Mr. Ulugbekhon Maksumov: Trailblazing in the Automobile Industry

For everyone, achieving success and fulfilment is a big challenge. On the path to our destiny, we all encounter many obstacles, difficulties and opportunities. Our individual responses to these situations can define our successes and failures powerfully.

Let’s explore the challenge to achieve success and fulfilment in the realm of business. To begin, we must take care of our health, family and personal life. Supported by this solid foundation, we can give a helping hand to others in need. Thus, we can contribute to society confidently and with integrity.

Mr Ulugbekhon Maksumov
Mr. Ulugbekhon Maksumov, CEO, Inkas Vehicles & Aksum Marine

Through experience, we know there are a few genuinely great people in our midst. Perhaps we know them as elders in our families, inspirational figures or rare gems within governments or business. They all seem to understand the secret and elusive nature of success. Luckily for us, they have wisdom to share and we can learn from them. We can find answers to some of the burning questions in our hearts like ‘How can we help society?’ and ‘What is a meaningful purpose we can strive for?’.

In the context of the automotive business world today, ‘Mr.Ulugbekhon Maksumov’ is one of the celebrated business leaders we can look up and learn from. In his illustrious career so far, he has earned many achievements including being a serial entrepreneur and the leader of a world renowned armoured vehicle manufacturing company. Let’s look into his professional journey: His very first job was within the sales department in the automobile manufacturing sector. With time and exposure, he began to learn about the various facets of the professional life. This way, he developed a sense of confidence and leadership proficiency within. With time, he developed his own philosophy for achieving holistic success and fulfilment in life and this guided him towards great success in business.

Pouring Wisdom, Passion and an Indomitable Spirit into Business

From the beginning, Mr. Maksumov loved cars, the automotive industry and helping people. So, in 2012, he made a bold decision to start his entrepreneurial career by establishing ‘Inkas Vehicles LLC’ in Dubai, UAE, one of the hotspots of the modern world today. He dedicated this company for one purpose: “to secure peoples’ lives and valuables when in challenging environments”. Striving towards this ideal from the very beginning and guided by Mr. Maksumov’s wisdom, Inkas Vehicles has performed very well over the years: The brand has become an internationally recognized company, famous for their many world-class armoured vehicles.

Encouraged by the company’s phenomenal success, Mr. Maksumov founded a new company ‘Aksum Marine Industries LLC’ in 2019. Within Aksum Marine, he guides the design and production of premium armored and special purpose boats. Throughout, Mr. Maksumov pours decades of experience within the global security industry, passion, dedication and a willingness to protect people’s lives to engineer world-class customized armoured vehicles.

A Dedication to Protect People with Premium Quality Armoured Transportation

Mr. Maksumov observes that there is a surge in the number of safety threats, pressurising the defence industry to safeguard more and more people. Luckily, we can protect ourselves from anticipated threats by bringing together expertise, knowledge and technologies. Thus, he established Inkas Vehicles LLC pledging to safeguard the basic human right for safety through safe, reliable, luxurious and certified armoured vehicles. With their motto “In the Business of Saving Lives”, they uphold ‘safety’ as a basic need and strive to provide the best possible safety solutions within vehicle protection.

To ensure the safest traveling experience, the company practises a proactive approach. They equip vehicles with dozens of expert safety measures, developed with the latest technologies. Bullet proof glass, sturdy chassis, military armours and many more ensure a perfect 360-degree protection for passengers, against all kinds of external threats. In developing each car, they give great attention to detail to ensure safety, quality and compliance to rules. They also customize vehicles to tailor each vehicle for customer’s unique needs. Along with each vehicle, they guarantee expert protection, luxury, comfort and peace of mind to their customers, for all transportation scenarios.

Inkas Vehicles offers a variety of armoured vehicles to answer all kinds of needs within secure transportation. They offer armoured tactical vehicles, SUV’s, pickup trucks, sedans, buses, armoured personnel carriers and cash-in-transit vehicles. In addition to providing armoured tactical vehicles, they can outfit commercial as well as conventional vehicles with armour to comply with any required level of protection. Their vehicles are meant to realize the safest traveling experience, especially in life threatening and conflict-prone situations. For example, one of the company’s best vehicles ‘TITAN’ are armoured personnel carriers (APC’s) come with a wide variety of strengths: multi-tasking, resistant to mines and more, meant for military activities in challenging conflict areas. Here, the company can customize each TITAN vehicle for special requirements, even providing many additional features too.

