Martin Pluschke: Inspiring Germany’s Financial Services Sector

Growing personally and professionally means inviting new perspectives and experimenting with them. In Martin´s case, this meant exchanging the business suit of an insurance manager with the hoodie of a start-up incubator, working with companies in Berlin, London, and the Silicon Valley. This was an incredible experience and the pivotal moment in his career. He realized that the insurance industry needed to reform, to embrace digital transformation and to let go of old-fashioned thinking. Digital technology is pervasive today—but not in German´s insurance industry.

An Initiative to Modernise Germany´s Financial Services Sector

Martin´s first urgent job was to fight stagnation. He set out to challenge the received wisdom of traditional German insurers.

Martin Pluschke_Founder of CodeCampN
Martin Pluschke, Founder, CodeCampN

The insurance industry tends to be set in its ways, complacent, risk-averse, and traditional. Martin decided to try and change it from within, not by talking, but by doing something, by utilizing his expertise in financial services and business management on the one hand and software development and digital transformation on the other. He knew that long-lasting, positive change requires small, confident, but practical steps in the real world; theory is not enough. So he founded CodeCamp:N in September 2017, in Nuremberg Germany.  

As the founder and Chairman of the Board at the company, Martin strongly believes that “Innovations are triggered by digital transformation. You cannot do one without the other, otherwise everything remains theoretical.”  

CodeCamp:N offers digital value-added services for the financial services sector and software development assistance in diverse IT projects. It cultivates an event space to nurture creative processes in workshops and to exchange ideas. The company is a growing group of vibrant, skilled, and motivated people working together to modernize the sector, reconnecting traditional aspects of the job with modern practices.

An Exceptional Group of People and Passion for Growth

“At CodeCamp:N, we have created a perfect union of people, method and environment, which gives me new meaning and fulfilment every day—simply when I see how the employees develop and how we succeed through that,” Martin says. As the company’s leader, he knows that they can only succeed in business by doing what they’re passionate about. He is aware of the importance of investing in people, recruiting the right people and training them. He also knows how to respect everyone’s limits as well as how to support their personal lives.

CodeCamp:N’s slogan and vision is “We build the future out of 0&1”. This entails people collaborating and cooperating within the team and with externals to transform the financial services sector from a passive risk manager to an active solution provider.

For instance, the company’s ‘Digital Care Assistant’ allows customers to easily manage their health care provision. Unfortunately, only 25% of Germans have issued a living will. To help address this problem, the Digital Care Assistant simplifies the customers’ job. Through an intuitive document configurator, a protected customers’ portal, secure access for trusted third parties and stand-by support from the company, customers can set up their will very easily. What is more: By combining this product with modern intelligent life insurance, there is a completely new product category with a really unique selling proposition, creating an ideal consulting opportunity for the 75% of Germans new to living wills.

CodeCamp:N has developed many other products. For example, a smart and intuitive digital care assistant, a public advertisement platform for companies and individuals and a smart pension and insurance management service.

One of Germany’s Most Inspirational Business Leaders Today

As a business personality, Martin is one of Germany’s most dynamic and inspiring leaders. He strongly believes in harnessing the boundless potential at the interplay of people and technology. This is the main success factor at CodeCamp:N. He is empathic, and he values trust in personal and professional relationships above everything else. He motivates employees to grow, to perform well and thus to help others in society. “The most important thing in life, whether private or professional, is trust. What good is a top performer if I cannot trust him or her? Trust goes hand in hand with security. My team gets clear targets and full backing if things go wrong,” Martin explains.  

“Often people with the greatest potential take the longest to find their way. If CodeCamp:N can contribute to the development of a person’s potential, I am very happy—and I can also enjoy seeing young people blossom,” Martin says, his eyes twinkling with optimism.