Motoko Imada: Redefining the Benchmark of Content Marketing Industry

In this digital era, brands concoct countless marketing strategies to be at the epicenter of the market. However, nothing can be more efficient than storytelling when it comes to communicating the brand message in highly specific and emotionally impactful ways.  Storytelling is an essential part of any good content marketing campaign that can breathe life into a brand. Placing this at the heart of marketing can help a business to build a better connection with consumers and earn customers’ trust and engagement.

Leveraging this immense potential of storytelling, many new-age leaders are revolutionizing the industry and changing the face of content marketing with their creativity and out-of-the-box ideas. One such avid business leader who is creating ripples in the content marketing industry through her impeccable business acumen, fierce commitment, and unwavering passion is Motoko Imada, the Founder and CEO of Infobahn Inc., Mediagene Inc., and Infobahn Group Inc.

Motoko Imada
Motoko Imada
Founder and CEO, Infobahn Group

The Initial Journey

Motoko began her career in the publishing industry in 1994 as the Business Director of WIRED Japan, the localized version of “Wired Magazine.” But looking at the growing internet culture, the visionary entrepreneur realized that print publishing will lose its footing as all the information will be digital in the near future. Thus, she co-founded a digital agency, Infobahn with Hiroto Kobayashi, former editor-in-chief of WIRED Japan. In 2006, they split the online publishing and founded Mediagene Inc.

Today, Infobahn Group Inc. has two sister companies, Infobahn Inc. and Mediagene Inc. Infobahn Inc. is a digital agency, focusing on content marketing and storytelling with professional editorial skill, and supporting innovation and design, digital transformation prototyping for more than 300 companies and brands to develop business in a digital world. Mediagene on the other hand publishes consumer-focused 10 media brands such as Business Insider, GIZMODO, Lifehacker, MASHING UP, and DIGIDAY.

Infobahn: A Pioneer in Owned Media and Content Marketing

Being a leading company in content marketing in Japan, Infobahn has been supporting hundreds of brands since its inception. It helps companies in transforming their business and digital communications by leveraging their professional editorial skill from publishing background and running experience from its online media which is read by a massive amount of readers.

Specialized in content marketing strategy, it not only produces owned media but also provides sponsored content and native advertising of its media to spread brands story. Its marketing and branding activities include media management, event management, and social media marketing and video production. Since the past decade, it has also gone beyond the marketing and communications domain to support corporate innovation and service design.  Besides this, the pioneering company also facilitates workshops and boot camps for targeted stakeholders and offers media-based consumer services that include content commerce for selling products through content.

Empowering Society with the Power of Narrative

“In the digital era, trust and transparency are the most important things to communicate with your stakeholders. Since its establishment, Infobahn has been helping companies to communicate and transform themselves by storytelling and build trust through content,” says Motoko.

The value-centric company strives to build strong relationships with its stakeholders through media and communities. With users’ trust in its content and media, it creates a valuable user experience for consumers.

“When we work with clients, we start by defining their history, philosophy, and purpose. There are a lot of stories out there. We weave these stories together and visualize them as ‘narrative’ to activate internal and external communication,” explains Motoko.

Transformation is Critical for Business Success

Motoko believes that the digital landscape is ever-evolving and it is essential to keep pace with the evolution to make a mark in this highly competitive industry. Under this VUCA era, with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, no one can predict what will happen in the near future precisely. Thus, she emphasizes on embracing the change to succeed in the business world.

She elucidates, “You have to transform however the world changes. You should not worry about transformation. Instead, you should enjoy it. On the other hand, a core is very important and for us, it is authenticity. Transform, and believe in the power of storytelling.”

Aims To Make the World A Better Place

When asked about her views on success, Motoko elucidates, “There is no goal for success. I would like to make the world better with our media and storytelling. The world is changing so fast. We have to care about the environment, transformation, and innovation of the company and many other social issues we have to solve. I hope we could be some kind of help to solve these issues.” Fueled with such an optimistic outlook, the inspirational business leader focuses on bringing change through her dedicated endeavors. For Motoko, the happiness of the employees, clients, readers, partners, and shareholders of the company is what matters the most.