Similarly, Aksum Marine produces excellent quality, armoured and special purpose boats to serve national militaries, NGO’s, coast guards and many more. They facilitate safe, secure and reliable transport through conflict-prone and life-threatening areas.

Realizing the Safest Travelling Experience for Customers

Inkas Vehicles’ primary manufacturing facility in Dubai has grown into a large area of 157,000 sq ft to accommodate better facilities and production. It’s become a state-of-the-art production area, having seven workshops bringing latest technologies, quality materials, safest practises and dedicated experts. This creates a well-equipped environment of innovation and quality, with a dedicated team working to deliver bespoke armoured vehicles. Throughout, they follow strict safety regulations and before submitting vehicles to customers, they perform intricate testing to ensure quality and compliance.

Inkas Vehicles’ customers include embassies, consulates, militaries, NGO’s, UN departments, governments and security companies internationally. The company has become the ideal partner for private security firms, because they have been offering the best protection possible for VIP’s and valuable assets. Situated in a strategically advantageous place, they can conveniently export products from the UAE internationally, with full logistics support to ensure smooth and timely delivery.

Within the company, each employee contributes to ensure that customers receive the overall best service, with the best safety experience possible. They are united by an inspiration to cultivate good, loyal and committed relationships with customers through excellence. They believe firmly in the guiding principles of honesty, ethics, quality, safety and improvement.

“Our formation is straightforward. All employees report to me. They can come anytime freely to my office and communicate any need, problem and solution. There is no bureaucracy. I love it like that. I know everything that is going on within the organization. It’s simple and effective,” Mr. Maksumov shares his approach to leadership.

Guidedby a Sound Philosophy for Holistic Success

Over the course of time, Mr. Maksumov has developed his very own philosophy for holistic success. He has written extensively on his philosophy’s seven tenets i.e., relationships, confidence, positivity, finance, success, time management and business. In essence, they communicate powerful ideas that can inspire a paradigm shift in our understanding of success. From being held back by fears, societal pressures and many other obstacles, his philosophy gently proposes that we need to look at ourselves in depth. By examining our own fears, limitations, weaknesses and challenges, we can resolve inner conflicts, overcome any external challenge and pursue a worthwhile enterprise.

In his personal life, Mr. Maksumov ascribes success to his family’s well-being. “My understanding of success is my family being happy, healthy and provided. At the end of the day, whatever we do even in terms of money, we do it for THE FAMILY,” he shares.

With respect to achieving success in the professional context, Mr. Maksumov explains that we are inevitably going to encounter challenges and risks in our journeys. But we shouldn’t become afraid to try or to fail. “I believe if you have been interested in success stories, you have learned that it doesn’t come easily, it doesn’t come without big effort, it doesn’t come without taking risks, it doesn’t come from the first time even, it doesn’t come without family support and without right people by your side. The most important thing is it’ll never come if you are not ready inside your mind and heart. You’d say it’s easy, but no,” Mr. Maksumov gives his valuable advice.

Leadership Excellence: Destined to a Bright Future

Prominent in the UAE’s business ecosystem, Mr. Maksumov is steadily becoming an internationally significant leader in the automobile world. So far, he has many achievements: He’s estimated to be worth about 100 million USD, a member of the Russian Business Council in Dubai and he often sponsors events for the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Dubai’s hockey team and the Dubai Police.

Inkas Vehicles’ commitment to making the world a safer place through safe and luxury vehicles, has guided the company into becoming an international leader in the production of top-of-the-line armoured vehicles. Their first-class services, have been saving countless lives around the world through the pinnacle within transport protection. Thus, they are well on their way to earning worldwide recognition, as leaders in designing and manufacturing premium armoured vehicles.

Inkas Vehicles and Aksum Marine, as world class armoured vehicles manufacturer, have represented the UAE in large, international exhibitions dedicated to the defence community of the world. Such exhibitions like the IDEX and NAVDEX bring together governments, businesses, militaries and vehicle enthusiasts to start, build and nurture relationships. Both companies have showcased their vehicles to thousands of visitors, enjoying a powerful and successful presence. Because UAE’s defense is key for its long-term economic vision, Inkas Vehicles successfully represented the nation’s bright potential to an international community.

Coming to the present, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly disrupted our society and since 2020, we are living in an unprecedented time. Affected by the pandemic, Mr. Maksumov shares that they have been hit hard, but fortunately they have worked unitedly and they have successfully overcome its challenges. With respect to 2021 and beyond, Mr. Maksumov is optimistic of a bright and successful future unfolding. Full of love for life, confident in his vision and passionate about his work, he is looking forward to devoting himself fully to his work and his family.