Mohammed Habeebuddin: An Entrepreneur who Leveraged his Experiences to Bring forward Success

An entrepreneur can always find and act upon opportunities. The individual can organize capital, talent, and other resources that turn an invention into a commercially viable innovation. One such exemplary entrepreneur is Mohammed Habeebuddin, who is the Managing Director of Modern Software LLC, an end to end IT solutions provider.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Mohammed grew up in a middle-class government employee family. His parents gave him everything they could within their limited resources. Looking at his parent’s calculative life, Mohammed dreamt of doing something on his own and not land up as an employee. During his engineering he learned computers and programming as his additional subjects and completed his engineering, alongside a PG diploma in Computer Programming from a reputed institute accredited to the UK. Being the topper of his college Institute, Mohammed was sponsored for an advanced course on system analysis and design and was deputed in the UK for the same.

Mahammed Habeebuddin
Managing Director, Modern Software LLC

He completed a structured systems analysis and design diploma, and got absorbed in the same institute in India.

Mohammed started his career as a corporate trainer in Systems design and programming for major corporate clients and was moved into Business Re-Engineering Group in the company. He worked there for 4 years in Systems Design & Re-engineering area, got exposed to varied business domains during the process of re-engineering projects in various government and major corporate sectors.

While working with these corporates, Mohammed noticed a major gap in the IT industry domain. The team had the commercial and subject experts on one side and technical programmers on the other, where each didn’t know anything about the other’s subject. The subject experts explain the business process to the programmers without knowing the capabilities, possibilities, and limitations of the programming language and the programmers try to understand the business process without knowing the basics of the actual business process and the final entity which bears the disasters of this unique combination is the client.

Inspired by this concept, Mohammed did subject level courses like Accounting, Material Management, HR systems, and Cost Accounting to understand the basics of the business along with programming. “And I applied the same principle in building up my team—I never appointed programmers rather I recruited business domain experts and taught them programming. The result was quite fruitful that we could deliver robust and practical ERP solutions for various vertical domains in a short period,” asserts, Mohammed.

Creating an Ecosystem of Business

The team at Modern Software LLC consists of business domain experts with various backgrounds from finance, logistics, HR, Material management who have learned programming and system designing in the process. As a result, the team has been able to develop and implement successfully a variety of robust ERP and other IoT solutions for various vertical segments such as the contracting sector, fleet and logistics sector, geological, food testing, clinical laboratories, oil & gas operations, and telecom sector. The company takes pride in its ‘Hand Holding’ policy with the clients in times of their emergencies and disasters related to IT matters. The majority of the clients that the company receives come from references from their existing customers.  

Mohammed takes full responsibility to involve in most of the activities of the company from inquiry management, system designing, performance, and quality evaluation, post-implementation audit. He also gets involved in some programming procedures when the team faces complex challenges. He says, “Though we have senior members responsible for all the above functions but I do contribute a little share in all the activities and keep myself updated on the activities going on.”

Customers’ changing requirements and volatility of the technical resources are the major challenges which this industry faces and the company takes pride in curtailing these issues. Their business domain experts are capable of converting the requirements into effective solutions in a short period. It has also addressed the volatility of the technical resources by going the extra mile in taking care of them in a way that they stick around. It also has technical resources associated with them that lasts more than a decade.

Essential Traits for Entrepreneur

According to Mohammed, the essential trait for any business leader from the past till today had always been running with value-based leadership exhibiting leadership values but the parameters governing these have changed with evolving times. The three unifying aspects of a successful business leader in today’s world are personality, relationship and interaction, and actions and work.

He also says that personality can be exhibited through self-reflection, calculated and true self-confidence, and genuine humility.

Envisioning Success

Mohammed defines success in three dimensions. He says, “Personally, success is when my family feels I have done enough to take care of their needs in terms of financial and togetherness needs. Professionally, success is when my employees feel content and secure working with me. And finally, objectively, success is when my clients feel satisfied with our hand-holding and services.”

Mohammed firmly believes that the most important factors that are universal in the past and today’s dynamic market are ‘Transparency’ and ‘Reliability’ with the client. He equally values that self-reflection, reliable commitment and transparent interaction had and will always pay-off. The other important aspect is to maintain the human resources within the company to be able to keep seamless deliveries of solutions/services. “Motivation Skills, responsibility-driven and NOT target-driven approach, delegation with authority, appeasement with an appraisal are some of the proven methods that one should follow in-house to keep a healthy, productive and motivated team delivering profitable results,” concludes Mohammed.