Masaru Imoto: An Ace Entrepreneur in the Financial Services Space

The global market has been fortunately evolving with passionate entrepreneurs. While there are many opportunities in the global financial industry, only a few entrepreneurs have the vision to relish these opportunities and make the best out of them. Masaru Imoto is one such avid entrepreneur.

Masaru is the Founder and CEO of Standard Transaction Co. Ltd. He considers himself lucky and blessed to have people around him to support and help throughout his journey. He founded the company with a motive to arrange an environment where people can be happier easily.

Masaru believes that efficient financial infrastructure can create an environment where people’s lives will not be limited by lack of money and time, and he firmly believes that this can be achieved with technology and his team.

Resized_Masaru Imoto_Founder and CEO at Standard Transaction

The Idea Behind Standard Transaction Co. Ltd

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Standard Transaction Co. Ltd. executes the financial operations, specifically those that are done by banks and security companies, with a single data transfer. Additionally, it will be structured in the way to be accessible publicly from anywhere the users and companies are; yet, at the same time, they can use the infrastructure like their own with full autonomy, privacy, and control.  Masaru explains, “It’s like air: it is owned by everybody and has the full control but designed in a way to conserve at the same time because it is for everybody. It sounds contradicting, but it is the new industry norm for the new generation.”

According to Masaru, in the financial operation, although many operations seem old, primitive, and sometimes unnecessary, however, there are numerous practical reasons why those operations have been used for many years even today. And one of the major reasons is the establishment and securing the trust as an agent. To create trust in the corporate level, the distribution of authorities and multilateral monitoring system must be in place and feasible economically and realistically. In other words, the financial institutions on the sell-side market, the organization structure has to be executable as a whole but not executable per individual.

The company’s technology solves one of the major issues including securing economical value into data format with a combination of cryptographic and financial guarantee which has an international patent on it as well. Because of this technology, regardless of what kind of consensus algorithm the network uses, the data transfer can execute the financial operation by itself that is needed to establish the industry level settlement finality. In other words, a datum itself purely represents and equals to the asset. This is one of the unique features that makes the company stand apart.

“We are attracting the biggest advertisement agency in Japan as well as major security companies. Meanwhile, those involved and specific names cannot be disclosed yet due to their NDA. We are currently planning to execute the B2B payment platform as our service where it can reduce the current operating cost from 1/6 or more,” affirms Masaru.

Masaru’s Entrepreneurial Success

Masaru always wanted to make people happy around him since childhood. He took the advice of an old Monk and flew to America after graduating junior high. In America, he gained a lot of interesting thoughts and perspectives and taught himself to appreciate those. It gave him a mindset to challenge the impossible. Masaru has been trading currencies since he was 17 years old and started working in San Francisco in a forex broker while studying at the university. Later, he was transferred to Citi to learn how the global security company operates. With combined mindset, experience, and revolutionary technology, he realized that it is not impossible to create an environment where people’s lives should not be compromised due to a lack of money and time.

According to Masaru, Success is when people start using their services and are happier, more specifically when they are free from restrictions and in control of health, social, financial, and time factors.

A Future of Continual Growth

Masaru has a vision towards the company’s goal where he states that “I wish my company will last long to serve as an agent to connect values among mankind.” He further adds, “Also, I hope we will continue to ask questions to the world for the better so that people can be happier than before.”

He goes on to say, Japan has become one of the developed countries two decades ago. At present, instead of creating something better or more efficient, people are forced to be a leader and innovate for the betterment of the world. It has become extremely difficult as other countries have been growing and developing their technologies to catch up. “As finance is one of Japan’s strongest fields, we are challenging the status quo of the financial industry in Japan although it is more reasonable to start from emerging countries for this type of business,” concludes Masaru.