing Coronavirus Crisis

The central figure of Techra Marketing is ‘Mr. Zulhusmi Zaidon’, the co-founder and managing director of the company. The company was set up in 2019 in Selangor, Malaysia, with an ambition to provide services of the utmost quality in the logistics and trading industry. They want to revolutionize the standards of innovative services in the industry. As they do so, they are committed to provide services ethically and responsibly. In a dedicated effort to help people during the ongoing pandemic, they have been bringing specialized medical supplies from 28 different vendors within Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Let’s look closer into some of the products Techra Marketing distributes:

  • Medical Gloves: the company’s medical examination gloves are made from high quality materials like nitrile, latex and vinyl. These are widely used by professionals of the healthcare industry. These are certified by health authorities, with features like resistance to microbes like viruses and bacteria, resistance to chemicals, durability and flexibility, they can be immensely helpful to the healthcare sector.
  • Safety Masks: the company distributes a variety of safety masks for the public as well as professionals of the healthcare sector. These masks are specially designed to filter extremely small particles of dust as well as microbes like viruses and bacteria. These have been certified by health authorities as having excellent quality. In addition, these have features like being light and comfortable, to encourage easy and frequent usage. Certain masks also have special features to cool down the heat and to support easy breathing inside the mask.
  • Essential Medical Tools: the company also distributes essential medical tools for professionals in the healthcare sector. These include specialized hand sanitizers, thermometers with an ability to recognize and to record peoples’ faces as well as infrared thermometers. These have been designed with reference to the guidelines prescribed by the World Health Organization. Their thermometers, in particular, are innovative because these can be used in public spaces easily and conveniently. In addition, these come with useful features like alarms and ‘battery-saving’.

In fact, Techra Marketing combines distributing their products with “control shipment”. “With the rising demand within importation and exportation of goods, we practice control shipment to have smoother logistics flow from shipment to storage. Control shipment means we breakdown the orders into smaller, multiple deliveries to remedy congestion of ports and shortage of containers,” Mr. Zulhusmi explains.

All of the company’s activities are supported by their team of well-qualified experts, dedicated to ensure the best quality services. To them, satisfying customers through the best quality services is the priority.

Dedicated to Realizing a Better Future for Our Society

Techra Marketing was incorporated in 2019, thanks to five founding members. But Mr. Zulhusmi stepped forward to become the chief figure of the company – he became the managing director to oversee and to nurture the growth of the company.

Mr. Zulhusmi is very proficient within relationship-centered areas like communication, soft skills, sales and negotiation. His earlier professional pursuits helped him learn crucial skills like managing emotions as well as overcoming the challenges within setting up a new service. Thus, he has been successfully leading the company through these difficult times.

“In this pandemic, businesses have been facing a lot of challenges. But I have learnt to see this in a positive way. So, I developed methods like organized shipments, product control and risk mitigation to provide services better. My key has been to stay calm, positive and focus on good ways to solve the problems, instead of worrying about problems. This practice has helped our company to grow and succeed greatly,”Mr. Zulhusmi shares.

As the leader, Mr. Zulhusmi’s biggest responsibility has been to continuously find ways to provide best quality in their services. Thus far, the company has been succeeding despite the coronavirus crisis thanks to innovative services, a creative business model and courageous leadership. But considering the future, they envision becoming a leading company in the logistics industry.

“We’ll expand our business into new opportunities following the market trends. Personally, I want to find better ways to help our society. I also want to contribute towards a healthier and more peaceful environment,” Mr. Zulhusmi concludes.